Lobster Cream Week in Iceland

A week in Iceland, during a time of year when the sun shines for more than four hours a day, would be fun for anyone. Now add in two of Iceland’s biggest celebrities, a Midwesterner getting his first taste of Icelandic women, a french Canadian rail assassin, a loose cannon from the UK, a Norwegian nicknamed “Fridge,” and a member of Iceland’s new wave, whose dad also happens to work as a sled guide. Not only will you have the “best week of the year,” but make a video that can garner reactions such as this one:

So you know the video is worth your watch, you fucking heathens.

Stunts: Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason, Frank Bourgeois, Colin Wilson, Fridtjof Tischendorf, Sparrow Knox and Baldur Vihelmsson

Video: Diggles

$$$$: Lobster Snowboards

Island Born // Eiki Helgason Full Part

Holy Fuck. Eiki, filmed entirely in Iceland. Just watch. Serious heaters including a ten kink (spoiler) rail he spent a total of ten days over the last ten years trying.

Island Born – Eiki Helgason – Trailer and Zine

Island Born is a three part project from Eiki Helgason. Check out the first phase, an e-zine below (it’s a pdf flip book so give it a min to load), along with the trailer above. You can also view the zine at The second phase is a full part from Eiki coming December 5, followed by a documentary, coming December 12th. Stay tuned.

Europe – A Five Stan Review – PART II


I now understand that the Euros had one goal when bringing me along on this trip: continuing their elaborate plan to convince Americans, one-by-one, that Europe is better than anywhere else. (And gosh darnit if I wasn’t such a stubborn nationalist, they just might have convinced me!) When we left off, I was sitting in a Lithuanian hotel room after the longest drive of our tour en route to Warsaw, Poland. The second leg of the trip was exponentially more taxing than the first, as we would arrive in each city, go straight to a signing, get dinner, and then hang out at the event sapce and kiss babies until the movie would play (which in most of these cities wasn’t until Midnight.) Each premiere was followed up with a scheduled afterparty, where we were given dollar bills with Haldor, Eiki, Tor, and Kevin’s face on them, to take care of our libations.

On a mellow night we would make it back to the hotel by 3:00 am, whereas a raucous night would go well past sunrise. The catch of it all being that we had to be on the bus around 8 am in order to make it to the next signing on time. Needless to say we all pushed the limits of how much drinking was physically possible on no sleep, especially after people would buy bottles of tequila for Haldor that he graciously shared. So without further ado – here is my five Stan review for the remaining four European cities of the BYNDxMDLS and Sexual Snowboarding Tour.


This was decidedly the best stop on the trip and it likely came from the fact that we had low expectations for the city and where somewhat well rested. I don’t think many snowboarders visit Warsaw, so we were treated like actual rock stars. The movie premiered in the largest building in all of Poland, and kids told me after the premiere that because the theater sold out, they bought tickets to other movies and snuck in. The room was explosive with noise after countless tricks and in true rock show fashion, someone even lit a joint right in the theater. No movie tour will ever exist like this in America. After the movie, the autograph signing lasted for an hour and we then walked to an outdoor club equipped with a rap group from Canada and a pocket lined with Monster money. From that point on, we all raged together – as kings.

Highlight: Reading a handwritten note from Johannes and Eiki that I was not allowed to read until I was on stage. It noted that I thought America sucked, and I had a skinny penis.


Immediately upon arriving to an empty shop to do a signing, we realized that the Berlin stop would pale in comparison to the reception we got in Warsaw. Despite Berlin being Germany’s biggest city, the massive skate culture does not translate into an appreciation of snowboarding – not really a surprise.  The premiere took place in an upstairs club right near the Spree, a fast moving river that cuts through Berlin. Legally, you are not supposed to smoke inside in Germany, but that literally stopped no one from doing so. The constant haze of cigarettes would become commonplace for the rest of the trip, for in most of Eastern Europe you can smoke in bars. I quickly began to appreciate the smoking laws in the US. As you can imagine, the small turnout to the premiere did not prevent us from completely sending it that night and we took the party back to our swanky hotel where it raged well into morning. The next morning Kevin kept his bathrobe on for the entire ride to Prague.

