Rats in Russia – An Impromptu Mission to Murmansk

Words by Filipp Ananin (translated to Canadian by Sean Genovese). Photos by Egor Namaev, Filipp and Dima

Late in the Spring, Egor and I were sitting together and we had a last minute idea to go to Mumansk in the north of Russia.  No filmer, no car, no plan… just go. We bought our plane tickets, packed our boards and shovels, grabbed our camera, then were on our way.  Once we arrived we saw how much snow was there and knew it was going to be good!  We got settled in at our apartment, then decided to head out to the local park to loosen up and slide around after the long trip. 

That’s were we met Dima, a local rider who ended up showing us around. 

Little did we know, there was a great spot right next to the place we were staying. 

We started out there getting some shots, and then it was on!  Since it was just us, we had to do everything in threes; once on HD, another for the photo, and again for VHS.

There were a lot of things we had to work out along the way on this trip. 

Riding and taking turns, finding spots and exploring the town on public transit… and a lot of walking. 

We had to work for every clip.  

It was challenging… and the weather wasn’t always perfect but it was a great experience.  Now all we need to decide which city we’ll go to next!

Thanks to the people that helped make the trip happen —  Max @ Radical Distribution, DWD and FIX bindings.  Respect.

Jed Anderson wins Inaugural DWD Dirt Race at Mt. Hood

Based entirely on the photo above, it seems Jed Anderson is out of hiding after the whole gay thing, or whatever. He has made his triumphant return by snaking his way down Timberline to take the win at the first DIRT race of the summer! Either that, or it’s just some kid named Carlos that looks like him.

Full results here.

Hotter than a summer day in california

The boys at Mt. Seymour are jumping out the gym!

DWD x Dagmar x SGames

Dinosaurs Will Die brings you event action from Dagmar and the S Games.


Stevens Pass seems to be doing alright this season.

Trevor Schy, Kevin Hanson, Ian Key, Matt Wainhouse, Jay Hergert, Garrett Read, Travis Claughton, Dan Poole
Video by Garrett Read


Some seldom seen sunny days at Seymour.

Featuring: Sean Dino. Geoff Stinsen. Mike James. Dave Emann. TJ Koskela. Matt Butel. Logan Haubrich. Alex Stathis. Russell Lee. Darren Smith. Ray Bishop. Matt Heneghan.

The 2015 Yobeat Awards Results Show

When we were in Big Sky, I was precariously trying to back up on a snowy road sidewalk and some lady frantically flagged me down and exclaimed, “Oh my god, do you have a backup camera!” Stunned, I thought about it for a second and was like, oh yeah, I do, and it’s covered with snow. The lady very deftly uncovered it and sent me along on my (much safer) way. The point of this story is, it’s 2016! Asking if you have a backup cam is totally a thing. But that doesn’t mean we can forget about 2015, which is why I enlisted Yobeat analyst Joey Leppien to break down the results of our authoritative annual polls and tell you what it all means, as well as what you can look forward to in the coming year.


Rider of the Year: Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens, man. What is there to say about Scott that hasn’t already been said? From basically pioneering a new age of one-foot and no-foot snowboard tricks, still filming heavy street parts, completely ridiculous skate edits, to being a regular in the I Ride Park City series, Scott never ceases to amaze. His ender part in ThirtyTwo’s full team movie, “2032”, was full of shots that make you tilt your head and wonder how moving your board in that way is even possible. That creativity and general luster, only found in someone like Scott, surely helped him secure his spot with the voters as Yobeat’s Rider of the Year. Congrats, Scott.


Female Rider of the Year: Mary Rand

When you’re born into a family that already has birthed one Yawgoon into the world, you’re basically being born with the silver spoon of snowboarding. Mary Rand, Yawgoon and sister to Marcus Rand, seemingly put forth her best effort this past year towards diminishing the relentless stereotypes associated with women snowboarding. From her cameos and shots in Yawgoon videos, to her insta-videos featuring Mrs. Pam Rand, to her part in Rendered Useless, Mary kept herself in the snowboarding spotlight. A tough venture to set forth upon, given the heavy criticism brought on by being a girl in the cold, cold patriarchy of snowboarding.  Mary is a heavy hitter, exciting to watch, and clearly has too much fun on a snowboard, but we never said there’s anything wrong with that.


Stunt of the year: Halldor Helgason’s existence

Honestly, Halldor, that mustache itself is death-defying enough. Add on top of that the fact that you allowed Stan to tag along on your European adventures, and you’re downright fucking nuts.

