Every Third Thursday : Pour It On : Urethane Snowboard

Pour yourself a cold one and hit play while we pour ourselves a new ETT! Watch as we get into the flow and find new ways and new materials to build this very different and very awesome Urethane Snowboard. A colorful episode indeed, and without a traditional core in this snowboard this one really sticks out. Boom.

ETT: How to Make Your Own Snowboard for Under $100

With DIY being all the rage in snowboarding, it’s only appropriate that the crafty folks at Signal Snowboards are on it! This month, they’re showing you how to make your own board from scratch, for under $100. Now, if only we were still allowed to use powertools at Yobeat!

Signal’s Inexplicably-10-Foot-Long Snowboard

Mammoth opening weekend was a whose’s who of boarders (I know cause I skimmed a really long list of names on the Enthusaist Nework) and it was also the set of the latest installement of Signal’s Every Third Thursday. It takes awhile to get there, but promise you’ll crack a smile once Ian Thorley starts trying to slide around on this thing. Also, bonus points for the Drink Beer hoodie during the making of.

ETT: The Ultimate Night Ride

Snowboarding at night is nothing new. Resorts have had lights set up for years. But night riding in the backcountry is something entirely different. On the new Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew figure out how to keep riding British Columbia powder long after the sun sets thanks to custom snowboards with headlights.

Lee and his team mounted a variety of LED Lenser flashlights and lamps onto the boards at the Signal factory. Then Lee and pro rider Jake Olson-Elm took the snowboards to Baldface Lodge to test them out in epic deep powder conditions, all while everyone else at the backcountry destination was sleeping.

Every Third Thursday: A Snowboard Turntable

Every third Thursday I think to myself, I wonder what the guys at Signal will come up with this time. And they never disappoint.

Dave Lee attaches a Vestax turntable and mixer to a Signal snowboard. After the team gets the wiring and sound all set on the build, it’s off to renowned artist MADSTEEZ for custom graphics.

The result is a one-of-a-kind DJ snowboard that turns heads when Dave brings it to the grand opening of the Vestax Store in Los Angeles. Mix Master Mike scratches on the board and confirms that it sounds dope. Then it’s time to test it on the slopes. So Dave and Matthew “Mizl” Yabarra head up to Bear Mountain in California, where they ride along to a new track from Mix Master Mike.

Every Third Thursday: The Speed Stick

Did you know when you snowboard, your speed actually comes from a thin layer of water that your board melts into the snow? Apparently it does. So what if you heated up a snowboard?  Would it be the fastest thing ever? Watch and find out, but we should warn you, all we have his Alex Cato’s word on this one…

ETT Spruces Things Up

The Holidays are over and Signal has decided to do something about all those sad, dead Christmas trees on the streets.

Dave Lee and the Signal snowboard factory crew take on this arboreal challenge utilizing tree trunks to create the snowboard’s topsheet and core. The experimental board comes out of the presses looking ride-able, so it’s off to Southern California’s Mountain High Resort to see if the wood is good! Who would have ever guessed that your snowboard gift wasn’t under the tree, but was the tree itself? Merry riding!


Every Third Thursday: True Grit

This ETT we finally have friction! No, no ones yelling at each other, it’s that other kind of friction, like the we can’t seem to slide on sand kind of friction. How did we overcome? Turns out you need a few horses, some gas in the tank and a good sense of humor. Click now to watch as we try a new lay up concept, a new material and a new way to build strength in those weak little arms of yours!

ETT: Underwater Scuba Snowboard

The problem with most good, creative ideas like Every Third Thursday is eventually you run out of them. But not the Signal Snowboards crew. This marks the 4th season of ETT and they’re already getting weird with an underwater scuba snowboard, cause why the fuck not?

Every Third Thursday: The Pinewood Derby Snowboard

The Signal Crew harnesses their inner cub scouts and whips up a block of wood in honor of the soapbox derby tradition. Of course the real question is, how fast can they go?

ETT Goes High Fashion

What’s sillier than snowboarding, you ask? High fashion. So why not combine the two into one bizarre and questionable design? In true Project Runway style, the boys at Signal pulled an all nighter to make the first ever “high fashion” snowboard then they take it to Bear for the real test — can you actually ride it?

Every Third Thursday – The 3D Snowboard

Snowboards have traditionally been made of wood, resin, laminates, and P-Tex–until now! The Signal Snowboard’s factory crew, led by Founder Dave Lee give the board presses a rest this month and instead print out a brand new snowboard! Using new 3D printer technology, Dave Lee and Signal Engineer Jeb Ferria input a basic CAD drawing along with a carbon-based powder into a state of the art Plastic Laser Sintering Machine–the end result is a radical powder gun (no not that kind of gun–a snowboard) ready for riding in the steep and deep of Colorado. Signal Teamrider Matt Guess and Dave Lee put the board through the paces, and it passes with flying powder. Another ETT success story!
Watch the full series:

Every Third Thursday: The Glass Snowboard

For this month’s episode, Signal Snowboards’ Founder Dave Lee leaves the factory to travel across the sea to an Italian glass factory to create a handmade glass snowboard-the most delicate build to date! The glass snowboard is cut, pressed, tempered, and ever so carefully transported to the slopes. Signal Snowboards Italian team rider Giorgio “Iannino” Morell takes it for the all important test ride at Abetone ski resort in Tuscany. See how this glass artwork performs under pressure-will it slide or shatter?

Check back every third Thursday of the month for another custom snowboard build from Signal Snowboards.

ETT- A Snowboard Made from Money

Every Third Thursday is about ideas, about engineering, about the beauty of manufacturing and always pushing the boundaries. So what happens when Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew come up with an idea that has nothing to do with any of those meaningful aspects? They run with it! This month’s factory challenge is to build a snowboard integrating pennies-pennies in the base and “penny traction” edges specifically. Jake Olson-Elm is the chosen one to ride what might just be the worst ETT idea ever. Priceless! Hit play now to watch some noncents go down! Heads or tails, we think this month’s episode is still a winner!