Highlight: Deep in party mode I ripped Haldor’s shirt Hulk Hogan style. As I had taken my shirt off at least 30 minutes prior to doing this, I argue with everyone, “WHAT ARE SHIRTS EVEN FOR!?”


While Warsaw was my favorite stop on the trip, I could never deny that Prague was the craziest. The city itself was absolutely breathtaking, because it’s perhaps the only major European city to avoid bombing during World War II. The intricate and colorful buildings connected by winding cobblestone roads bled culture with every ancient stone. If anything, the only thing keeping Prague from being the best was that it was in fact TOO crazy. It was this stop that actually had me wondering if I was going to survive this trip. The movie premiere took place at a night club P.M. Bar and was sponsored by Jack Daniels. There was a better girl-to-guy ratio in the men’s room than there are at most American premieres. With at least 700 people at this event, I was astonished as a good number of people stumbled up to me asking, “HOW MANY STANS ARE WE GOING TO GET??” Breaking glass on the floor seems to be a pastime of people in Czech night clubs, as does not picking broken glass on the floor. As Techno music blasted, people passed around free liquor bottles until they couldn’t stand up anymore. Somewhere near 3 am the crew ended up in a bar fight with two Czech MMA fighters, that somehow, we all came out of OK.

Highlight:  Hyping up the crowd so that Haldor and Eiki could stage dive. This was immediately followed by a full out champagne shower for the European Monster TM’s Birthday.


By this stop my hands were shaking, I had no voice and the weather was rainy. That combined with the fact that we had been drinking and partying for roughly 8 days straight, it was hard for the team to hold it together. This was unfortunate, because of all the places we went on the tour, this was the first actual mountain town. We went to a shop called Blue Tomato and Haldor and Eiki gave away a Lobster board which they customized with a hacksaw. After the signing and countless autographs and selfies, we made it to the bar. Despite dealing with the first technical difficulties of the tour, we were able to show the movie to a very packed cigarette-smoke-filled room. Peoples reactions were not as loud as other stops, though many compliments came from people after the movie. Having officially gone too hard too many times, the team stayed at the bar until about 2:30 before retreating back to the hotel and passing out. Desires to go big on the last night were overthrown by our inability to talk, stand, think straight….you get the idea.

Highlight: At Blue Tomato, the winner of the custom board contest walked up to me and handed over a customized “#Burtongate” t-shirt that he and his friends had made from a promotional Burton t-shirt they received. I was honored and surprised. Europe likes me guys, they really like me!

And with our final round of hugs after a large breakfast in the morning, just like that….the craziest trip of my life would come to an end.

Oh wait, I’m still in Austria? That’s right, by the time you are reading this I will be on the Hintertux Glacier waiting for the apres scene to pop off!



No one Warsaw this coming.


The crazy part is that the screen is facing him, so this guy knows what he looks like right now.

Orange you glad I didn’t say tequila?

A proper shower in Prague

ummmmm part 2.

This is probably my favorite shot from the trip. Mostly cus that dude’s face is right in Eiki’s crotch.


Shot inside a shot. Shotception

Shouts to the realest



Innsbruck and I became one.

Homie on the left definitely tried to take my mic several times.

Chyll Selfies YO!

Johannes working on my “thin penis routine”

Max Buri synced up in Austria

Site Check: Lobster Snowboards 15/16

face suckLobster Snowboards.

It’s an interesting indication of how the Helgasons have matured when a board with a graphic depiction of a naked stripper having her face ripped off by a canister vacuum is a sign their art is moving in a less disturbing direction.


They’re still on the Bataleon 3BT program, because if it isn’t broken don’t fix it, and the lineup looks like they’re doubling down on what they’re good at- jib/park baords. I don’t remember them doing a youth model before, but the idea of typical-suburban-parent coming to this site because little Suzie asked for a Youthboard for Christmas is pretty amusing.


