Corey Smith Solo Show in Portland


Corey Smith: A Smile is a Dream My Heart Makes

One Grand Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Corey Smith entitled A Smile is a Dream My Heart Makes, featuring both 2D and sculptural work. Please join us Friday, September 9th in celebration of the artist’s exhibition, at which he will be in attendance. A Smile is a Dream will be open through October 1st.

Corey Smith is a multi-media visual artist who currently resides between Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, and Portland, OR. He has been exhibiting his work in galleries throughout the US for over a decade. Smith has been featured in countless print magazines and online sources. Smith was born in San Francisco, California. In 2006, Smith graduated from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Corey Smith is a contemporary American painter, sculptor, photographer, professional snowboarder, and snowboard designer. Smith was the art director at COMUNE, curator and founder of their Drop City artist collective, and a contributing artist for CAPiTA Snowboards. In addition, Smith founded the snowboard company Spring Break Snowboards.

Smith grew up in the Pacific Northwest spending his time skateboarding which led to a professional snowboard career. With his creative skateboard influenced urban riding he was able to travel and snowboard around the world filming for several notable snowboard movies and appearing in every major international snowboard magazine. After a brief hiatus from the snowboarding world Smith emerged back onto the scene with his avant-garde handmade snowboard company playfully titled “Spring Break.” His experimental and future primitive snowboard design caught the attention of international snowboard media. Spring Break has been revered as one of the most culturally important movements in snowboarding.

Smith’s high-gloss, ultra-flat paintings capture the joys of plasticity and pre-fab environments, celebrity as the ultimate blank canvas, and the absurd hyperboles of modern leisure. But rather than repackage the manufactured world into an aestheticized form–a la post-Warholian Pop–Smith favors a post-Pop approach that brings into day-glo focus the dark vision at the corner of the spectator’s eye. The paintings find their subject in the tension between the works’ fatalistic undercurrents and the celebratory aura created by Smith’s use of bold color and bright-lined contour.

His sculptures and mixed media works develop some of these same themes, but rather than map plasticity onto flat canvas, Smith instead maps flatness onto plastic forms–whether by painting across arrays of commercially molded objects or by making use of the naturally deflective precision-cut panes of modern machinery.

In addition to his visual works Smith has also created an ongoing and evolving performance art piece in the form of a fictional religion called the “Church of Quantum Interconnectedness.” Founded in 2010, this faux new-age inspired religion is based on his sculptural piece called the “Mind Development Pyramid” a healing device in which participants are invited to interact with. They are given only one simple repetitive instruction “Let the Healing Begin.”

Smith’s photography develops some of the same themes as his sculpture and painting–surface, extremity–but abandons ironies for a more intimate perspective. Most of his subjects are close friends or lovers, and Smith documents them at points where excess bleeds either into empathy or its impossibility, and where the romance of abandon intersects with abandonment.

His works are a Death Valley realism, infused with both sunny Californian optimism and morbid premonition. This is awful, deeply wrong, utterly fantastical stuff–a distillation of a time, a place, and a generation that are always already beside themselves.

Refreshments will be provided: thank you to our generous sponsors, Sizzle Pie and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

For press and media inquiries, please contact [email protected].

1000 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97214
Gallery Hours:
Wednesday to Saturday

Hump Day has an Epiphany with Corey Smith


Photo: Alice Davis

He doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t own a television. He bangs models, looks like a rockstar, exhibits his paintings over the world, rides more powder than you on boards he makes himself, and still finds time in the afternoon to pound a 6 pack of Pabst, hang at the lake and paint a fucking Van Gogh that night. Corey Smith is a god damn renaissance man. He’s living the dream with trusty aide and mentor, Marcel Duchamp the greyhound, by his side deep in Tahoe paradise and is redefining the defined in a sport where you’re considered washed by your late 20s. The man, the myth, the legend – rejuvenated by a winter in the magical waters of Lake Tahoe, we caught up with Corey Smith to find out what our favorite maniacal mid-30-something shred head has been up to. Breathe deep. Take a shit in the woods. Laugh a lot and ride waist deep blower pow with your friends. Corey shares his secrets, so listen up.

You grew up in Portland. How did you pop your snowboarding cherry?

I grew up skating and it was just what you did in the winter. There weren’t indoor skate parks like now. It was just an extension of skating. My first board was the Noah Salasnek “Nub” 152cm with the skateboard graphic.