Everything Halldor does in the Sexual Snowboarding edits is head-turning. From the X-Games to instagram, the dude is everywhere. Let’s not forget the roof-to-roof backflip with his neck in a brace.

Known for his various edits composed of gnarly tricks and fun, entertaining riding, Halldor always has our attention one way or another.


Brand of the year: Dinosaurs Will Die

Because Sean and Jeff.


Rookie of the Year: Jesse Paul

Jesus Christ, Jesse Paul. The dude is something else. His Impaler part last year was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever watched. I can’t tell you how many times some random kid I grew up with has posted the video of Jesse’s boardlide-backflip-boardslide on my Facebook wall. 

In 2015, Jesse won Rock A Rail, Rails To Riches, some SnowFlex contest in Virginia, tore up Hot Dogs N’ Hand Rails and SuperPark 19, and basically starred in every Mt. Hood edit. Jesse also earned the honor of a spot on the Session MFG. pro team, even though I still can’t believe he’s not pro for Salomon, still stoked for him on the Sessions team spot! On a related note, if you haven’t looked into the Sessions relaunch yet, do it. Jesse is nothing short of a fucking powerhouse and I truly can’t wait to see what he brings forth in 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.19.04 PM

Video of the Year: Rendered Useless

Ah, man, Rendered Useless. The underdog, the David and Goliath of 2015. With team movies coming out from companies like ThirtyTwo and 686, and the typical powerhouses such as Videograss and Absinthe, it’s diffucult for a small group of guys like the Rendered Useless crew to make a heavy impression on the industry. With the videographic history that Jon Stark, Matt Roberge, and Eli Olsen all have combined, I think it would be hard for them to fail. Featuring riders such as Mike Rav, Johnny Brady, Fuckmire, Cole Navin, Mary Rand, etc., R.U. made a strong impact that was almost unforseen. Marty McStark and the boys did not disappoint, and fully earned the title of Video of the Year.


Video Part of the Year: Cole Navin – Rendered Useless

Cole Navin, one of my favorite riders and a close personal friend. Actually, I’ve never met the dude, but his part was fucked, nonetheless. I’ve always had an admiration for riders who can film a heavy part set to a slow, mellow song. Like Jed’s part in Shoot The Moon. Cole’s part had everything; gnarly shots, creative shots, one-footers, skating, etc. I’m also still not sure if my jaw has come up off the floor after trying to comprehend his ender trick. Strong work, Cole. Let’s be friends.

And during our commercial break we awarded trend of the year to carving! Hooray!

DWD’s BARRELy a Recap

Photos by Joel Fraser, Evan Chandler-Soanes and Jeff Keenan

BARRELy an event… rather an excuse to get together with our best of friends, and future best of friends, that were able to make it out and help us kick of the season. With a lot of pent up energy after last years non-existent winter, December 12th would literally be the day that the switch was flipped and the sky opened up! Heading up that morning we didn’t exactly know what to expect, but were greeted with snow… and then treated to more of it… and more of it… and more of it. So much so, that as you read this, it’s been snowing every day between now and then. BARRELS upon BARRELS of snow have dumped on the west coast mountains and there’s no sign of it letting up any time soon. As for the actual ‘event’, it was unintended, but turned out to be a reminder that no matter the scenario, no matter the place, no matter the obstacles that are thrown at you (sometimes literally, if Matt Heneghan is up there workin’ off a hangover), at the root of it all… if you’re there with your homies, sharing in what you love the most, it’s going to be a great day!




The true definition of ‘getting BARRELed’.  Keenan Filmer

Clown down!  Keenan Filmer leavin’ a coupla pins in the lane.

They gotta be jusssst right. Andrew Geeves and Danny Koriath

A wreck like this doesn’t phase ECS.  Keepin’ that finger on da trigga. (Copyright Tech9)

Nick Elliott danced on these BARRELs all day!


Krush, organizing chaos.


Yeah… It was snowing.  Jeff Keenan

Jeff Keenan ’bout to put a dent in this bitch.

Jess Kimura and Krush amidst the wall of snow that was falling from the sky.

Coupla dudes.  Keenan, Krush, Geno.

Rabble rouser, Matt Heneghan pokin’ some last minute adjustments to this setup for Keenan Filmer

Headless front board by the Headless Front Boardsman

If you want it done right you’ve gotta do it yourself. Ben Bilocq

Ben Bilocq explodes off this one in the mine field of BARRELs

You must wear all black and Heneghan Salmon Arm mitts to get a press shot in this gallery.  Lucio DM


Gap to front bash.  Uncle Jeff



The ketchup and mustard stains blend right in on the new Matt Heneghan promodel Salmon Arm mitts, get yours.

