A Quickie from the Netherlands with Veroniqi Hansen

Before you scroll down to complain – no Yobeat is not turning into a women’s site! However, it seems that the lovely ladies of board world have already tuned into the fact that if you send us good content and then respond quickly when we email you asking for more information, that we will totally feature it! This morning, Veroniqi’s edit crossed into our sphere of vision and not only do we remember her from our Roxy Shooting Star video contest, she fucking rips. So, we hit her back to find out more about her 2016/17 street snowboarding video segment.

The Basics- who are you, who do you ride for, where do you live?
I’m Veroniqi Hanssen, originally from the Netherlands, which is where I live right now. But I choose to spend my winters all over the US because it feels like when it comes to women riding street there is much more going on in the US than there is in Europe. Filming a street part is something I’ve wanted ever since I started riding the indoor slopes back home, and it’s something you just can’t do alone. But this year I really jumped at any opportunity and anyone who wanted to shovel anything can count on me being there.

I started riding for Niche Snowboards this winter and also get support from Fix Bindings, Skullcandy, Melon Optics, Eivy and Transform gloves.

What’s your favorite shot you got this season and why?

I feel like I didn’t really manage to film an “ender” and have that one shot that you’re super proud of, but I like the Front Board on the down rail a lot. Because I think it’s clean, and because I had to go to that spot twice. The first time Ivika Juergenson and I went there we shoveled for a while, rode for a few hours and then I finally landed one and we broke everything down. But once I looked at the shot on a computer I didn’t like it all, so I ended up having to go back and do it all over again.

Which shot was the hardest to get? Which was the easiest?
The 5-0 on the green rail was the hardest, we had to work within a certain time frame because of it’s location and we didn’t have any lights or anything so we just had a few hours before the sun set. The first day it didn’t work out at all and we left it set up to come back to, but then it froze over and it became so hard to change anything about the takeoff. I did 50-50 it on my first try, but then it took me all day to make it to the end again.

The easiest was probably the 5-0 on the donkey, we had super soggy watery snow but it really was just a fun and mellow spot.

Do you ever resent having to tell people you live in a place called “the Netherlands” or does that mean something different in Europe?
Haha I think I end up saying Holland a lot because people don’t even know what the Netherlands is. But I think the first thing that comes to mind for most people is “ohhh Amsterdam right?”
And yes, you can smoke weed and about one third of the country is below sea level. But it also happens to be the first country in the world that legalised same-sex marriage, we have more bikes than people and this year there were 28 political parties to vote for.

Got any plans for this season yet?
I’m planning to move out to Salt Lake City, so I’m looking for a place to live right now. And hopefully I get to do much more of this upcoming winter.

Follow her journey @Veroniqi

Unnamed – Full Movie

A portrait of the Dutch indoor scene, and it’s riders who never considered making a name for themselves. This movie is dedicated to them. Here in Holland we have the unique possibility to continue snowboarding after all snow has melted. We took this opportunity to meet up and film with some of our favourite Dutch dome-kids.

Featuring: Max De Vries, Jesse Augustinus, Jochen Greven, Cees Wille, Kas Lemmens, Bart Falhaber, Niek vd Velden, Roel Van Oosterhout, Bob Van Unnik, Jules Hense, Anthony Indawood, Jessi Blackwell, Joshua Pires, Steef vd Meer, Rachida Aoulad, Wessel van Lierop and Dion Janse.

Indoor Summer Cruizin’

The ever-illusive entertaining indoor edit rears it’s head once again!

Cees Wille
Joshua Pires
Jordi Spa
Fay Beck

Filming/Editing :
Kasper de Zoete

Song :
The War On Drugs – Baby Missiles

PERISCOPING – Bob Van Unnik Full Part

I wouldn’t be too harsh with your comments on this guy. Not only does he have a giant Postland Theory tat on his back, but he could definitely kick your ass. Also, a lot of this part is filmed in Holland, which is ya know, kinda neat.

Another Dome Edit (This Time with Forum Riders)

Basically, this is as pretty much the same as any Hyland Hills video, but indoors, with more spinning, and less cigs.

Featuring: Denis Leontyev, Jesse Augustinus and Sindre Cottis

Skullcandy Rail Battle 2011

Believe it or not, Mt. Hood isn’t the only place snowboarding is happening right now! On June 24, Holland’s finest gathered to hit a rail set up surrounded by muddy snow and grass. Don’t worry, there was no shortage of swivels and zeaches, and even a few bangers, all captured in this here video by Tim Schiphorst for you to watch if you feel like it.

Here’s the official video for the Skullcandy Railbattle 2011. Gerben Verweij did a perfect job for the 5th time. A small rail contest that started off in one of our indoor slopes, now found it’s way into the sun, with every year a unique massive setup.

This year we had riders coming over from all over the Benelux and beyond. After a slow rainy start the riders started to get more and more stoked, in the finals the heat got turned up by G giving away cash for tricks. Kids chasing the loot started to drop hammers. Kas Lemmens dropped the heaviest for Best Trick, Steffen van der Land landed the most and got first. Among the girls it was again Rachida Aoulad that crushed the others and Joshua Pires wasn’t such a kid after all, he rode like a man.

For the full recap and photos of people who’s names you can’t pronounce, check out the Mustacio