Slash Summer Part 2

Didn’t get enough of the Slash Tribe yet? Good, cause here’s four more minutes of dirty slush slashing!

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Gigi Ruf FULL PART from Perceptions

While we do enjoy watching snowboarding that is attainable, it’s really hard to get mad at Gigi Ruf for taking his heli to ride an iceberg. Also, we could never, ever, ever hope to ride like Gigi anyway.

AK Fun Runs with Elias and Gigi

Pirates went to AK with Elias Elhard and Gigi Ruf and here’s what didn’t make the cut for Distorted Reality.

Slashing Gnarlburg with Gigi and Johnnie

Just a little powder boarding to help get you over the hump.

Gigi Ruf Joins Slytech




Nashua, N.H. (November 7, 2013) — SLYTECH is proud to announce snowboard phenom, Gigi Rüf, as the newest addition to its growing family of athletes. Gigi’s natural ability to hit huge lines and send massive air in the backcountry has helped him establish himself as one of the most talented all around riders. Throwing down hard in countless video segments and being the 2013 winner of the Ultra Natural, Gigi has relentlessly been at the forefront of this sport.

 “What can you say about Gigi that hasn’t been said? The guy is a legend,” said Ted Ligety, SLYTECH Co-founder. “From winning Ultra Natural to continually having some of the most amazing movie parts, there is just nothing he can’t do on a snowboard. I am psyched that our product will help protect him and allow him to keep pushing this sport to new limits. ”

Even as one of the most consistent riders, Gigi recognizes the importance of protection. When asked about his decision to join SLYTECH Team, the market leading producers of protection equipment in action sports, Gigi said simply that, “Luck favors the prepared.”

Gigi is welcomed by SLYTECH’s elite snowboard team consisting of DCP, Pat Burgener, Romain De Marchi, Benji Ritchie, JP Solberg, Alvaro Vogel, Marco Feichtner, Mat Schaer, Flo Heim and Wolle Nyvelt.



Anomaly Action Sport designs, markets and distributes eyewear and protection brands SHRED and SLYTECH. Through these two brands, Anomaly Action Sport is able to bring the action sports industry a new wave of creativity and skills, leading to a multitude of industry-breakthroughs in engineering and product design. With focus on athletes, experience and forward thinking, it provides an unconventional approach to product development and business strategy as well as unparalleled dedication to safety and advanced technology. Through SHRED and SLYTECH, Anomaly Action Sport is able to showcase products and leadership in performance, quality and style. Both SHRED and SLYTECH are sold and distributed in approximately 40 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit, or join us at or on twitter @shredoptics and @slytechprotect, and on Instagram @shredoptics.

From the core, innovatively engineered, built for athletes’ unbound pursuit of fun.


Union Launches a site for the Contact Pro


Click the photo, yo.

UltraNatural: Peter Line’s Judgement

These guys won. Wanna know why? Read on a Peter will explain it.

By now you have probably seen the photos and know who the winners are. You probably also have read about the impressive tricks thrown and the flat light conditions that made it difficult to make it down without falling. It was indeed a very impressive contest, and I had to judge it. I’ve only judged a few contests in my life and this one I have to say was the most fun. Any other typical contest, you pretty much know what is going to happen, what tricks will be hucked and in lots of cases, who’s going to win before it even starts. This contest had none of that. There were the favorites to win, but that doesn’t mean much in a comp like this where anything can happen and that was the best part. We had no clue on what jumps and features each rider would hit, more less what tricks they were going to pull off. In many cases, the rider didn’t even know his own line until he dropped in.

Pat Moore sported a mountain man look, while B Fox was just being kinda creepy.

Pat Moore started things off with a clean run on the upper course but came up short on the park booter. Coming up short on this jump soon became a trend with a number of the riders. In fact, falling became a trend in this contest. Only one rider made it down the course without falling, and we placed him in third. This shows how we were judging falls on this difficult set up. Major falls were a pretty big mark down, like on Pat Moore’s second run 200ft long tumble. But surfs or quick sits weren’t penalized as much as a normal contest. Nicolas Muller ended up with best trick where he did a hard surf on the landing, but it was huge and doubt anyone could stomp it any cleaner.