Mystery meat packed into a perfect little charcoal shell.

Looch!  Comin’ atcha lens sideways!  Lucio DM

Nick Elliott off the top rope!  

… Others were hooked on the Orange Crush.  Kody Yarosloski

Gab Belanger bringin’ it all the way from Quebec, Nowamean!

Keenan Filmer, “two to make it true”.  By the end of the day he went for three, four and probably five.  #KingOfCrash 

The new Pressminister of Canada, Mr.Ben Bilocq. Presses for the people.

Burgundy jacket gang.  Matt Heneghan and Jeff Keenan and camo dad, Lucas Ouellette

Ian Keay jumpin’ his American ass over this Canadian BARREL


Mad respect to all our sponsors for their help making this event possible!  Snowboy Productions,, Arena Snow Parks and Grouse Mountain.

Jeff Keenan Builds a Brand on Hump Day


Photo: Joel Fraser

Over the past few seasons, Dinosaurs Will Die has seemingly exploded. The boards are popping up in shops, edits and more importantly, under the feet of actual snowboarders everywhere. Building a snowboard brand was never an easy feat, but in a changing world with a changing climate and a dubious economy, it seems impossible. Don’t tell Jeff Keenan that though. The Vancouver-based pro snowboarder turned business man has a plan, a vision, and an army of rats ready to help DWD flourish. We sat him down to find out more.

Brooke: We were talking earlier about how we’re sort of at the age where normal people stop snowboarding, or get distracted from snowboarding I should say – have families, get a job. Does it seem to you like snowboarding is becoming less popular, or is that just the age we’re at and there’s a new generation that’s just as stoked as ever? Or do you think that it’s not refreshing like it used to?

Jeff: Two years ago, I’d agree that we’re just getting older, that people who grabbed on to snowboarding in the 90s are growing out of it. But now there’s stuff that is rejuvenating interest for riders our age. Snowboarding is still young in a sense, we are at the bottom of the first life cycle in the business model. With this I feel we have been taking the steps to look at our past, what made us want to start, who were the pros, what boards were they riding, can we use any of this to help market to the youth? With this I feel we were fighting for our legends, in skate and surf legends are a integral part of the community, in snowboarding I feel we were on a path of who’s the new kid and what is going to be the trick of the year, we lost sight of why we really got into this. It has also put snowboarding to elitist level, almost unattainable for youth.

We had all these snowboarders that should have been our legends but we kicked them out, and hung them to dry. We didn’t support them when they got older and in many cases we didn’t have them involved in our community. And then in the past 3 years I’d say finally say it’s clicked over. People care about Jamie (Lynn) and what Jamie’s doing and Iguchi and what Iguchi’s doing, even what Roach is doing. He came back strong and it’s awesome to see. So now there is this resurfacing of riders we looked up to when we were young, the thing is there are a lot of people my age that still want to see these guys ride, and that is a marketing tool. On a media standpoint it’s hard to find media that appeals to our demographic.

Brooke: As a thirty-something what kind of media do you think would appeal to that older generation?

Jeff: When I think about who I watch skating, I don’t watch Nyjah. I watch guys like Dan Drehobl, A.V.E & Reynolds and anyone who skates fast and has that 90/00 flair to them. Even look at Girl or Chocolate, even through it’s mainstream skate, there’s guys on that team that are a lot older than I am and they are at the top of their game. I look up to that. Then when I think about that in snowboarding, there’s not many older riders that have the chance to stay in it filming and shooting. I like to ride street, powder and rip around mountains, and it’s hard to find that media of people my age that ride the same stuff I do. For some reason we have this weird thing where you get old and you ride powder. I don’t know a lot of thirty-somethings that ride street.

Brooke: Well because it hurts less.

Jeff: Yeah, but you don’t need to hit the gangliest rails. You can be creative in the streets, that’s what I like about it. Don’t get me wrong I like riding powder as much as I can, that’s where my roots are, but I also like being in the street and you just don’t have to hit rails to be in the street.

Brooke: Yeah you don’t get that in the coverage. Street coverage is so gnarly, but it’s possible to just ride in the streets, to just go do it.

Jeff: Yeah.

Brooke: And not buy a lift ticket.

Jeff: Exactly.


