Lobster Cream Week in Iceland

A week in Iceland, during a time of year when the sun shines for more than four hours a day, would be fun for anyone. Now add in two of Iceland’s biggest celebrities, a Midwesterner getting his first taste of Icelandic women, a french Canadian rail assassin, a loose cannon from the UK, a Norwegian nicknamed “Fridge,” and a member of Iceland’s new wave, whose dad also happens to work as a sled guide. Not only will you have the “best week of the year,” but make a video that can garner reactions such as this one:

So you know the video is worth your watch, you fucking heathens.

Stunts: Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason, Frank Bourgeois, Colin Wilson, Fridtjof Tischendorf, Sparrow Knox and Baldur Vihelmsson

Video: Diggles

$$$$: Lobster Snowboards

Halldor Helgason – Dayumm Full Part

Full part from Iceland’s party animal and Dayumm co-conspirator. Straight hammers.


If you missed the webcast, then you probably were asleep or doing something better with your Saturday. Luckily for you, here’s a recap of the 2015 Frontline Rail Jam in Stockholm!

Winner: Halldor Helgason
Second: Noah Gadelius and Kalle Järvilehto
Best trick down rail: Ethan Morgan (Fs blunt pop 360 to fs blunt to fakie)
Best trick kink: Rene Rinnekangas (Bs 270, 270 out)
Best trick Drop rail: Halldor Helgason (Sw fs 50-50 transfer 360 to sw 50-50 on double kink down)

Site Check: Lobster Snowboards 15/16

face suckLobster Snowboards.

It’s an interesting indication of how the Helgasons have matured when a board with a graphic depiction of a naked stripper having her face ripped off by a canister vacuum is a sign their art is moving in a less disturbing direction.


They’re still on the Bataleon 3BT program, because if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, and the lineup looks like they’re doubling down on what they’re good at- jib/park baords. I don’t remember them doing a youth model before, but the idea of typical-suburban-parent coming to this site because little Suzie asked for a Youthboard for Christmas is pretty amusing.


Eiki really got something right here. More than once I’ve found snowboard companies not telling people that something glows in the dark. Which is insane, in most cases something that glows in the dark is inherently better than something that doesn’t. Why wouldn’t you tell people up front?


Halldor’s pro model comes in a totally cutting edge orange and camo colorway, and with an asymmetrical version of the trusty 3BT profile. So that’s all abaord on two trendy trends, but what I want to look at is that the both pro-model Switchback Bindings are being sold straight through Lobster with no mention of what brand they are, while Switchback’s site is still flogging last year’s wares. Are the Helgasons just focusing on one thing at a time, or has the binding business been back burnered?


I don’t know why, but I’m imagining both of them saying this simultaneously. Like some kind of possessed viking press conference.

So we’ve got strippers, cartoon violence, and a couple of Euros. And they’re on 3BT so the similarities to Bataleon are really quite striking. But like I said anything that glows in the dark is better than anything that doesn’t, so they’ll take a narrow lead in the standings with 87 points.

Check the site for yourself here-

The standings so far-

Rank Brand Score
1. Lobster Snowboards 87
2. Bataleon  86
3. Endeavor 74
4. Arbor Collective 71
5. Holden 62


That Just Happened: Chapter 2

What isn’t sexual about snowboarding really? Well, other than all the clothes, and the fact you’ll freeze your balls off if you try to bang outside in the winter, pretty hot, I’d say. Or maybe that’s just how us ladies feel when these boys do their manuevers. Yeow.

VonZipper and Halldor Helgason Get The Last Laugh

Halldor Helgason never played varsity basketball. He also never won Homecoming King. But as the snowboarding world knows, he is the one getting the last laugh, which is exactly why VonZipper is proud to welcome him to the team.

With big wins like X Games Big Air Gold and the 2014 Transworld Snowboarding’s Readers Choice Rider of the Year, it’s no wonder why VZ and the snowboard community have awarded him with the “Most Likely to Succeed” superlative. So while all the other jocks from high school are still rocking their letterman jackets, Halldor will be walking through the halls with a cheerleader on each arm and a smile on his face.

“Yah, it’s cool man,” exclaims foreign exchange student Halldor Helgason.