Gigi Ruf gives his trophy the good ol’ fashion taste test.

I, of course wasn’t the only Judge, there were 5 of us. There was head judge Tom Burt (old school judge), Andy Hetzel (extreme judge), Temple Cummins (Mt. Baker Judge) , Jamie Lynn (Method Judge) and myself (Technical Judge). Tom, Temp, and Hetz were watching the runs with binoculars while Jamie and myself watched off the live feeds on two TVs. As a rider came down, we would write down the tricks, falls, sits, surfs and scuttles and any other important info we needed to remember. We then entered our score on an iPod judging app that was entered into the computer and averaged out with the other judges scores. If there were major differences in scores, we would discuss and come to an agreed placement for the rider. This became the main basis with our judging after scoring — was the rider positioned correctly, and if not scores were changed to place him in the agreed position. When all was said and done, we were in complete agreement and happy with our judgments.

It was nice of TWS to pay for all these. Sorry it had to come out of your paycheck, Hondo.

So now you know how the riders were judged to place them where they were placed. In other words, everything. Don’t let it go to your head.

UltraNatural: The Highlights

Holy shit. That’s all.

Ultra-Non Exclusive UltraNatural Coverage


Unfortunately, we tapped out our heli budget on one drop at Silverton this year (this would be a link to the story but I haven’t written it yet.) This left us SOL when it came to getting up to UltraNatural (not to be confused with last year’s SuperNatural) at Baldface lodge, to watch the most gross, yet incredible show of motor fuel consumption in snowboarding. In addition to heli porn, there’s also some of the sickest riding of the year, but you’ll have to wait til NBC makes the glossy, ready for general public version to see video on March 30th (unless it gets leaked and A-man voices it over again.) What we do have now though, are the photos that came with the press release, which is basically as good as being there. Basically.

Gigi Ruf 2 - Photo Scott Serfas

Gigi Ruf won, even though he totally missed this grab. Photo: Scott Serfas.

Bryan Fox - Photo Tim Zimmerman

Bryan Fox was drinking water the whole time to stay hydrated, but we wonder if he might be more accepting of sugar water now that he got first tracks on this crazy structure on its dime. Nah, probably not. Photo: Tim Zimmerman

Pat Moore - Photo Scott Serfas

Leave it to a kid from New Hampshire to find the only groomed section on the entire trail. Pat Moore. Photo: Scott Serfas

Lucas Debari - Photo Christian Pondella

This might look gnarly to you mere mortal, but it would be considered a “mellow” pillow line at Mt. Baker. Lucas Debari. Photo: Christian Pondella

John Jackson and Mark McMorris - Photo Tim Zimmerman

You guys! Mark McMorris drinks Red Bull and he beat Pat Moore, Travis Rice, Jussi Oksanen and more to get 6th. It was either the taurine, or the fact that he’s actually good at riding a snowboard. photo: Tim Zimmerman (in the heli dude)

Terje Haakonsen - Action

There you go kids, Terje is hitting rails now as well.  Photo: Tim Zimmerman

Gigi Ruf - Photo Scott Serfas

Look at all that pretty mist. That’s mother nature telling Gigi she loves his vision.  Photo: Scott Serfas

David Carrier-Porcheron - Photo Scott Serfas

Canadians stick together, which is probably how Scott Serfas manged to get this epic shot of DCP.

Awards - Tim Zimmerman

And the award for best sticker job goes to –  Bryan Fox. Photo: Tim Zimmerman

Results for the 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural is as follows

NAME     RUN 1     RUN 2
1.  Gigi Rüf     82.6     72.4
2.  Nicolas Müller     76.4     71.4
3.  Bryan Fox     44.6     75.4
4.  Terje Håkonsen     66.2     60.2
5.  David Carrier-Porcheron     62.2     39.2
6.  Mark McMorris     61.6     45.4
7.  Eero Niemela     61.0     34.0
8.  Pat Moore     59.0     38.0
9.  Lucas Debari     57.2     53.0
10.  Travis Rice     56.2     49.2
11.  Jussi Oksanen     27.8     55.4
12.  Bode Merrill     48.8     45.2
13.  Jake Blauvelt     46.8     48.0
14.  Wolfgang Nyvelt     45.6     42.8
15.  Torstein Horgmo     32.6     44.8
16.  Mikey Rencz     39.6     40.0