Eiki really got something right here. More than once I’ve found snowboard companies not telling people that something glows in the dark. Which is insane, in most cases something that glows in the dark is inherently better than something that doesn’t. Why wouldn’t you tell people up front?


Halldor’s pro model comes in a totally cutting edge orange and camo colorway, and with an asymmetrical version of the trusty 3BT profile. So that’s all abaord on two trendy trends, but what I want to look at is that the both pro-model Switchback Bindings are being sold straight through Lobster with no mention of what brand they are, while Switchback’s site is still flogging last year’s wares. Are the Helgasons just focusing on one thing at a time, or has the binding business been back burnered?


I don’t know why, but I’m imagining both of them saying this simultaneously. Like some kind of possessed viking press conference.

So we’ve got strippers, cartoon violence, and a couple of Euros. And they’re on 3BT so the similarities to Bataleon are really quite striking. But like I said anything that glows in the dark is better than anything that doesn’t, so they’ll take a narrow lead in the standings with 87 points.

Check the site for yourself here-

The standings so far-

Rank Brand Score
1. Lobster Snowboards 87
2. Bataleon  86
3. Endeavor 74
4. Arbor Collective 71
5. Holden 62


This Just Happened – Chapter 4.2

Our favorite Euros get all creative in Klappen Snow Park. Creativity, man.

That Just Happened: Chapter 2

What isn’t sexual about snowboarding really? Well, other than all the clothes, and the fact you’ll freeze your balls off if you try to bang outside in the winter, pretty hot, I’d say. Or maybe that’s just how us ladies feel when these boys do their manuevers. Yeow.

This Just Happened. Chapter 1 of 4

Here is an update from Johannes and Halldor on the new Sexual Snowboarding project: This Just Happened.

The first press release worth reading ever!

J: This time its f-ing sicker then ever – at least for you internet nerds – because this time you don’t have to wait all winter to see what we’re doing!

H : ThankYou, ThankYou…

J: We are making 4 mini movies. First edit will drop in February, second and third will drop in beginning and the end of March and the final mini movie will drop at the end of April.

H:That is if everything goes ass we planned…

H: We will of course drop a full movie after the summer like the last 4 years with stuff that you haven’t seen before. We are also going all in on a tour all over the place with this bad boy of a movie

J: Shout outs to Adam and everyone at Monster for making happen

Rider list:

Halldor Helgason

H:Thats me

J: ..and do not worry, Halldor still makes stupid decisions when snowboarding. That always helps the filming.

Eiki Helgason

H:That is my bro.

J: That is correct Halldor

Gulli Gudmundsson

H: aka G unit.

J: Possible ender part again, if he stops being afraid all the time.

Felix Engström

J: Bad Style in general – I’m not down.

H: Yeah we call him mr Stiff Style

Ethan Morgan

J: His real name is AJ Morgan Freemanson

H: His rap name is Freeman aka Freemo

Sage Kotsenburg

J:Sage is the only guy that keeps our internet traffic up so its sick that he has 3 sprays and one shot in our first episode.

H: Terrific pair of balls and a creative head.

Nils Arvidsson

J: Is the first guy who ever tried a triple cork. Now he is all in on air yoga.

H: Not afraid to send it nice and deep

We would like to thank all the sponsors of This Just Happened for making this shit happen.

Monster Energy, Coloud Headphones, Rip Curl, 7/9/13, SP Bindings, GoPro, Neff Headwear, Lobster, Bataleon, SP Gadgets

Hoppipolla Two Trick Team Fix

Nothing is more Euro than naming your company an unpronounceable name. At least they have a stacked team.

Riders: Eiki Helgason, Alek Oestreng, Kevin Backstrom, Halldor Helgason, and Stale Sandbech

Real Snow 2014 Videos

In an Olympic year the X Games can sort of get overshadowed by even bigger jockery, but let us not forget the best part: The Real Snow videos!