Dropping. photo: Leanne Pelosi

Brooke: I think snowboarding media is great, obviously, but I think most people who snowboard don’t even know snowboard media exists.

Jeff: No, which is kind of messed up. I don’t follow everything that comes out in snowboarding … A group of my friends surf more then snowboard now and they follow surf media religiously. Then I have friends that just skateboard and they don’t even look at skate media. So I think it is all over the place. I personally look at a lot of skate and surf stuff, and you just see how they are approaching new media. You don’t see a new skate or surf video come out then release full parts online. In snowboarding, it’s messed up that you buy videos now and then a week later all the parts come out online. It’s good for the sites that host them, however it delegitimizes the video production companies’ platform.

Snowboarding is my job, but my job isn’t really on the Internet so I don’t have the need to look at it all the time. But when I’m halfway through the day and I’m having a coffee or drinking a beer I’ll go on a snowboard site and try to catch up. I find I just skip so much of the media. It is fucked up how much is just thrown at the ‘net with out a plan behind it. For instance, I just saw the Iguchi pro model thing. The launch had a video I watched like 2 seconds then fast forwarded and watch 2 seconds in the middle and there’s old clips of him that are rad, I was like whoa that’s cool but for some reason I don’t buy into the, “this guy’s older and selling to my demographic.” The release video has some new footage and a small retrospect, and an explanation of the board, however it didn’t interest me much. I want to see a more direct push behind a release like that, something like– “Hey, I haven’t filmed a full part in a while and I’m gonna film a full part and not tell anyone about it and my sponsor is gonna come out with a pro-model in conjunction with that part, these two things are gonna be just as good as any thing that has been released before.”

Brooke: That would be cool.

Jeff: It’s not there.

Brooke: I mean a lot of it is branding in that the way things are presented and it’s hard to present things in a way that it will appeal to everyone in snowboarding.

Jeff: Yeah.

Brooke: That’s another thing we were talking about, how different snowboarding is from place to place.

Jeff: I’ve always thought about each individual local surrounding, and how you are a product of your own environment. I’m from the city and how the people ride down here is very different to how people ride in Whistler, and it’s only two hours away. People that ride Whistler ride very differently then people from Utah, and these people are different from people who ride in Quebec. There are always copy cats of style, however you can usually see the true nature of a rider if you do a lap with them. It’s crazy because kids there can be kids that are in the streets of Minnesota or Quebec City that might not have even ridden a resort, so how they ride is going to be a true product of that urban environment. That spectrum is really different.

Brooke: Yeah it’s crazy. So how does the industry deal with that?

Jeff: People don’t think about it.


Whis love. photo: Leanne Pelosi

Brooke: You run a brand and do you guys think, okay well, we want to appeal to kids who ride resorts or we want to appeal to people who ride in the streets or we want to appeal to people in Europe or do you just want to appeal to everyone?

Jeff: No, we want to appeal to an attitude. It doesn’t matter where they ride or where they are from. You can look at it like a political standpoint too. If your Republican or Democrat you want to appeal to a certain kind of person, but you don’t really care if that guy’s a doctor or a gun salesmen. You don’t really care what they do, you care about their mindset. This is what Dinos is like, we don’t care if you ride powder or street, or if your from the city or mountain town. None of that matters, we just know people that are into our company have a like-minded attitude. This attitude is that you can be yourself, you can all be different, but you have a similar creative outlook. This outlook is one that makes you go out there, grind and dedicate to a passion.

Brooke: Yeah that makes sense. The world is always in transition, but seems very apparent right now. The weather is changing, the economy is changing, everything’s changing. How has that affected you guys?

Jeff: Since we are a two-person company, we are mobile. If you have a company with 30 employees your limited to what you can do and how versatile you are. If you have two people you can pretty much do whatever those two people want to do. You can move around, you can adapt and you can do it quickly. This quickness transcends every aspect of the company too. There’s all these companies out there that are to slow to react to the ever-changing snowboard world. They are so slow on identifying their key targets and they miss the boat, or they overshot this target and create an a product or marketing platform that is almost to broad for their initial goals. For Dinos we are trying to sell to snowboarders, we are not trying to reach out of this spectrum. However, if someone walking into a snowboard shop for their first time buys a Dino more times then not it is going to because of the graphic or the quality of our construction, not because of our backstory, and this we embrace as well.

Brooke: Do you guys aspire to grow the brand bigger?

