Vans Introspect: Jamie Lynn

Vans Snow’s exclusive snowboarding video series, INTROSPECT, continues with an intimate chat with the legend himself, Jamie Lynn. Tour Jamie’s home in Washington while he practices firing in his backyard and competes at Mt. Baker for the Baker Banked Slalom.

Vans and OffTheWall.TV are proud to present a brand new original snowboarding series, INTROSPECT, detailing the unique perspectives of seven influential riders from the Vans snow team including Jamie Lynn, Pat Moore, Darrell Mathes, Zac Marben, Hana Beaman, Iouri Podlatchikov and Arthur Longo. This exclusive series exposes the personal intricacies of snowboarding athletes as they come to define who they are amid their peers, their passions, and their future in snowboarding. Filmed through a documentarian lens, INTROSPECT digs deep to uncover a layer of snowboarding culture that continually thrives beyond the mountain.

Russell Winfield’s LBS Video

Uncle Russ was obviously at the 2013 Mt. Baker Banked Slalom and his is contour-on-a-stick pointed strictly at legends. Everyone said this contest is more about seeing friends than winning, so this is what it looks like when you know the best of the best personally. (Skip to 1:13 when things start to get good.)

Volcom Snow #IP2- Iguchi and Lynn

Volcom Snow presents #IP2.  Individually produced parts by the riders themselves.  Check out these two OG’s, Bryan Iguchi and Jamie Lynn.


Jamie Lynn American Craftsman: Pt 5

This is the final chapter of the Jamie Lynn series. I hope you all enjoyed it and got something from it.

Jamie Lynn American Craftsman: Part 4

People,,Jamie is an Animal lover. His cats had been getting eaten on his property by Coyotes. This is how he fixed the problem.

Watch: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Jamie Lynn American Craftsman: Part 3

Here is the third part in the Jamie Lynn Series. These interviews are to get people to know the person behind the legend .. The true human.

Watch: Part 1 | Part 2

Jamie Lynn: American Craftsman Pt 2

Get learned, kids.

Here is the second part of my series of interviews with Jamie Lynn. These interviews are not about snowboarding. They are about the person and who they are.

If you missed part 1, watch it here.

Jamie Lynn: American Craftsman Pt 1

Our pal Uncle Russ Russ has been working hard on some shit for a long time now, and FINALLY, it’s starting to hit the web. Check out his interview with the very legendary, very much someone you should know about because he helped make snowboarding rad, Jamie Lynn.

I was recently Lucky enough to spend some time with Jamie down on his property. Over the next few weeks there will be different editviews that I will be dropping from this series. Enjoy.

Pirates Present: Jamie Lynn’s Tips for the Road

Listen to the legends of Snowboarding! You can learn from their experience and even safe some cash…the first episode is about a cheap lift ticket solution by Jamie Lynn. For more PiRATE TV shows go to

The Jamie Lynn Art Park at Mammoth

Mammoth Mountain and the Unbound Terrain Parks are happy to announce the opening of this season’s art park on December 17th, featuring the work of legendary snowboarder, artist, and musician Jamie Lynn.

The Art Park at Mammoth was introduced last year with works devoted to the life and memory of the late Jeff Anderson. This year’s offering focuses on a single artist who is deeply ingrained in the snowboard industry– Jamie Lynn. Jamie’s artwork will be placed along a ski trail and on the sides of rails and boxes to create this dynamic, living gallery. Ten brand new rails have been created by Mammoth Unbound fabricator, Dustin Del Giudice, and adding to these new features will be a few select favorites from last season’s Art Park.

“I’m honored to be chosen as an artist and snowboarder to be part of something that combines my two passions into an on-hill gallery,” said Lynn. “Having Mammoth start with the JLA Art Park and continuing to support the arts with this new project is a great way to further the legacy and spirit of Jeff Anderson.”

In addition to the ride-able works of art, the Unbound Terrain Park team will build snow features throughout the trail inspired by Jamie Lynn’s personal riding style. Check your gloves at the entrance and keep an eye out for jumps, hips, and banked slalom-style berms.

Jamie Lynn literally jumped onto the scene of professional snowboarding in Standard Films TB2, and quickly became known for the smooth style in which he brought tricks from the park into the backcountry. Tricks that he once pioneered– like tail taps and frontside spins off-the-toes– are popular as ever today. His legacy also continues to thrive through his art, and the music of his rock band, Kandi Coded.

The opening of the Art Park coincides with Mammoth’s Night of Lights Weekend. Join us on Friday, December 16th for an artist reception party at Hyde Lounge, and then come up to the mountain on Saturday to be one of the first to ride these one-of-a-kind features located in South Park. Saturday night offers a fireworks show and a free concert from New Zealand indie-pop rockers The Naked + Famous, with several afterparties to follow in The Village.

Under Review: VG Presents “Shoot the Moon”

You should own Videograss’s Shoot the Moon. It’s got talent, attitude and a vibe of destruction. As director Justin Meyer put it, “This isn’t mother approved.” Dirks’ part alone will get you grounded. But, your eyes will open to a whole new world of urban destruction. What else could you want? How about a bonus movie by Bryan Fox and Scotty Wittlake. Yeah, seriously. For ten bucks, you’d be stupid not to have your own copy.

Overall Grade: A

Notes: Why does Shoot the Moon deserve an A grade? Because it comes with a bonus movie, an insane roster, incredible creativity, Jed Anderson, a great soundtrack and a performance only this crew can deliver.