In the depths of the dank, musty Pacific Northwest, who influenced your style and riding the most in your formative years?

It’s hard to say, there were all the big pros like Jamie Lynn and Peter Line who I obviously looked up to. But there were also so many local Mt. Hood guys like Mike Estes, Kurby Phelps, Matt Donahue, Ahmon Stamps, Chris Coyle, Gabe Lynn, Josh King, Marty Shepard, Jason Hutchins, Tomi Tominen, Kharma Vella, guys like that. Seeing them ride stoked me the most. Mike Estes was the first guy I ever saw back lip a rail and it was wood too. Such a badass.

Would you rather: bang models or do this? Photo: Alice Davis

You moved away from Los Angeles last fall after a half-decade stretch. What attracted you back to the woods and what has your rebirth of Sierra Surfing taught you?

I was just so over snowboarding, all the bros and the whole rat race of trying to film video parts. It just really killed the love for me and I wanted to check out living in the city. I had just graduated college and I wanted to pursue my art career. Long story short I had too much fun in LA and lost my mind. I got caught up in the whole LA thing, making money, partying, and all that superficial shit that does not matter in the grand scheme of things. LA is probably one of the most fucked up and exciting places you can live. It’s the belly of the beast. I had to just drop out and get back to what had shaped my life for so long – snowboarding. Now I enjoy snowboarding more than anything especially with the whole Spring Break project. It’s really opened my eyes as to what snowboarding is all about. When I was younger snowboarding was all about tricks, filming, and getting gnarly. I was missing about 90% of what snowboarding really is.

For such a low tide season in Tahoe, you seemed to be getting after it like you haven’t in years. Was this season a redefining moment of tropical turns?

Well this was the first season in 5 years that I actually had a season pass. So yeah I rode my ass off as much as possible. I was also able to refine so many of my SB shapes and test them out in Tahoe, which was amazing. I actually feel like I have my snowboarding legs under me again.

This one’s more of an oozer than a blower. Photo Kevin Castanheira

Why Tahoe after all these years?

Tahoe is the most amazing place to live and snowboard. So many of my snowboarding heroes come out of here. I used to always come to Tahoe in the winter to film with the Neoproto crew so I kinda know my way around. I have a bunch of homies up here and Eric Messier is the snow surfing guru, so he’s always inspiring. His Warp Wave project is one of the most creative things in snowboarding right now. I’m hoping to find a home here and stay permanently. I can easily travel to LA for art shows and the NW to visit family and friends. Tahoe needs a unified snowboarding scene. It’s kinda all over the place, with hardcore freeride dudes, juggalos, and park rats. I think the scene is so all over the place because so few people are actually from here. Tahoe snowboard scene needs to unite! Haha!

What lead to you make handmade wooden snowboards in a garage that looks more like surfboards? What was your breakthrough, your epiphany? This shit is pretty damn normal in surfing, but “new” to the snowboard world of mainly mass production from European and Chinese factories.

It just started as an experiment and an art project. I just wanted to try some unique shapes. Every brand seemed to be pumping out the same shapes for so long. It was just boring. I also really wanted to ride powder. Now almost three years later, I’ll never ride a normal board in powder again! I think it’s important to think of snowboards as less of a disposable object. A real snowboard made by a real snowboard brand will have a story behind it. Pro models seem to be lost and boards just seem to be vapid pieces of wood plastic with no soul. That needs to change… Snowboarders need to buy snowboards from real snowboard brands in order for the soul of snowboarding to survive. If you’re not riding a board made by a rider owned and operated brand you’re riding a piece of shit. I don’t care if you got it for free. End of story.

Made by underpaid domestic labor.

They are slightly available, yet sold out on your website and you can’t ride them unless people know you. Is there a Spring Break business model or plan for the future? Are you guys planning to take out Burton and Lib? Where the fuck can a regular shred joe get his hands on these fine specimens of a snowboard?

Well, I keep making boards and then we just end up riding them because they’re so damn fun haha! I sell a few here and there but selling snowboards isn’t really the point. The point is to progress and experiment with snowboard shapes as an art form not a commodity. It’s more of a cultural movement in snowboarding than a brand. The Salt Lake City Snowboard Museum recently acquired my original quiver of Spring Break boards, which was really great. We sell soft goods off out site We’re working on some pretty cool collaborations with some companies for 2014. Top Secret stuff. I’ll be building boards all summer so we’ll have a good offering of limited signed and numbered boards available Fall 2013.