Official release

Sixteen of the world’s best snowboarders converged on the run known as “Scary Cherry” at Baldface Lodge, fighting deteriorating weather as the day went along, but only one rider could take home the top honor at Red Bull Ultra Natural.  In the end, Austria’s Gigi Rüf stood on top of the podium after putting together a creative run showcasing his unique style, utilizing a variety of both the natural and man-made features on the mile long course.  Switzerland’s Nicolas Müller not only took second place but was also presented the Best Trick Award with a gigantic mute air over a tree, sending himself nearly 100-feet down the 45+ degree course.  Rounding out the podium was Southern California’s Bryan Fox, a first-timer at Red Bull Ultra Natural and a late addition to the event as a wildcard entry.

“I don’t know, I definitely got lucky,” said Rüf about his performance today.  “I don’t really consider myself a ‘winner,’ I believe in luck and coincidence.  My friend told me about a great quote that says a winner doesn’t need luck, but I believe there was a little bit of luck involved today just because of how Mother Nature played out and how she played into my vision.”

Nicolas Müller did the most tricks of anyone else on the hill today but fell on a backside 540, virtually ending his chances for the top spot. However, his huge mute air ollie over a treetop pillow left the judges in awe after going bigger and farther than almost anyone else on course today.

Bryan Fox may have been a newcomer to Red Bull Ultra Natural, but it sure didn’t show in his riding.  Fox was the only rider to stand-up top to bottom his entire run, landing such difficult tricks as back-to-back-to-back 360’s, a frontside inverted 720 and a 50-50 off a log feature.  In the end, the cleanliness of his run didn’t outweigh the creativity of Rüf’s or Müller’s.

“’Scary Cherry’ itself is a really difficult run in the best of conditions without a single feature on it.  For a regular guy like me, to ride 2400-2600 vertical feet in one continuous run is a lot.  Your legs are burning at the bottom,” says Baldface Lodge Owner Jeff Pensiero.  “To think that guys are linking 5 or 6 features, then continuing down and doing a backflip or something off the big jump, then doing tricks in the lower section of the course, to me that is absolutely super human.  And all of them, from the guy that got last place to Gigi, were able to exercise something I’ll never have.  So to be able to witness that in my backyard on a slope that I’ve ridden for all these years is just hard to say anything other than I’m kind of speechless watching it.”

“The top 3 riders are the top 3 for a good reason,” says Competitor and Event Creator Travis Rice.  “They rode the best on today’s course. Our podium finishers rode the course like it was meant to be ridden.  They found their own lines, everyone had their own creative expression on the course, and that’s what Red Bull Ultra Natural is all about.”

Nike Snowboarding Lands in South America

What better way to celebrate the launch of Nike Snowboarding in South America than with a little heli-boarding in Valle Nevado? Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller and Danny Kass head south to meet up with local boy Manuel Diaz and slash some powder. Set your drool meter to 11.

The Nike Snowboarding Project: Chapter 3

If you feel like Nike has taken over Yobeat right now, it’s because they have, and it’s all because of the release of this here video. Head into the great wide backcountry with Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Danny Kass and Eric Jackson and get kinda jealous that you’re not this good at snowboarding.

Pirate History with Gigi: Part 1

Gigi is a Pirate and everybody knows that! This clip shows you more about his involvement in Europe’s finest Snowboard movie production and its crew.

Lean back and watch how everything started a decade ago at the Backyard Camp in the Austrian Alps.

This season the Pirate crew is filming for their 10th movie! Gigi is hyped to be back on track after a year with Volcom filming for 9191.