“We definitely feel that Halldor has always been a star student, even if he’s had a few unexcused absences. Just like VonZipper, he has always stood up for the Geeks and Freaks,” says VZ Winter Activities teacher Stephen Duke.

Don’t judge a book by its cover and keep an eye on Halldor and the rest of the VonZipper snow team, because they will prove to be the coolest kids from class. Be sure to check out Halldor’s yearbook photo at:


Hoppipolla Two Trick Team Fix

Nothing is more Euro than naming your company an unpronounceable name. At least they have a stacked team.

Riders: Eiki Helgason, Alek Oestreng, Kevin Backstrom, Halldor Helgason, and Stale Sandbech

Halldor Breaks it Down for Nike


Just when you thought the incredibly short attention spans of today’s snowboarder had forgotten over the whole Nike thing, Pyramid Magazine caught up with Halldor Helgason to milk the drama a little bit more. You may have caught his post on instagram telling Nike to go fuck themselves, so here’s the real dirt on how he feels.

You recently posted a goodbye to Nike Outerwear on your instagram and then mentioned how snowboarders shouldn’t let Nike back in. What exactly did you mean by that and why?

Well it’s pretty straight up I guess. A lot of people seem to have misunderstood my instagram post thinking I was talking shit on Nike Snowboarding, but my message was not to them at all. It was a thank you to the people working with Nike Snowboarding and a fuck off to the main Nike corporate people that don’t give a shit about anything else then money. This was Nike’s 3rd time coming into snowboarding and bailing out again. Are we really going to let them come in for the 4th time and take over the snowboarding world again?, and then bailing out again if they don’t make their insane profits (like it was this time)?

I don’t care about who comes into snowboarding as long as they are true to what they do. Pretty much all big clothing companies in the industry are owned by huge corporations but they don’t bail as soon as it’s times get a little bit harder. All the brands who are supporting riders, event, media, projects etc are losing sales when a big company comes into snowboarding, so they have to bring something into this world to deserve being here. When I was offered to go to Nike from DC, they really talked about how true they are to snowboarding and they had hired a dream team, not only riders, but really some of the best people from the industry that I liked. So I really believed that they were going to be true to snowboarding this time.

I really though that Nike was actually here to stay considering this for example:

They killed it with Never Not part 1 and 2
I know they like competitions and Sage Kotsenburg won the first ever Olympics in slopestyle and Ayumu Hirano got 2nd place in halfpipe.
They had the best selling boots
They had such a sick team on snow and off snow
That’s why I feel really dumb when I’m here a few years later without a contract. This is exactly what my DC team manager Nick Olsen told me before I signed with them, “what are you going to do after your contract with them and they bail out of snowboarding again?” and that’s exactly what happened hehe.

But I still have to say that I am really thankful for everything Nike Snowboarding did for me, I had such a sick time with everyone there and I wish it would have kept on going. It is what it is though and I’m sure that it’s only going to be better for the snowboarding industry in the long run.

Halldor has lots more to say, so read the whole interview here.

Sit Down With Stan: Halldór Helgason

Stan sits down with Halldór and asks the hard-hitting questions you’ve always wanted to know.


Halldor Helgason Explains his Roof Gap Stunt

You know, the one he backflipped in Never Not.

Halldor Helgason FULL PART

Free full movies are cool and all, but sometimes you only have 4:42 seconds to watch a video. Since he’s an Internet mogul himself, Halldor Helgason knows this and so here’s JUST his part from Pepping. Check the full movie here.

Win Halldor’s Old Snowboard

The Helgasons need facebook likes for their snowboard company. Help them out and your could win a super exclusive (used) Lobster snowboard. But it was used in big time televised competition, so that actually makes it cooler, right?

LOBSTER SNOWBOARDS is giving someone the chance to win Halldor Helgasons Board he rode at this years X GAMES

This is the only possibility for you out there to win a LOBSTER PARK BOARD before you can buy them in very selected Shops and on!!!

Upload YOUR MOST RANDOM Photo & caption to – The photo with the most ‘likes’ on June 15th will win Halldor’s Board!

The Helgasons Announce Lobster Snowboards

Perhaps growing up on an Island fosters independence. The Helgasons are already leading the pack with and have just announced they’re starting their own brand. We’re in full support of riders doing things their own way, even if it is the zany Euro way.
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