Efforts: A Love Story – The Final Flanel Lifestyles FULL MOVIE

Battling the extreme Michigan lake effect winters is no simple feat. Battling the even more so extreme Michigan droughts is in a league of its own. Years of young college kids showcasing their passion and pride, their drive and skills that are uncharacteristic for the state, their undying love and desire for throwing themselves off of buildings and onto concrete and steel. The fifth and final Flanel Lifestyles full movie is here. Pour out a little Cristal and enjoy. – Joey Leppien

Featuring Tye Kowalski, Dusty Miller, Tyler May, Adam Rottschafer, Jack Harris, Adam Homi, Jackie Lammert, Lucas Patrick, Evan Erickson, Avery Erickson, Matt Miller, Trevor Newman, Sam Kelty, Jack Tobin, Bret Guild, Jake Devries, Brett Kulas, Sam Schowalter, Matt Ruhle, Aaron Senchuck, Ryan Piscotta, Brandon Vandyke, Brad Miller and Cody Hyman
Screenshot: Steven Sprague and Simon Berghoef


Flanel Lifestyles at Cannonsburg.  Brandon Vandyke, Jeremy Vandyke, Ryan Piscotta, Jack Tobin, Tye Kowalski, Jake Devries, Aiden Hascall, Linden Cool, Tyler May, Adam Rottschafer, Adam Homi, Micah Sienkowski, Joey Peterson and Matt Miller.

Turn Down

Cannonsburg with the Flanel Lifestyles crew. Featuring Jeremy Vandyke, Linden Cool, Jake Visser, Brett Kulas, Jack Harris, Jake Devries and Avery Erickson.

When It Happens – Full Movie

Featuring Dusty Miller, Lucas Patrick, Eric Starke, Matt Miller, Trevor Newman, Tyler May, Jackie Lammert, Charles Beck and more.

Flanel Lifestyle’s When it Happens Teaser

The weather this season in Michigan was the worst it’s been in 6 or 7 years, it barely snowed. We decided to not cry about it, adapt, overcome and make a movie.
Featuring Charles Beck, Tyler May, Jackie Lammert, Matt Miller, Sam Schowalter, Lucas Patrick, Eric Starke, Dusty Miller and Brett Kulas.
Screenshot: Dylan Riffer

Flanel Lifestyle’s We’re Done

We went all in on Cannonsburg’s final weekend. Watched some drunk people ride cardboard boxes, popped some beach balls, jumped some inflatable giraffes and everyone fell a lot, even me.

Featuring Mac Eckstrand, Tyler May, Brandon Vandyke, Jeremy Vandyke, Linden Cool and Avery Erickson.
Cameos from Aiden Hascall, Ryan Piscotta, Evan Erickson, Sam Ralston and Jacob Caffrey.

Flanel Lifestyles: Where We Belong

Turkey legs, Firecracker rails and nose rings plus a little bit of snowboarding. Cannonsburg is the new spot!

Featuring Mac Eckstrand, Tyler May, Sam Schowalter, Avery Erickson, Matt Miller, Brandon Vandyke, Linden Cool and Brett Kulas.
Cameos from Greg Zunich, Trevor Newman, Kelsey Gaulardi, Alec Ash and Eric Starke.

Keep it Together at Cannonsburg

The kids were going off.

Featuring Avery Erickson, Mac Eckstrand, Tyler May, Brett Kulas, Brandon Vandyke, Sam Ralston and Linden Cool. Cameo by Jeremy Vandyke.


Past year in the streets was full of broken knee caps, polar vortex cold nights and a record snow fall. Here’s the result.

Featuring Charlie Hoffman, Trevor Newman, Matt Ruhle, Jack Harris, Eric Starke, Matt Miller, Dan Pandzic, Mac Eckstrand, Dusty Miller and Tyler May.

Dusty Miller’s Take Care Part

The latest drop from Flanel Lifestyles.

Charles Beck’s Take Care part

Charles Beck aka C. Beck AKA Chuck B livin’ that Flanel Lifestyle.

Filmed and Edited by
Mike Harrington

Take Care (Trailer)

The Flanel crew hit the streets of Michigan this winter to produce their second full length film.  Watch out for some heavy stunts to go down in this one.  Due to drop sometime this summer.

Riders: Charles Beck, Mac Eckstrand, Tyler May, Trevor Newman, Jack Harris, Dan Pandzic, Eric Starke, Matt Ruhle, Matt Miller and more.

Adam Rottschafer Full Part

It’s ok to admit you didn’t make it through the entire Michigan epic,  Hype Era. It’s long and there’s a lot of stuff on the Internet to look at. But just incase you didn’t sit through it, here’s one of the stand out parts you can digest in under 3 minutes.