Jeff: There’s growing the company and then there’s growing the reach of the company. If you’re talking units being sold, we obviously want to grow, in turn this allows the company to grow.

Brooke: What about company size? There’s 2 of you, do you want to hire more people?

Jeff: Well yeah, we need to. Because there’s a point in time the company becomes at full capacity, you can only do so much without sleeping. We do have an awesome rep force, these guys kill it they are truly dedicated to snowboarding, and we do have Matt Heneghan, who assists us with team and marketing. We apply innovative hardware and application in our technology to assist when we expand, however there is a point you need to have employees to take a piece of the workload.

One time this person gave us this graph that had sales units on the Y axis and core values on the X. All the major snowboard companies where laid out all over the graph. There weren’t many company in the right hand corner where sales and core values were high. They asked where do we want to be, and without thinking I pointed to the upper right hand side. The goal is to grow the company and at the same time staying true to our core values.

Brooke: Back to our changing world – it seems to me like everyone is moving to the city – nobody wants to be a farmer anymore, especially with the younger generation. That’s just what society is doing. How do you see that changing snowboarding and people’s interest in snowboarding?

Jeff: That is the way the world is going globally, urbanization, throughout the world everyone is migrating to cities and rural areas are being less populated. For the most part the rural living is dying and people are moving to a city to live. The cities are more glamorous – there are jobs, activities, events and communities that you don’t see in rural society. However, where urbanization lacks is the surroundings of nature and being outdoors. I truly feel that this contributes to the less youth moving to or out of mountain towns.

I’m lucky to live in Vancouver because if it snows on the mountains you see it from inside the city. We actually have this physical connection, it looks like you can reach out and grab the mountains. It becomes a part of your life because you see it everyday. However if you lived somewhere like Portland, Seattle or on the East Coast, you do not have this benefit. You to live in the city and go up to the hill, it becomes more of an activity then a lifestyle. The more people are moving from mountain towns and rural areas into cities, the more they start to disconnect from nature, the mountains, and in turn from snowboarding.


Scenes from Barrely and Event at Grouse. Photo: Joel Fraser

Brooke: Yeah I mean do you think that that migration is changing the status of snowboarding from a lifestyle sport to just a recreational activity?

Jeff: Yes, it is fully. One of the best parts of snowboarding is that you can be live anywhere in the world (that it snows) and you can be a part of this bigger community. When I started really getting into snowboarding in the early 90’s, when you drove to the resort you waved at anyone who had a snowboards strapped to their roof, and you probably knew them. I feel like 5 years ago, in snowboarding, you wouldn’t do that. But now I do it all the time, I wave or try and say hi to anyone that has a snowboard. If I see a snowboarder who is by themselves I’ll always talk to them, maybe that has to do with Dinos too, but I think it’s going back that way.

Brooke: Seems like it’s getting stronger because it’s getting smaller.

Jeff: Everything has a life cycle, business is a life cycle, everything has ups and downs and what once was is not gonna be. Snowboarding will constantly rejuvenate itself to be at a different standard then the past and right now it seems we have been on a downturn in the whole word, including snowboarding. In these times, Dinos has been on an upswing, we want to stay on the top of this upswing. We want to be one of the companies in the forefront when things come up. We want to be the company that snowboarders look at and believe in. A company that wears our values on our sleeves and constantly changes and adapts, a company that has a clear and definite reason for all products it makes.


Backside 7. Photo: Phil Tifo



So this one’s been in the works for a while…and now the time is right! Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards and Snowboy Productions are rolling out BARRELy AN EVENT this Saturday up at Mt Seymour in British Columbia. A simple, stripped down, creative and bullsh*t free way to celebrate the start another great winter with all your friends. We’ve got 12 barrels, a bbq full of hot dogs and unlimited possibilities just waiting for you to jib, bonk, race, jump, eat, drink, laugh, fall and high-5 all day long.

Event kicks off at the crack of noon and ends some time later…no entry fee and a free hot dog lunch…under 18 needs a parents signature on the release.

Big ups to our partners Arena Snowparks and for their huge support…take care of those who take care of you!

Tell some friends, grab your board and see you Saturday!

– Krush, Geno and Keenan

More info:

Kai Ujejski’s Killer Hump Day



King Kai Photo : Jordan MacDonald

Killa’ Kai has been recently released from his cage. He is a 19-year-old, burrito-eating Whistler boy who likes long walks on the beach, smoking blunts and doing blunts. Raised under the wise tutelage of  Whister legends such as Brocklebank and Popper Al, Kai is truly one to watch- and you’ll definitely enjoy doing it – he’s got style for days.