The Spring Break vision mantra states that you want to, “ Find grace in simply turning and re-explore the mountain from an entirely different perspective.” Could you elaborate on this?

Well like I said earlier, snowboarding isn’t just about tricks and getting gnarly it’s about deconstructing snowboarding to it’s simplest purest form. Not just focusing on freestyle. If that’s all you’re focusing on in snowboarding you’re seriously missing out on what snowboarding really is about. Snowboarding is about living a life dedicated to a passion that you get to share with other like-minded humans and enjoying every moment of it. It’s about driving to the mountain and listening to good tunes, cutting-off your buddy and slashing him with powder, spending time with your best friends, hiking in waist deep powder, and shitting in the woods. Snowboarding is about sleeping in your car and waking up at the asscrack of dawn to ride and working some shitty job so you can scrape your last pennies together to get that season pass. It’s about the entire snowboarding experience, the big picture. There’s nothing better than having the privilege to live that lifestyle.

Snowboards, art, or something inbetween?

Graphically, you’ve been one of the most influential snowboard graphic makers over the last decade. Artistically, where do you pull from and what do you think you bring to snowboarding?

Thanks for the kind words. Almost all of my graphics come from my personal artwork and photography. Humor plays a big part in everything I do so I hope that transcends into my graphics. I always strive to make a compelling graphic that will be make people smile and be stoked! CAPiTA is always super cool to try new things and push the envelope with their graphics. Ephram and Blue know what’s up.

What’s the key to getting hot women to pose sans clothes for beautiful photography? Do we need Sean Lennon, a grotto in the desert and lots of powders to accomplish this?

I think living in LA you inevitably end up becoming friends with tons of beautiful women. Everyone seems to be a model or actress so it’s not really too difficult to find cool attractive people to work with. Partying usually helps loosen up the mood but usually everyone’s pretty professional.

We’d say this reminds us of the gold old days, but the current days are pretty good too. Photo: Robbie Sell

Your “career” in snowboarding has transcended your days as a pro – you’ve done art and photograph for CAPiTA for years, painted, sculpted, art shows, made films, snowboard designer and now board company owner. Are you happy with where you are now and what’s it like to be a snowboard renaissance man? I know you probably hate that statement, but it’s factually true.

I couldn’t be happier to be where I’m at. I hope the best times are yet to come. Everyday I’m on a snowboard is the best day of my life!

Is there simplicity and beauty in hand shaping boards, hiking and riding powder that you can’t just get in a resort park or on a sketchy, big urban drop?

I think it’s just different. When you’re not filming or getting gnarly you can leave your ego behind and it becomes so much more of a beautiful experience. I think when you are riding a hand shaped board as opposed to riding a high performance board mass produced board the simple act of just riding it is challenging. Getting used to a unique shape and making it work and turn how you want it to. You have to adjust your physical and mental outlook to accommodate the snowboard. I still love to ride park too don’t get me wrong. I love it all haha!

Your dog Marcel features prominently in your work lately. What kind of dog is Marcel and share an interesting story with us about Marcel that he might be angry or embarrassed about. He’s a good looking dude.

Marcel Duchamp is a Greyhound. He’s the most bizarre dog I’ve ever had. He’s like a man in a fur suit. He goes with me everywhere and chills. He’s a great pal.

Pretty sure Corey picked this board to match this line. He’s artsy like that.

What is Corey Smiths’ spirit animal?

Marcel is probably my spirit animal because he’s so chill.

Best memory from this season?

Probably our trip to Mt. Baker featured in the new WARP WAVE edit. We had a blast. Blue Montgomery took us out on his sailboat around the Puget Sound. Also every time I rode Squaw with my good bud Ryan Fagan was all time.

Look into your crystal ball. Where is snowboarding headed, or you hope it’s headed?

I hope snowboarding is headed towards a more soulful sustainable future focused on the lifestyle of snowboarding and rider owned and operated brands. I hope snowboarding and snowboard media start to focus more on the history and the founders that shaped snowboarding into what it is today. It’s sad when Vice covers the history of snowboarding better than most snowboarding media. I hope the aerial acrobatic corporate energy drink, Navy sponsored contest realm isn’t the future of snowboarding. That would just be sad.

Look into your crystal ball again. Where are you headed?

I just want to live a life of creative freedom and the ability to snowboard as much as possible as long as I can. That’s the dream.

Who still gives you rad shit?