Jaegar Bailey

Hey Oh! The circus is in town. This kid is one part Scott Stevens, one part Joe Sexton with none of the style to match. Besides that callus remark, Jaeger is a stunt man, and I’m glad he’s not dead, because his Kodak Courage is out of this world. Don’t expect him to stack up against Louif or Bode though.

Dan Brisse

I don’t know if you know this but Dan Brisse is the reason everyone has gone insane. A few years ago Dan said, “You know what? I’m old and so I’m going for broke or this shit is never going to work out.” Now we get to watch this dude turn CGI level parkour into a full time snowboarding gig. I’m not always into his tricks, but I’m always into the total fucking firework show that is Dan’s snowboarding.

Eiki Helgason

So we all know the Helgason’s are insane. And, it’s my belief Eiki is the more artful and stylish of the two brothers. And I think he just did some double frontflip lip trick thing that sorta just blew my mind, so I’m going to shut up now.

Louif Paradis

So apparently Louif is death incarnate now, and that makes sense, watch his snowboarding and you’ll quickly realize only a dead dude would try any of this shit. Name of the game seems to be if he can’t get knocked out cold or break a jaw it’s not worth his time. Not since the first Transworld video has Louif pushed so far ahead of his peers.

Bode Merrill

Inverts seem to be big this year, giant rails too. You know, watching Bode makes it so clear and obvious why he’s a well paid pro snowboarder and all you kids with your crappy videos aren’t. Life on the line people. If you aren’t good enough. Simply put, you don’t belong, and if you did, the world would know you on a first name basis.

Frank April

More inverts. More huge rails. Rails that connect? Fuck that. We just hit stuff now. We’ve evolved and Frank is, like all of these guys, just letting you know that if you don’t fuck gravity in the face you don’t belong. If even one of these tricks came out in a video ten years ago Hell would have frozen over. Gotta admit though, Frank’s gunna have a hard time stacking up to Louif and Bode.

Dylan Thompson

Dylan used to ride around Hood with pants to his knees and unplugged headphones dangling in the snow behind him. Now, he rides with pants to his knees and only hits shit with a warning label on it. Oh, he also does inverts. Just like everyone else. Similar to Frank in that I don’t expect him to last as long as Bode or Louif.

Forest Bailey

Why does Forest rule? Because he clearly could care less, however; he’s in the Xgames now and that’s a mind fuck for anyone over the age of 25. Regardless of all that, the part is rad, very hard to pull off but again, not enough to compete against Louif or Bode.

Overall Impression: Louif or Bode are taking it this year, and while Louif put down the more technical, Bode put down the more incredible. It’s pretty much time to declare the Xgames a bogus meet grinder for the Olympics and give these guys the first ever shared Gold Medal and a trip to Cabo or somewhere else warm.

If you wanna vote, do it here.

Eiki Helgason Talks Dirty to Hump Day

Photo:Petter Foshaug

In a sport battered and beaten by winter’s darkest hour: Olympic piss tests, kook ski companies, Forum imploding, the tight pant craze, global warming, caffeinated death drinks and Shaun White, it’s important to step away from the seriousness of snowboarding and turn our attention Northward, to the mystical island of Iceland and one Eiki Helgason. His humble demeanor backed by his endless technical, creative and stylish snowboard approach has lauded him cover after cover, banger after banger, and the righteous support of the entire international snowboard community. The dynamic duo of Eiki and his younger, nastier brother, Halldor, dropped the movie “Pepping” on the world snowboard community last week. Pumped, horny and more stoked than ever, here is Eiki Helgason in his own words.

Snowboarding – What was losing your snowboard virginity like? Give us the dirt. Take us back to that blessed day. Where did you go?

It was pretty smooth, actually. I bought one of those “Stiga trick” boards (a small plastic board with bungees as bindings). I rode that for a year and learned a lot of tricks in my backyard.