Stay tuned for Pirate History with Gigi Rüf 2/2

Unique 8 Behind the Trick: Tuck Knees with Gigi

As you imagine Gigi Rüf has a mind blowing part in Unique8, the best Pirate Movie to date. He’s got all tricks in the box including special maneuvers like spinning with the infamous tucknee grab! Watch this latest episode of PirateTV and consider learning it with a fs3 in the upcoming season…

Buy it:

Under Review: Absinthe’s Resonance

Absinthe refuses to quit and takes 2012 into deep powder like so few can.

OK, I’m going bottom to top on Absinthe’s new film “Resonance.” Why? Because I haven’t really been impressed lately, and Bode has been floating these dudes. So, here we go, an honest first take on Absinthe’s new flick.

The intro is super long and that got annoying after a while. Wait, Danny Kass filmed a part? Can’t wait for that.

Lucas Debari has the intro? This should be good. First shot scared the shit out of me and then guess what, his part is fucking scary. He’s Mt. Baker bred and it shows. Prepare to feel like a bitch. How young is this dude? He’s about to make everyone cry. God damn, this dude has fun for a living. Fuck him.

Next up, Brandon Cocard. This dude can ride, but his intro makes him look disabled. Then he starts snowboarding, and it’s impressive but I bet you already saw it on the internet so who cares what I say, right? Fucking Youtube. P.S. that banger is gunna’ bum out a few Tahoe OGs.

Cale Zima has a few shots. Where are the rest? I don’t know. These ones are cool, though. Once again, it’s on the net. Go watch and form your own opinion:

Wolle Nyvelt. Still riding. Still riding better than 99% of everyone, ever. Still riding unreal terrain. Prepare to feel like your local hill rules in November, but then realize it sucks by December.

Who the fuck is Blair Habenicht? Wow, dude has a death wish. Go to 13:36 for proof. I bet this dude gets sponsored by super shitty companies that pay Europeans well in a year or two, or Burton. (Ed. Blair is on Lib Tech, Nick. And he’s awesome)

Holy shit Danny Kass is up. He hasn’t done, well, anything in years. This part only adds to that legacy. Sorry bud, but for real. It’s just kind of, whatever.

Fade into Mat Schaer and some weird Coolio beat. Do any of you young jerks even know Coolio? Anyway, I’m getting bored. This dude can snowboard so much better than me, or 90% of people I know, but it’s just boring. This movie has taken a dude who cripples jumps and mountains and made the impossible seem boring and repetitive.. Dude does go huge though.

Next up is some guy named Sylvain Bourbousson. With a name like that he’ll never have a pro model, but maybe he’ll eek out a living. Let’s see. Oh wow, big shock, more powder. This movie is getting so god damn drab.

Oh, Scotty Lago. He puts medals in bitches mouths. This could be cool right? While I love Scotty, a bad thing happened. This movie made it boring again. Double corks, cliff drops, huge jumps, doesn’t matter. I’m bored as all hell. Sorry Scotty, but talk to the editor.

Bode Merrill. The Summer Camp Champ. It’s time to get a boner. Snurfer kickflip. Stupid shuv. Other dumb crap. Then a wild one foot. More tricks. Wow. Double Wow. Holy shit. Damn. Eyebrows raised. No shit? Fuck you, Bode. Holy shit. Seriously? Wow, the movie just earned it’s price tag.

No way, Gigi Ruf follows him up and holy shit. Buy the movie. Skip a bunch, but holy shit. Do you want to fall in love with powder? Well, here you go. Oh man, Burton fucked up so badly. This totally makes up for how bored I was ten minutes ago.

Here it comes. Nicolas Muller. What does he have in store? A living legend. A freak of flexibility. Starts in a storm. Big air, way bigger than you’ll ever go, doing simple grabs and slashes. How can an Indy be so amazing? Then he does Nicolas Muller stuff. Oh it’s a two song part. If you’re really into just watching him snowboard I guess that’s super rad.

Now it’s over and the credits take forever. Honestly, and I’m so sorry to be the one to just be honest, this movie is boring. It’s just, expected. It’s what this crew does. Bode may be the only person in this whole movie who really pushes anything into to the ethos. Sorry everyone, I wasn’t impressed. I’m not going to lie and tell you to buy this film. If you want to see wild powder then sure grab a copy, but otherwise, it may not be worth the asking price.