CAPiTA, Union, Coal, 32, Rhythm, SABRE, DA KINE, Owner Operator, and of course I give myself rad shit from Spring Break Snowboards!

The Spring Break Snowboards Pop Up Show

Despite a false alarm on Facebook that the Spring Break Art Show was cancelled, the heads of the snowboard world gathered in the lobby of the Grand Sierra Hotel on November 9th for a pop up art show featuring the abstract snowboard art by Corey Smith, as well as photography by Spring Break contributors Alex Mertz, Kealan Shilling and more. After a long day of slashing pow, the beers went down easy and the art looked pretty neat.

The men behind the magic — Alex Mertz, Kealan Shilling, Corey Smith and Marcel du Champ.

This was taken during set up. It got more hopping, trust us.

If we hadn’t spent all day getting barreled by pow at Mammoth, some of these photos may have been a little annoying to look at. As it was, the powder fever was alive and well.

Ben Rice was rocking a very special, one-of-a-kind Spring Break shirt, and Doug Olsen was wearing the same bathrobe as everyone else in the Transworld suite. Awkward.

Did you hear about Burton’s new Muppets snowboards? This is basically like that.

There was a scheduled showing of the Spring Break movie, but the projector never showed up. So it’s on the laptop in the foreground and Andrew Brewer, Josh Parker and Tim Eddy are staying warm by the fire rather than watching it.

The Dump Em Out coozies were the must-have accessory of the evening.

Cale Zima has his.

And even Robbie Sell was representing.

Corey Smith and Marcel du Champ show off their boards, and their guns.

They let these two bitter old dudes come. DC’s Dave Appel and TWS Super Contrib Joel Muzzey.

It’s not a party unless Steven Duke shows up. So obviously that happened.

Oh woah, this must be where they got the idea for the coozies!

Art appreciation.

Gray Thompson and Maxwell Carl Scott were mostly there for the art, but also enjoyed the company.

Art enthusiast Timothy Eddy.

Transworld’s hotel room was right upstairs from the show. After drinking their vodka, it seemed like the least I could do was take a picture of Hondo and John Poulin and put it on the site.

And actually, we all got along. Yobeat Managing editor Justin Leveille and TWS Associate Editor John Poulin share a moment.

But enough about us. Here are some more snowboards!

Corey showed off some of the latest tech from Spring Break Snowboards — the 7-swallow tail.

Things got a little weird when the singalong started, so it was pretty much time to go get some food.

But don’t worry. The Paparazzi was out. There will be plenty more pictures to come.

Spring Break Snowboards x Mammoth Opening Day

COMUNE and Spring Break Snowboards would like to invite you to Mammoth Mountain November 9th where COMUNE Art Director Corey Smith will be hosting a Spring Break Snowboards pop up art show. Featuring primitive abstract powder snowboards, photography from Spring Break contributors and original artwork. Musical performance by Luke MacMaster of The Romany Rye, and plenty of on snow fun to kick off California’s first day of shredding this season.

We here at COMUNE sincerely hope to see you for opening weekend to help support music, art and snowboarding.

Spring Break Snowboards’ Chile Trip

Spring Break Snowboards wrapped up an epic Chilean adventure and there are lots of pictures over on the COMUNE site for your to live vicariously through. Click on over and check em all out.

Friday Funday #2

Man the mid 2000s ruled. A retard was running the country, a war or two were happening on the other side of the world and an economic collapse was on the horizon, but so what. We were too busy having fun to care, and many of us weren’t old enough to vote anyway. For us, this was an era of change, revolution and reinvention. Snowboard movies began to stray form the standard trick porn format and take a more in-depth look at the lives of our favorite pros. Little documentary projects popped up left and right like Airblaster’s “December” and Blank Paper Studio’s “91 Words for Snow” and Kids Know made snowboarding badass again. By the way, in case you don’t know or forgot, David Benedek did the first double cork in a halfpipe in “91 Words for Snow.”

Snowboarders themselves started to shape a new image of snowboarding. A jean and sweater party burst out onto the scene and Corey Smith showed the world that there was more to do than contests and big stupid jumps. His part in NeoProto should be considered a classic. Enjoy.

Love/Hate defined a generation. From Mikey’s mind a revolution was born. If I could I would just loop Love/Hate instead of writing this story, but Darrell Mathes and Justin Hebbel’s parts can’t be found on the interwebs. *Look for the back 180 in this part.

