Rumor has it, TWSkate paid out the ass for this song in Heath Kirchart’s Sight Unseen part and we’re sure the guys at MHSSC did the same. Also, Nagel urges you to watch the whole video. Trust him. Just do it.

Featuring: Jeff Deforge, Charlie Mayforth, Jake Rose, Ryan Finder, Kaleah Opal Driscoll, Alex Cato, Rick Millett.
directed- andrew nagel


Holy shit, they let dogs go to snowboard camp now!?

Riders: Jeff Deforge, Jeff Holce, Jake Rose, Charlie Mayforth.

self-directed by Andrew Nagel.

Seven Tricks with SEGCOS

They called these tricks “incongruous” which is a big word. Guess that’s what happens when you go to college.

Riders: Ryan Lanham, Jeff Holce, Erik Overson, Dan Wells and Nicky McMillen.

Edit: Andrew Nagel – Seamus Foster

Utah in October

Jeff the Athlete and friends got it done at Powder Mountain and Guardsman Pass before it decided to be 50 degrees every day again.

Riders: Jeff Holce, Ryan Lanham, Dylan Trewin, Seamus Foster, Griffin Lancaster, Jon Overson, Mark Pairitz, Jamie Orkin, Nicky Mcmillen, Mitchell Mciver, and Erik Overson.

MHSSC Update #2

Yobeat would like to apologize for Jeff’s shitty riding, but this flick has a good song for a Monday and makes MHSSC look fun enough to pay for. Enjoy a little extra Summer, we’re sure no one will make another Hood edit after this…

Featuring: Jeff Holce, Cole Linzmeyer, Jake Rose, Ross Weiller, Mark Goodall, Gabe Marzillier, Yuto, Nick McCarthy, Charlie Mayforth and some friends.
Film: Andrew Nagel, Leif Draznin-French
Edit: Andrew Nagel

MHSSC Update

With the best downbar on Hood and Jeff the Athlete on staff, it’s amazing we don’t hear more about the little snowboard camp called Mt Hood Ski and Snowboard camp. Tear.

Featuring: Charlie Mayforth, Jeff Holce, Thomas Graham, Rick Millett, Garrett Read, Robert Bench, Kevin Hanson, Kevin Maples, Jake Rose, Camper Cameron, Alex Boll, Sam Elam and Jeff Deforge.
Film/Edit: Andrew Nagel

Six with SEGCOS #2

We were recently asked for MORE Jeff the athlete, so Scott, this one’s for you. 6 more moves from the Super Exclusive Gentleman’s Club of Snowboarding featuring Nick Sappio, Jeff Holce and Jay Hergert.