Burn or Buy: Buy. Two movies, one price. Oh, and Scotty Wittlake.

The Rundown:

Louif Paradis
Instead of inventing new tricks, Louif is now inventing ways to hit the urban sprawl. His X-games real snow stuff is in there, his banger could have put him in a body cast and he seriously makes the upper echelons of tech wizardly look too damn easy. Just wait for the nosepress-gap-5050.
*Frank April Guests shots are no joke. Way to take advantage of the moment.

Will Tuddenham
Hope snowboarding pays off, because Will is going to need some new knees. That said, whoever’s paying the bills over at Nitro and L1 should give Will a fucking raise. Kid has officially arrived. Everything is high on the death factor, the gaps are huge and the bangers are fucked.

Jordan Mendenhall
First shot was a hard slam, then things picked up. Jordan reminds us why he’s been pro all these years and why he still has a thing or two to teach us. With enough hipster bullshit to drive up the Urban Outfitters stock, Jordan just delivered one of his best parts ever.

Jake OE
Doesn’t tie his boots, doesn’t use high backs, rarely uses gloves, doesn’t give a fuck and seems immune to cold. None of it makes sense, but all of it is awesome to watch. You’ll love this part for the unique spin Jake puts on everything, and for having the best hand plant in snowboarding.

Dan “Danimal” Liedahl
Welcome to the future. There’s not a lot to say about his part other than, “Wow.” Watching Dan you can literally see what direction snowboarding is headed in. Bigger, badder, more tech.

Nick Dirks
Last year, femur snapped. This year, brain snapped. The tattoo covered, beard having, chain smoking, Budweiser guzzling wild child has a special gift. He’s good enough that each shot screams, “Fine, I’ll fucking film but then we get to go to the bar.” But let’s be honest, you’re going to remember this part because it just doesn’t make sense. Smoking on a plane? Jumping a camel? Graveyard powder runs? Embrace the moments of madness people.

Chris Grenier
There’s really nothing bad you could say about this kid or this part. It’s creative as hell. Packed with attitude. Unique and original. Everything he shoots has a personal style to it. Oh, and this is Grendy’s best part ever. Real must see TV shit. Double flips, rail fuckery and the style is heavy.

Johnny Miller & LNP
Lots of hair. Like, girls locker room levels. But, there is also a ledge that if you were to fall I’m 99% sure you’d just die. It’s really scary just to see on TV. Your body might explode even.

Justin Bennee
Justin Bennee has transcended Technine to become a style guru of his own ilk. He gets better every year. He still owns the nollie, still likes knifes and even after breaking his face all those years ago still loves rails with a big, concrete drop off.

Gus Engle
Still weird, still Alaskan, still gnarly. He might not stop smiling. He might ride to a goofy song. But, I think we’ve all come to accept that Gus has a pension for danger that takes more talent than most to get away with.

Jon Kooley
Best opening shot I’ve seen in a long time. Besides that it’s the same old Kooley we’ve known for years, which isn’t a bad thing at all. His style is still top of the class. He’s still tech, and not afraid of rails with consequence. Seriously though, the opening shot is awesome.

Darrell Mathes
Still a ladies man. Still in the streets. Still blowing minds. Watch for two wall rides you won’t see anywhere else. The ability to jump a snowboard in both the backcountry and busy streets. And of course, outfit inspiration for all you fashion show freaks out there.

Zac Marben
Methods and mustaches. This is Zac’s best part ever. Don’t argue, just watch it. It’s seriously fucked up. He goes up rails. He jumps down rails. He slides down rails. He spins onto rails. He spins off of rails. He does whatever the fuck he wants and it’s all amazing. And then he goes into the backcountry and says, “Fuck it, I’m giong to do a double cork or two.”

Jonas Michilot
Jokes, cigs, gaps and hair. At some point Jonas says, “Psych! Oh, shit I’m sorry.” and starts laughing. That pretty much sums it up. He can’t just do “a” trick anymore. Everything needs a variation, a tweak, a spin, a revert, a jam, a holy shit did he just wallride to a rail? Chalk this up to another, “Best part of his career.”

Jed Anderson
Jed can’t even fall right. He just lands on his feet. He also can’t act gangster that well, I guess that’s the harsh reality of being a Canadian child. You know what though? It doesn’t matter, because just like last year, and the year before that, Jed filmed a part that puts anything you’ve ever done to shame. Maybe someday someone else will get to close a video Jed is in, but that day might be a decade away.


Jamie Lynn Powder and Rails: The Shocking Conclusion!

Actually, it’s just part 4 of 4. Just trying to build a little drama with that title. Anyway, watch it, Jamie Lynn is the best.

Jamie Lynn Powder and Rails Part 3

He’s no Uncle Russ Russ, but Jamie Lynn has some stories to tell too. Here’s part three of the VBS series on the method man himself.

Learn more About Jamie Lynn and Win A Board

1: A smorgasbord of snowboarding’s movers-and-shakers explain how Jamie was the first of his kind–apparently, it’s all in the cowboy stance. Jamie recalls a story of how Mike Ranquet and co. influenced him to savvy up to cab tricks and how, a few years later while riding with Terje Haaksonen in Norway, Jamie would put down the biggest cab-5 anyone had seen yet. In short, the style continues.

2. Win-a-Board Powder & Rails Facebook Contest. Enter today through 2/25

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