From Technine to the gangsta’ kid in the hipster movies, Justin Bennee has proven he rules. You know who else rules, Matty Ryan. These two paired up to create one of the best shared parts ever, and it didn’t hurt that the song made white kids (snowboarders) look cool when stopped in traffic. *Bennee broke his face filming this part, literally. But managed to keep filming and get one of the best 270s ever on film.

People was the awkward love child we were left with after NeoProto and Mack Dawg combined forces. I know this isn’t going to set well with anyone, but serioulsy, Mack Dawg is such a dumb name. Anyway, although I didn’t really love where People ended up, I rank Nima’s part from “We’re People Too” as one of the most progressive and re-watchable parts of the era.

Andy Forgash might not have been all that great at snowboarding, but he did provide us with a clip or two from Scotty Wittlake each year. Either way, here’s more from Love/Hate so be super happy and enjoy the shit out of this mess of a video part.

After the old Technine team got too famous to spend all their time filming for FODT they would basically just hand over a large portion of shitty B-roll and call it good. Luckily for you most of the B-roll in this section of Moment of Truth is from Love/Hate. Check out some random stuff from Hebbel, Darrell, Kooley and MFM.

Summer Relief 2012 Vol 1

Let’s face facts, it’s not snowing anytime soon and most of you won’t be snowboarding for months. Now for the bright side, it’s Summer and you’re free to do as you please. Unfortunately, we know how easily boredom creeps into the internet generation, so as your best friends on Earth, we’ve come up with a handy weekly guide to keep you less bored, more entertained and not so hung up on the lack of snow. Because seriously, it’s Summer and it’s time to have some fun.

Instafix: Bored? Of course you are, you’re already on the internet. Anyway, here’s your weekly instafix for boredom– How do you play? Easy, explode Kanye West’s head while bits of “Paris” repeat themselves. Lose, and Hova steps in to let you know you suck. Super simple, super addicting, super great time killer. Enjoy it at, and don’t forget to do something productive today.

Quick Relief: Sound of My Voice

Movies are the best relief from potential Summer meltdown. This week we recommend you see Sound of My Voice. It’s got creepy cults, sci-fi elements, hot chicks and probably some sweet violence. Plus, it’s all about investigative journalism (aka spying) and will inspire you to create an intrusive blog that will make you famous one day. As a bonus, check out the first 12 minutes of the movie on their site:

Day Trip: K-Holes HZR 084

Once upon a time people actually went to music stores to buy albums, tapes and CDs. Actually owning the music in your computer is an awesome feeling and girls think you’re cool when you have a stack of music to look through. So, head to a record store and start searching for the K-Holes. It’s the Black Lips with a little more rock and a lot less fame. Seeing as you’ll be cutting your edit all Summer anyway, it won’t hurt to have some fresh music to go along with it. Check out the band’s site HERE or HERE.

Summer Project: Falling Whistles 

Want to feel good about yourself and have something to talk about all Summer? Then take up a cause that may or may not do anything for anyone. After that Kony 2012 guy decided to beat his meat in public I think his cause got pushed to the side, but; Falling Whistles helps save kids  (younger than you) who would normally just get their faces blown to shit or their heads cut off in the Congo. The site has some really cool content, a hopefully great charity, sweet whistles and a cause for you to get behind. Check it out because it’s awesome, do something if you want to. Falling Whistles.

Get off your Ass: COMUNE’S Run to the River

Sad about the lack of snow? Bored of your local area? Tired of the people, places and things you’re stuck interacting with? Then pick your shit up and head for the horizon. COMUNE’S crew, friends and hot lady counterparts did just that a few weekends ago. They’ve got some great content about it on their site, and the above video to inspire you. The end of the Earth is the limit, and whether you just want to find a riverside rope swing or make it to Mt. Hood, it’s Summer and  you can.

A Quickie with Corey Smith: The Spring Break Collab

We’re gonna try a new ploy to get you to buy stuff from our store. It’s a limited artist series! Creative, right? Whether you think so or not, the shirts will feature people and artists we like and be available for one month only. For November, we recruited COMUNE Art Director and big time ex-pro boarderCorey Smith, who requested his art on a baseball T. Since it was his vision, we said, sure! Everyone of these shirts is handprinted on American Apparel 3/4 sleeve shirts in Portland, OR and features the Spring Break Snowboard’s mascot “Booze Buddy” along with a woven Yobeat tag. All of this for a mere $25! But don’t wait, as soon as it’s not November anymore, these will be gone and you’ll have blown it.