You’ve often talked about what is sorely lacking from the Iceland snowboard scene – a lack of parks and a lack of snow. How did you guys persevere and get so good?

We have a pretty good resort just 10 minutes from our hometown, so we rode almost every day, but the resort didn’t have any park, so we started to ride rails in the city. We have a pretty sick set up behind the ice rink, that’s where we learn almost all of our tricks before we try them on a street rail.

Monaco! What do you guys do there besides post photos of you sunning it up in banana hammocks and rocking some side cock action? What role does living in Monaco play in your snowboard career?

Monaco is so chill. It’s so nice when we wanna get a break from snowboarding after being on the road, and go to a sunny place instead of going back to Iceland where it’s freezing cold. It’s nice to reload the batteries and it’s way cheaper for us to fly in and out of Monaco than it is flying from Iceland all the time. The fact that Monaco is a tax free country doesn’t hurt, either (laughing).

Kenny Powers, a.k.a. the baddest motherfucker alive and star of the television show “Eastbound & Down” said he only has one sexual rule – no threesome’s with blood relatives. Where do you and Halldor draw the line? You guys have made a magnificent snowboard film called “Sexual Snowboarding”, you guys were back to back rookie’s of the year (‘09 & ‘10), you guys take turns grinding on rails. Do you occasionally grind the same girl?

(Laughing) No, that hasn’t happened. I have actually had a girlfriend now for more than 3 years and Halldor has a girlfriend now as well. So, we have it on lock for the moment.

In 2011, you broke your back. First day riding again, you broke your collarbone. How do you get back on the board and do it all over again? What do you do with all your downtime? Just slay chicks and drink bubbly in Monaco? Do you give a fuck about injuries, are you scared of injuries, or do you just see past them?

I don’t really care about injuries. They always heal with time, but it does suck not being able to ride. So now it’s super chill to get injured. We just go to Monaco and relax on the beach and live life (laughing).

The follow up to last year’s smash hit, Sexual Snowboarding is called Pepping. What is pepping? It appears two slutty looking girls are holding something blacked out on the pepping cover. Dildo? Bong? What the fuck is pepping? What’s in those girls hands?

(Laughing) I hadn’t even thought about it but that the thing she is holding looks like a dildo. It’s just an exclamation mark after the word “Pepping”. Even better when I think about it being a dildo. Pepping is a swenglish (Mix of Swedish and English words) that we started using and it kinda means being pumped, horny and stoked at the same time.

Speaking of Pepping – you put out a call for people to send in their bangers for potential inclusion in the video. Does it have to be snowboarding or could it be literally bangers? Two chicks, 1 cup type stuff, or Kim Kardashian style porn edits. Would these be included in the video or would shit like this be frowned upon?

It can be whatever they can think of, but of course the snowboarding bangers always get more chance of making it into the movie. If people wanna send us sex tapes, that’s all good.

How do you get sexual with your snowboarding?

You always “Go down on a snowboard.” That sentence has two meanings, right? Both are awesome.

What’s the most sexual you’ve gotten with your snowboard?

I have been in a relationship with my snowboard for 12 years now, so there is a lot shit that we have done together, like raping rails and jumps.

I told Nicolas Mueller last year that I would like to use my penis more in snowboarding. He agreed. You guys seem to live this mantra. How can the rest of us live that mantra?

It’s simple – just always follow your penis.

The perfect Eiki Helgason snowboard day. What goes down? Take us along for the ride.

The Perfect Eiki Helgason day is when I am out filming with our crew (Me, Halldor, Gulli, Thunder and Petter) and I get a shot of me crashing hard but without hurting myself and then I get the trick afterwards.

Who does the lobster graphics? Or more importantly, who does the special edition lobster graphics? Tits, shit, piss, total vulgarity – a parent’s worst nightmare. How the fuck do you guys come up with this shit? Where do you draw the line?