RF: My brother from another mother- how are you doing on this fine day? Tell me a little bit about yourself.

 K : Ayyyyyyy Ron, whats gucci?! I just made some breakfast burritos. I’ll make you one next time…  Burritos aside, I am from Whistler, living in Tahoe ’til the winter starts.

RF : Where would you be and what would you be doing if you had not picked up a snowboard?

 K : If I never took up snowboarding, I would probably be living in Vancouver, skating and working.  Or I could be a rocket scientist… Or maybe I would be super into needle drugs. Who knows?!

RF: I recently had the opportunity to skate with you and I was very impressed at how damn fluid you were on the wood.  Would you say that skating influences your snowboarding style? How long have you been skating for?  Would you say that you like one sport more than the other?

 K : I started skateboarding a few years before snowboarding.  So that was definitely influential. I think that they influence each other equally though; snowboarding influences my skating and skating  influences my snowboarding. I have been doing both for just over 10 years. They each have their ups and downs.  There are things you can do on a snowboard that you can not do on a skateboard, and vice versa.

RF : What is it like snowboarding in Whistler?  The vibe about the mountain seems pretty chill, but does it get heavy there at times?

 K : It is very chill up there.  Sometimes the liftlines get heavy and the kook watching game is pretty heavy too. But damn lapping that place is still da bizniz.

RF : Ok. So, I know I asked Kody- but damn I’m forever curious about when the FootyFiend movie is going to drop? And who  is going to blow minds the most?

 K :The FootyFiend movie just dropped! Everyone fucking killed it on this one, Brin Alexander and Nick Elliot’s parts are my favourite, those kids cray. Adam Franks, Braedon Wheeler, Kody Williams, Lenny Mazzotti, Brett Wilkinson and myself all put in work and stacked clips for the movie too. You can get a dvd or digital copy at

RF : What was it like growing up in Whistler? What is the scene like there?

 K :  I have lived in Whis for the past 7 years, that place is the goods. I moved a lot when I was younger though.  I have lived in Quebec, Toronto and Calgary. Whistler’s so much different; it’s such a bubble, time flies by there. The snowboard scene in Whis is pretty tight, lots of sledders and backcountry lurkers. I stick mostly to the streets though.  No way I can afford a truck or a sled, haha..

RF : Who in the game has influenced you the most and if you could tell them one thing today what would that be?

 K : David Brocklebank has been a huge influence on me.  I have known him since I was 12 years old. The way I think about snowboarding, filming, and life is inspired by him. Jordan Macdonald has helped and influenced me a ton in the snowboard world as well. Those guys are the shit. Thanks for the life coaching G’s!


Nosepress Photo : Kieth Rutherford

RF : How was your time in the streets last year? From what I have seen you were very successful.  What do you do to fund your trips and how taxing on you is it traveling around like that?

 K : Yeah, the streets where good to me last year I managed to film a full part for the FootyFiend movie. We decided to drive down to Boston and ended up staying on the East Coast all winter. We where living out of Brin’s car and in various motels for 2 months, which was kind of exhausting. I didn’t do laundry once, haha.  I think it’d be more comfortable to have a home base or to go on shorter trips more frequently as apposed to one longer trip like that. It was so much fun though, got board and a bunch of tight new places with the homies, dun get much better than that. I was doing gardening work on Craigslist for a minute, and I worked at a crepe place doing dishwashing/prep but I quit that shit to live in Tahoe. The Canadian dollar is so shitty compared to the USD right now- working in the states trimming is way more profitable.

RF : Rolling with DWD, I see.  What is it like representing a solid company like that? 

 K : Dinos is the best, I’m so grateful for everything Sean and Jeff do for me. It’s so hype reppin a company where the owner lives on the same street and rides the same hill as you. And those fire flame zeachman graphics too <3 gadam! Cant beat that shit, DWDordie.
RF : When we were rolling around Tahoe, we listened to some pretty heavy rap music.  I was a bit shocked at first since you didn’t strike me as the type of person to get down like that.   Haha…But, boy was I wrong. Who are you favorite rappers to rip around to, man??

 K : I listen to a lot of psychedelic and classic rock but I’m bout dat trap life too. My favourite trap artist right now is Chief Keef but I get sick of artists and switch it up on the regs. Three 6 Mafia will always have a spot in my heart. Rip Koopsta Knicca…

RF: I see, you are courting Danyale.  Tell me how is it being around her 24/7?

