Boarders Without Borders Needs Your Help

Hannah Teter is trying to save the world — this time with a goodwill trip to Iran. Read on to learn how you can say you helped.

Boarders Without Borders will follow four professional American snowboarders, two females (Olympic Gold Medalist Hannah Teter & Pro-rider Gabi Viteri) and two male (TBD), as they journey to Iran to ride the world class uncharted Alborz mountains. When one thinks of Iran, it is typically the political strife and unrest that is widely represented in the American media. The last thing that comes to mind is 14,000-foot mountains covered in Utah-like powder, with densely populated resorts and chalets nestled at the base of the slopes. However, with over 75% of the population of Iran aged 35 and under, counter-cultures like snowboarding are hidden sanctuaries for the youth of Iran. We will explore this unknown world on and off the slopes through the eyes of these three American riders, and experience their journey as they discover a country that has been sealed off from the West for over 30 years.

In order to complete the film, we must successfully raise $125,000 by September the 16th to cover the remainder of the expenses. Kickstarter is all or nothing funding; meaning, if we do not raise our goal ($125,000) then we do not recieve anything. We are truly humbled if you would pledge your support to the project at any reward level to the right. There are numerous rewards for the snowboard fan and non-snowboard fan at many different levels.

Please have a look below for more detailed information on the film, including Trailers, Rider Bio’s and Budget or to pledge your support visit We look forward to creating an amazing film that everyone can be proud to support and be a part of…

A Quickie with Gabi Viteri

Launching over shit seems to be Gabi’s deal, and we’re fine with that.

A standout in this year’s Peepshow flick, Gabi Viteri has proven she can ride, and ride with style. So we thought it was weird that we hadn’t gotten to know Gabi yet. To remedy that situation, Gabi and I had a nice little Quickie. Now I know Gabi well enough to consider her the best baker I’ve ever met, someone who can take a joke and possibly snowboarding’s new Ollie Queen.

Have you ever had a quickie before?
I would be kinda concerned if I haven’t, I’m 23 and not Mormon.

Who’s your boyfriend?
Zak Hale, maybe you’ve heard of him, he sucks at snowboarding.

Isn’t he like 19? Is it weird when you get torn up at the bar or is he just the best DD ever?
Exactly! It works out just great. I will be the first to say age ain’t shit but a number.

Does Burton pay you more to date a Burton guy?
You should be a agent, they should, tell ‘em.

Ok, enough about some dude that isn’t you. What’s your deal, why is everyone making a stink about you?
Thanks. Um, I really don’t know, that’s a good questions, ask them.

I saw you in both Peep Show and Snow Porn. I noticed you had style and did actual tricks. Is that a theme in girls snowboarding now? Actually being able to do it?
I sure hope so, I think it’s always been there but girls are really starting to step up more now which is awesome to see.

This is only a small taste of what Gabi can do.

Is there anything you hope to get on film, to prove you’re a badass or whatever?
Anything but double flipping, I’m not made for that.

Could you do a double flip in bed?
Oh my god yes! Like Ray J and KIm K.

Where all have you gotten to travel because of snowboarding?
Crazy places like Africa, North Carolina, Europe, Canada, Hawaii, and I think Iran this year.

Are Americans even allowed in Iran? Do you have to wear a headscarf?
I think were going in February, and we sure do.

If you don’t get burned or stoned to death that will be a great trip!
It’s all apart of the journey and experience. But yes I hope it goes well, knock on wood.

We weren’t sure if Gabi could ride Pipe before this interview.
Your answers both make sense and are grammatically correct, did you go to college or something?
Yes, I actually am in college, mellow style but it’s good to exercise my brain.

How do you balance school and a full-time, successful snowboard career?
Well getting injured a lot in the last two years helped with time off, that’s when school comes into play. And when I am hurt I have A.D.D and feel worthless so it helps keep me sane.

What are you studying?
Business, so I can be a Boss one day.

What kind of boss do you want to be?
I wanna be the boss of my own business. I’m thinking a baking company, that’s my other passion. Business is really boring but I can’t snowboard forever, I realized this last year when I grew up a little bit.

What kind of baking are you into? Have you ever eating your pain away? Fat girl style. Eating and crying but just forcing the food into your mouth because it’s the only thing that makes the pain go away?
Everything and anything that tastes good from cookies to cakes. Ha! That’s exactly what I do, then I go anorexic for the few weeks so I can keep snowboarding.

Did you get into baking to lose weight? Like, by making food you somehow controlled it, letting you eat less and less?
You know me so well. No honestly I started baking my own stuff ‘cause it doesn’t have all that preservative shit in it, its delicious. I like making my own, creating things, like cookie dough brownie, so good.

Gabi made this for her niece. It blew the entire Yobeat staff away. You should be impressed.

Gabi’s riding would probably make Matty Ryan proud.

How often do you get injured? How badly? Do you cry?
Honestly not to much before the last two years. I think it snowballed from one injury to the next cause I wasn’t patient and kept going back to early and pushing myself to hard. Everything from dislocating my hip, separating my shoulder, to ACL surgery. I cried for my hip outta’ pain, the rest out of being pissed off.