It’s me and Halldor that come up with the ideas for the designs for all the boards and then we have an artist, Michiel Walrave, that draws it up for us. I design the special jib board and Halldor does the special park board, and so far we are just feeling out where the line is and people seem to be hyped on them. I guess we can still push it a bit more (laughing).

photo:Johannes Brenning

The Helgasons are insane multi taskers. Your brands are being received well worldwide. What advice do you have for young kids on snowboarding and business?

If you love and believe in what you are doing then there is nothing that can stop you.

You guys are well documented partiers and love a good lady. What advice do you have for the young grom trying getting his pickle wet?

That’s a tough one! But I guess the old fashion way is always the best – get drunk and hope for the best (laughing).

Your brother, Halldor, says Icelandic girls are “easier and more nasty” than their American counterparts. Do you see it as such? Do we wish they all could be Icelandic girls?

The good thing about Iceland is that there are more girls than guys, so the girls have to fight over the men, so they won’t be left out in the cold. That makes it pretty sweet for us Icelandic men (laughing).

Black snowboard Jesus descends from the heavens and lets you have the competition to end all competitions with absolutely no limits, along with your five favorite musical acts, take us into Eiki’s mind. Tell us when, where and whom this would go down?

I would have a rail contest on a warm beach somewhere and make snow that doesn’t melt. Riders can ride as much as they want over a whole day while being served drinks by girls in bikinis. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the good old Guns & Roses would play music all day. There would be no winner in the end, but instead the prize money would be split with every rider in the contest. After it we have a huge after party with free drinks and girls for everyone. Sounds delicious.

What’s the deal with all these magical elves who live in Iceland? Are the elves for real? Do the “huldufolk”, as they are called, (the hidden little people), do they exist? Or, it is just a bunch of bullshit?

People do believe in this crap but I think its just people’s minds going crazy in the long dark Icelandic winters. I believe in things when I see them, so who knows maybe one day I meet one of these “Midgets” living in the rocks.

Do you have a drunk alter ego? Your brother goes by Harold when plastered.

No, I don’t actually. Or yeah, maybe my alter ego is just so tired all the time so when I change I just puke and fall asleep on the bar (laughing). So, my alter ego is not that fun.

Photo: Kalle Hagglund

Halldor said “drinking milk” was the best advice you ever gave your little bro. In return, what’s the best advice your little brother ever gave you? He encouraged me to go to at least once a day. is good! Works every time all the time. The best thing he taught me is the chiller. When you are tired and have to take a shit, then you sit the opposite way on the toilet, so you can rest on the water tank. So smooth.

If you were in charge of snowboarding, what would you do to make it cooler?

I feel like snowboarding is getting a bit too serious nowadays. First thing I would change is making all the snowboard coaches be more like Coach Thunder. Then I would pull snowboarding completely out of the Olympics and destroy the FIS gayness. Just look how skateboarding is doing it, they are on the right path. Not snowboarding. Sucks, but it’s the truth.

In closing, do you have some Icelandic words of wisdom to share with the dearly beloved Yobeat crowd?

Maður hættir ekki að leika sér af því að maður verður gamall… Maður verður gamall þegar maður hættir að leika sér.
English: You don’t stop playing because you are getting too old, you get old when you stop playing.

Win Eiki’s Jib Board

The Helgasons aren’t satisfied with the number of Facebook fans Lobster has, so they’re giving away another used board in hopes of enticing you to click like. Here’s the deal:

We want to see some more random photos!

Just hit us wiht your best shiiit and upload it  on​rsnowboards

The Top 5 ✓ best liked photos will go in the beanie togehter with EIKI’s Top 5 favroites!!

The winner will be randomly picked by EIKI form those 10 Names on Wednesday, 27th of July  and will be announced the monring after!

The Helgasons Announce Lobster Snowboards

Perhaps growing up on an Island fosters independence. The Helgasons are already leading the pack with and have just announced they’re starting their own brand. We’re in full support of riders doing things their own way, even if it is the zany Euro way.
Read more