 K:It’s lit.

RF : How is it having a girlfriend who also boards and is pretty well known for it?  Do you guys get competitive at times or is it pretty chill?

K : Lol, yeah.  We get really competitive sometimes, you know?… Aha! jk, it’s very chill.  She’s awesome.

RF : Some people are curious about your name; are you named after some type of old soap making company? How long did it take you to learn to spell your name growing up?

 K : I don’t know exactly what the fuck is going on with my last name, I’m still not 100% on pronunciation. People be like, “Oh you jetski?” And I’m like, “…nah never, maybe one day I will ride one of those things though.” They look really bad for the environment and fun!


M3th Air Photo : Danny Kern

RF : Kai, you are a skinny Dude, you can’t weigh more than 100 pounds solid even drenched in water. What is your diet?  Does Danyale influence your eating habit at all? I hear Danyale hits the gym. Do you ever go pump some iron with her or do you only do kush ups?

 K : Haha, shiiiet.. My diet consists mainly of breakfast burritos.  I forget to eat a lot, aha.  Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am  hungry or something. Lately I have been eating a bunch of organic shit, I guess I am on dat health tip. Dangy influenced that a bit, I’ve always eaten fairly healthy though.. And no, I don’t fux with the gym, I’m more into kush ups and sativa sits. Yeaahainknaow

RF : Boreal just recently opened up and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go.  I  have to say it was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Did you have as great of a time as I did?  What would you say was the best part of opening day?

 K : Boreal is on fleek, that place is so much fun. They had a full park opening day and have only made it better since then. Top to bottom laps with next to no lift lines. It was a lot different than most opening day experiences I’ve had.

 RF : After opening day, you, Brett, his girlfriend and I all went out to dinner.  We were discussing what would help revamp the snowboard industry from what it is today; what are your thoughts on that subject?

 K : I think that when it comes to snowboard content that less is more. If it is not A1 footy then just cut that shit, it’s hard seeing your time and effort for that clip go to waste but it’ll be worth it in the end. It makes videos so much easier and more enjoyable to watch. Keep it short and sweet.  I remember we were also talking about how many talented boarders there are out there who get little to no credit. It’s kind of fucked up how many of these kids go unnoticed.  And it isn’t because of their riding, but because they aren’t going to events, emailing people, getting exposure, or whatever. It would be sick to see all the people who kill it on the dl have companies backing them.  I don’t know if that would “revamp” the industry, but it would change it.

RF: Sponsors and Shout outs?

 K : DWD, 32, Etnies, Stance, Dragon, Footyfiend, The Circle, Duh Bolts, Union and Howl.

Shoutouts to Jeff Keenan, Sean Genovese, David Birnie, Riley Goodwin, Jake Pollock, Casey Jones, Marcus Rand, Jon Martin, Alex Biel, Colter Heard, Jordan Macdonald, David Brocklebank, and the pile. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me! Luv all u kniccas

11 Super Consumer Weekend Deals for Snowboarders


Another celebration of consumerist culture is upon us and since we’re so conflicted between our desire to #optoutside and #shoplocal, we’ve decided to do neither and just score some sweet ass deals on the Internet.* Because the only thing better than spending money is saving it! To aid in your mission to lighten your wallet efficiently, we’ve compiled a list of some places you can save some cash on all your very necessary snowboarding accoutrements this weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 3.45.57 PM

  1. Stinky Socks is giving 30% off all crew collab socks with the promo code YOBEATFRIDAY. Suport Stinky’s commitment to crews such as Yawgoons, Gremlinz, Trash League, Ninja Squad and Strange Brew while getting a deal. Now what’s better than that?

2. While you may have missed your chance at a discounted season pass (consult with your local resort to make sure) but there are lift ticket deals a-plenty this weekend, such as 3 for 1 tickets to Timberline lodge starting Sunday night at Midnight for 24 hours.


3. Meanwhile, on you can score a free Mr. Fun with any snowboard purchase on Friday. As if snowboarding wasn’t fun enough already, this revolutionary device has fun in the name, and everything is even more fun when it’s free.

4. Want to bring Homeschool Outerwear into your home? Well, you can get it there with free shipping on everything to any home in the US!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 3.38.43 PM

5. If you thought Banshee Bungee was out of business it’s because they were, but the brand is back with new lengths to fill all your friend-flinging need. Right now you can save $50 on 15, 20 and 25 ft packages on their site.