Is it ok for boys to cry? Does it piss you off that girls cry so much?
Of course. It’s refreshing to see a man cry, I mean were all human right? I don’t think it pisses me off that girls cry so much, not my deal.

When is it ok for a guy to cry?
Um, when I turn him down.

Do you have any girly friends? What do they think when they see you slam into the ground or explode on impact?
Some of them think i’m crazy for doing it. Most of my girly friends snowboard too though. Gosh, you don’t think we’re all tom boys do you?

Are you going to impress us in the future or burn out and let us all down?
Impress, never burn out.

For more pictures of Gabi in her underwear click here!

Gabi rides for Burton, Anon, Sweet Cheeks, The House and Mimi’s Cookie Bar. We support Sweet Cheeks and so should you, click here to learn more about panties with a purpose. For more on Gabi check out her personal site or read her blog on

Under Review: Peepshow’s Winter Wars

Winter Wars is June Bhongjan and Esthera Preda’s gift to women everywhere. Peepshow, as it stands, is a rebel force in snowboarding. It shows girls don’t have to be skittle-colored contest junkies to stand out. It shows that girls, while still not as good as the boys, can still be entertaining, still captivate an audience and more importantly, are out there and going for it. If Winter Wars shows us anything, it’s that a whole generation of young men need step their game up if they ever want a free pack of stickers.


NOTES: Why would a girly movie, with no super flips, helicopters or new-age bangers get a solid B? Because progression speaks loudly, and plenty of the shots in Winter Wars are more entertaining and more eye opening than the standard bullshit we see everyday. Also, because between Annie Boulanger and Desiree Melancon the bar for ladies, and even young men, has been permanently raised.

BUY OR BURN: If you’re a girl, buy a copy or quit snowboarding. If you’re a boy, it depends. There are lots of heavy slams, footage seen on Tosh.0, the best female boarding of all time and having it on the shelf might get you head.

Here’s the rundown:

Jess Kimura
Filmed with Capita, filmed with Peepshow, and both parts are dripping in classic Danger Pony action. Watch her tail grabbing skills and one hell of a frontboard on some giant metal corrugated tube.

Laura Hadar
Also filmed for Capita and had a few shots left over. Check the part for a large blunt.

Claudia Avon
Short and sweet. One shot for every situation. Sort of weird, like a sponsor me tape and then ka-fucking-boom. One hell of a banger everybody needs to see.

Marie Hucal
Marie is an oddball little girl from Michigan, and she rides more like a boy than most. Good shots for sure, a great log slide and so much evidence to say she’ll be making boys look bad very soon.

Hana Beaman & Colleen Quigley
Besides the gorgeous scenery in this shared part, the balance of these two is what brings it together. Hana gets into the backcountry and throws her body down some big natural gaps. On the flip side, Colleen proves that being a girl, a redhead and tall doesn’t mean you can’t hold your own in the streets.

Gabby Maiden
She sings her own damn song and it’s so much cooler than when Tim Eddy did it. Besides that, Gabby stepped up this year and slid some big rails. Plus, her ender will shit on your sponsor me tape.

Danyale Patterson
First off, this girl can ride. She is for sure pushing things in the right direction. She hits big rails, goes after double kinks and has a proper nosepress. Best part though, she’s a dirty punk chick and dating the one and only Brendan Gerard. They would probably produce the anti-Christ, so I hope they are careful.

Darrah Reid-Mclean
What can I say, filming this part made Darrah Comedy Central famous. If you want to see what happened when she wasn’t moments from death, watch the movie and realize she hits way bigger shit than you.

Bryn Valaika & Gabi Viteri
Who doesn’t like watching two wild chicks get slung around to Waka Flacka? This might sound wrong, but I’m calling these two the Gap Twins. They handle the biggest streets gaps they can find and aren’t afraid to throw themselves down some big ass rails. Girls are learning style, and this is part of the proof.

Silvia Mittermuller & Celia Miller
Hot girls who hit jumps really well and with style. Do I need to continue? Fine, they can’t skate so well, and they dress like Skittles, but at the end of the day these are two chicks most men would not want to lap a park with. Why? Because they are better than you.

Robin Van Gyn
Backcountry mission that will make you want to go snowboarding. Also, she does a double and a half flip, which is dumb, but funny as hell.

Madison Blackley
Hits huge rails and nosepress’ really well. Also, a great slam section

Random ladies going for it. I’m impressed by the 50-50 360 out.

Annie Boulanger
Apparently her footage is B roll, but that just doesn’t seem possible. Backcountry fans, girl fans, snowboard fans, see this part for her massive first decent, oh and the avalanche she outran.

Desiree Melancon
This whole video added up to two things, Annie’s part and Desiree’s part. Combined they may have changed snowboarding. Desiree’s effort pushed girls light-years in the right direction. Her style is better than countless dudes who do this for a living. The rails are legit. The gaps are in a bunch of man movies. Desiree came through this year. She showed up some boys. And, her banger is going to put you on the floor. It’s actually that impressive.

Get a copy of your own at