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Airblaster Board Games 2016


Text by Brooke Geery, Photos by Jared Souney

Suggested Ages: Grom- Office Jockey

Official Rules:

-Have Fun

-Get Creative

-Ride until the music stops


Strap on your snowboard, point it towards the bottom. Navigate the obstacles in order to perform stunts and tricks. Repeat.

On April 16th, 2016, Timberline fired up the Bruno chair for one last gasp of slushy mayhem that is Airblaster’s annual Board Games. The mini park was primed with rails, berms, a quarterpipe, a rhythm section, and chaos mountain- a choose your own adventure mound of loosely groomed snow.

More game than contest, there were awards but not winners and losers and creativity was the name of the game as medium airs and tweaks ruled the roost. The locals were out in force as well as Airblaster heavies such as Nick Dirks and Jesse Gouviea and the entire office staff. Brew Dr. Kombucha was on tap and cold PBRs were available for those scared of fungi. The surf-inspired soundtrack accordingly inspired lots of surf references from MC Ricky Hower who was simultaneously periscoping the entire event.

With temps topping 60 degrees, the course was soft and the possibilities were endless. No major injuries were incurred as riders threw themselves every which way, and yes, you guessed it, a good time was had by all.

1st men’s – Connor Turnie
1st Women’s – Shea Verbinac
Most Medium Air – Jason Cardarella
Best Trick – Michael Foshee
Most Laps Men’s – Logan Beaulieu
Most Laps Women’s – Julie Loper
Best Crash – CJ Hillard
Best Grab – Jacob Nelson
Dead Last – Ryan Irvin














The Longer The Better: A Snowboard Long Jump Contest

We’ve seen quad corks, we’ve seen rails so long you get out of breath just thinking about trying to walk up them, now we are looking at the future. Or at least looking to have a lot of fun for an afternoon.
Eddie the Eagle eat your heart out because Long Jumping is coming to snowboarding. 
On April 17th, the second event in Timberline’s Celebration of Snowboarding weekend (The first being Airblaster’s Board Games) we are jumping, not high, but sending it loooooooong.
Park and rail contests are a dime a dozen, so in the spirit of The Powder 8 we brought you in 2013, and Mogul Mayhem from 2014, we’re going long for 2016. Something different just for the fun of it. So prepare to flail your arms, and hopefully land on your feet. Send it big. Send it long. The Longer the Better.
Prizes from Elm, Ashbury, Volcom, Grenade, and Homeschool.

Airblaster’s August

To trick you into clicking on a post about its new S.Layer line, Airblaster has rereleased the classic flick August. But before you watch it, here’s some marketing speak:

Welcome to S.Layer, where wild versatility reigns supreme.We’ve designed an entire line that takes you from the street to the mountain and back again. Drawing from 10+ years of outerwear experience, we’ve used simplified versions of our best fabrics, duly coated with Fluorocarbon-Free DWR, to construct S.Layer outer pieces that perform in style. The soft goods offering speaks for itself, and with the product now available over at, the wild season just began!

And now that you’re sold, some photos, too:









Spring Time at Timberline

Superpark or not, Timberline is popping off.

Antique Futuristic Collection From The Interior Plain Project

With the recent trend of insane HD snowboard films and helicopter follow cams, it’s nice to see an edit that we can all truly relate to.  The Interior Plain Project presents another short edit of nothing but fun snowboarding with your friends.  This release takes place in Austria and is shot exclusively on 8mm and 16mm film.  Enjoy.  We’ll all be doing something like this soon.


From The Interior Plain Project:

Our Second Collection draws from “The Past’s Future Now”. Our involvement in riding stems from the shared perspective that it’s amplified when done in cahoots with others. This mentality found us adventuring to Austria to link with new and old friends as we explored the piste, off piste, side country, and back country near Mayrhofen.  And as all that is old is new, we filmed in 8mm and 16mm to add the depth of an analog feel that’s hard to achieve in today’s digitally-driven world.

Snow Surfing at Hood

This may be a first. A whole Mt. Hood edit without a single box or rail in sight! Jay Hergert, Collin Whalen and friends break out some old boards and just make it look so damn fun.


People have fun snowboarding. We hear about it all the time, and sometimes, we ever experience it ourselves. But that doesn’t mean that the fun you feel generally translates into video form. The fact is, unless you’re actually good, snowboarding isn’t necessarily that fun to watch. That said, these guys aren’t pro and may never be, but they’ve actually managed to pull, “We’re just having fun,” off.

Aloof at Brighton

Spring is officially here, and that means it’s time for sunny park laps. We know you love that stuff, so here’s what’s been going down at Brighton.

Riders: Blake Payne, Georgie Gazdick, Erik Nielsen, Sammy Blazejewski, Stefan Salisbury, Willis Grigsby, Sam Wittke, Treyson Allen, Connor Gysin, Wessel Van Lierop
F/E: Mia Lambson

Airblaster’s Single Cork – Part 2: Mt. Baker Banked Slalom

Not only is the Banked Slalom “Legendary,” it’s the only event that you can win the most sought after trophy in snowboarding: the Gold Roll of Duct Tape. Brandon Cocard, Ben Lynch, Tim Eddy and Max Warbington point their boards down the banked course and shred the insane Mt. Baker terrain in the second part of Singlecork.

Singlecork is a shred flick with friends, powder, side hits, gaps, launchers, rhythm sections and even completely inverted aerials. Head over to to pick up your own free copy of Singlecork!

Corrugated 4 Lyfe

A few days ago, we received a submission from former Stumped dude Justin Foley, who left the STUMPED crew to do his own thing. With the release of Stumped’s first edit of the season, what better way to herald in his new crew than with a collab post. Here’s the latest from Stumped, who’ve apparently replaced Justin with Brendan Rego:

And here’s Justin’s new project “-Shadows- with its preseason effort:

Videograss’s Brighton Update

We get videos all the time where people are “just having fun.” It make us feel warm and squishy inside, and then we reject them. But when these dudes are out “just having fun,” it makes for a damn entertaining video.

Riders: Justin Keniston, Will Tuddenham, Erik Nielson, Jeff Richards and Cam Pierce.

Salomon Saas Fe B Roll?

Awesome B Roll footage from the Salomon guys at Saas-Fee. Kinda makes you wonder how much amazing “B Roll” footage goes unseen every season…

Boreal Boardin’ 2

Looks like our old pal Paul Heran tricked someone into hiring him, and this is the second of what will likely be an entire season of Boreal Boardin’! So if you like good times with the homies, you should get psyched.

Fun with ZDC at Bear Mountain

Lately we’ve be inundated with “fun” videos. They all come with the same disclaimer: this is about having fun and not about the tricks! Well guess what, as fun as butters are to do for four minutes is how not fun they are to watch for four minutes. What does that have to do with this video? Well, this video looked like fun. A buncha bros, having fun, in sunny So Cal. And the fact that it’s called Hood Rat Thursday, but came out on Wednesday, that’s just carefree.

Riders: Richie Conklin, Kazuhei Nomura, Pat Garvin, and Jimmy Hay.