Lobster Cream Week in Iceland

A week in Iceland, during a time of year when the sun shines for more than four hours a day, would be fun for anyone. Now add in two of Iceland’s biggest celebrities, a Midwesterner getting his first taste of Icelandic women, a french Canadian rail assassin, a loose cannon from the UK, a Norwegian nicknamed “Fridge,” and a member of Iceland’s new wave, whose dad also happens to work as a sled guide. Not only will you have the “best week of the year,” but make a video that can garner reactions such as this one:

So you know the video is worth your watch, you fucking heathens.

Stunts: Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason, Frank Bourgeois, Colin Wilson, Fridtjof Tischendorf, Sparrow Knox and Baldur Vihelmsson

Video: Diggles

$$$$: Lobster Snowboards