6. Dinosaurs Will Die is posting a deal of the day on their Facebook all weekend long featuring shops that have deep discounts going on DWD snowboards, so hit them with a follow and don’t miss out.


7. Arbor is launching the Iguchi Pro Model, which isn’t actually on sale but for sale, and is really an investment in yourself. You can pick one up online or at select retailers.

8. This super consumer weekend is also your chance to Get 20% off any Yobeat Apparel  through Monday with the promo code BLACK15, including limited Too Hard hats, DVDS and brand new hip packs.

9. And it’s Whack Friday at get 10% off everything on the site now through Tuesday, December 1st at Midnight.


10. Who doesn’t love ugly sweaters? You’ll need one of these for all your holiday engagements, and you can score 20% off with the promo code CONSUME at

11. And finally there are deals-a-plenty at  Get 40% off total order on Black Friday (Code: Black Friday) , 25% Off Total Order on Sat and Sun (Code: Save 25), and 45% off Total Order for Cyber Monday (Code: Cyber 45).

*Don’t spend all your money online, because many deals can only be found at your local shop! And shops matter! And while you’re there, make an insta edit for your chance to win a board from the Interior Plain Project. 

Yobeat’s 12 Most Chill Board Graphics of 2016

12mostchillby Michael McKinney

It’s officially snowboard season somewhere, and all the cool kids have new boards, except you. Here at Yobeat we care, and want you to have the chillest board for this season. After endless hours of Internet board fapping, we came up with this list of the graphics sure to make up for your lack of ability on a snowboard.


Monument Momento Mori

#HailSatan, Christmas Critters everywhere will love this eco whip.

Outsiders 150

Capita – The Outsiders

Who doesn’t love crappy prison tats and sharpie graphics?


Spring Break Powder Pill 

Corey Smith said minimalist monochromatic stripes were cool.


Dinosaurs Will Die – Wizard Stick

It says the name on the bottom incase you forget the name. Thanks Geno!


Technine Bradshaw Snakebite

Beware of snakes.


Arbor Zygote Twin

I literally had the neighbor cat pick the favorite graphic and he nailed it.

1516-lib-Wittlake-800x800 copy

Lib Tech Wittlake FM

General rule of thumb with snowboards if Scotty Wittlake rides said board, then said board is surely good. This board is green.


Endeavor Early Release Run DMC

Just a group from Hollis,Queens , New York and a snowboard graphic. Is this real life?

1516-gnu-horror-business-detail copy

Gnu Horror Business

If Danny Kass could go back and ride this in Night of the Living Shred he probably would.

rome bridage

Rome Brigade

It’s a pile of wood. It’s artisan.


Nightmare- The Good Times Are Killing Us

Name pretty much says it all.


D-Day Deadlung Pro Model

What do Jesus, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus have in common? They’re all on Deadlung’s board graphic, high af.

Signal Yusaku

singalyusaku copy
Late addition Bonus graphic! Japanese art, inspired by America, and hand drawn by Yusaku’s bro Dayze.

Think Thank x DWD x Mt. Hood

Don’t cry over melted snow, it will be back and to remind you about how little of the stuff you actually need to have fun, here are a couple more summer edits from our friends at Dinosaurs Will Die and Think Thank in the final session of Summer 2015.

Ron Reviews the DWD Ben Bogart Pro Model


This summer I got the chance to ride the Dinosaurs Will Die Ben Bogart Pro Model. After about 40 days riding this deck in the park, slush and chunder of Timberline, this is my official review. Please note: I was riding the 2015/16 model, but all that has changed for 2016/17 is the graphic.


  • Flat Camber on this bad boy is beyond nice, almost too nice. I expected because it was flat that it would be like every flat board I’ve gotten the ominous experience to ride (cough Nitro/Burton cough), but this board was super soft, pressed well, and will have you locked and leaning on those rails.
  • Smashing through some slush was a delightful experience (Edge hold was 300)
  • Definite rail killer
  • Graphics for last years and this years are more than just above par they are tight.
  • Very durable to say the least; she took quite a beating and still is looking mighty pretty.


  • A little catchy when you first break it out the box
  • Kind of a bit wide for my foot, definitely made for someone with gorilla feet.
  • If the edge starts to break on the board fix it quickly! It may crack and snap in the center first and work its way out.

Final review: Not to many negatives about this board, it was generally an all-around machine. Powerful, edge holding, heavy popping, rail sliding monster.

MSRP: $489

Find a dealer

2015 Graphic

dwd5bdbogart_22016 Graphic