In case you’re not convinced, here’s a quick Q & A with Corey about the project.

1. Give everyone a brief history on why you matter please.

What kind of question is that? I don’t know, I’m a creative human that seeks happiness and productivity.

2. What was your favorite aspect of snowboarding?

I still snowboard man, there’s no “was.” I don’t know, I dig it all.

3. Favorite all-time board graphic?

That’s a hard one, Maybe Tyler Lepore’s first “Totally Awesome” CAPiTA board. I really like that one. Also Wittlake’s M3 with the collage of all the homies on it.

Photo courtesy

4. How has your art career advanced since retiring?

It’s going killer Nick, you should come O.D. in my pool sometime.

5. What’s Spring Break snowboards all about?

They’re handmade abstract, primitive, powder specific snowboards. We call them Party Boards, It’s a little project I started with some friends. Its pretty much a big art project and social experiment within snowboarding. It’s probably the funnest shit I’ve done in snowboarding. SPRING BREAK NO PARENTZ NO RULZ!

6. What are you most excited about these days?

I’m looking forward to being in the mountains as much as possible this winter and snowboarding my ass off. Snowboarding with friends and enjoying life excites me. I’m hoping to travel as much as possible and ride some of my new snowboard creations.

7. How is COMUNE doing since the management drama?

110% better than ever. I love being in downtown LA. The new COMUNE office and studio is so perfect for the brand. Its hands down the most creatively and culturally inspiring place I’ve lived since I moved to Southern California.

Photo courtesy

8. Why did you say yes when we asked you to do a shirt?

I have a weak ego so when anyone asks me to do anything that will garner more notoriety I can’t help but accept.

9. What’s up with the graphic?

The graphic is “Booze Buddy” he’s the Spring Break mascot. He’s got a few friends that are into bad shit, but he’s cool. He’s loosely based on Stephan Duke. Booze buddy likes to party but he always has fun and never gets caught up.

10. What’s the coolest way the world could end in 2012?

The world is not ending in 2012. But if it did, I’d like to see gravity reverse and we all just fly up into the atmosphere in a big ball of debris.

You can check out the whole Spring Break snowboards line, and get your own at If you somehow missed it, be sure to read Corey’s Hump Day interview and oh yeah, go buy a shirt!

ps. If you “like” us on facebook, there is a code for 20% off.

Be a Better You This Thursday

AR4T Gallery is proud to present a vocal and poignant solo show from Los Angeles based artist Corey Smith. Turning his focus from celebrity obsession and obsolete dreams to the unnamed citizen, Smith exposes the soft underbelly of Americana without losing the gloss.

Inspired by get-rich-quick schemes, exercise equipment, absurdity of extreme sports, weight-loss plans, and modern strategies for success and happiness, this collection exhibits Smith’s signature clean and minimalist techniques. Included are twelve new paintings, the revolutionary life changing healing device Personal Pyramids, and video installation “Digital Detritus”. Become a Better You.

Please join us for Corey Smith’s Artist Reception & 1st Thursday Art Walk

When: This Thursday November 3rd, from 7 to 10pm.
Who: Free and open to the public
Where: 210 North Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Best parking is on Cliff Drive behind the gallery.
Email: [email protected]

BECOME A BETTER YOU with Corey Smith Nov 3

AR4T Gallery is proud to present a vocal and poignant solo show from Los Angeles based artist Corey Smith. Turning his focus from celebrity obsession and obsolete dreams to the unnamed citizen, Smith exposes the soft underbelly of Americana without losing the gloss.

Inspired by get-rich-quick schemes, exercise equipment, absurdity of extreme sports, weight-loss plans, and modern strategies for success and happiness, this collection exhibits Smith’s signature clean and minimalist techniques. “My work is about sharing,” he said last month while preparing the all-new works, which will be showcased all month. “I have a lot of ideas and I need to manifest them as immediately as possible, life is short.”

“BECOME A BETTER YOU” runs November 3rd through November 27th at AR4T GALLERY, 210 North Coast Hwy. (between Broadway and Cliff), Laguna Beach, CA. Opening reception on Thursday November 2nd from 7 to 10pm, is free and open to the public. Parking Meters free after 7pm. Works are for sale. Winter gallery hours: Wed-Sat 3 to 8pm.


A revolutionary life changing healing device By Corey Smith, the Personal Pyramid is a personal healing oasis for your head. This new
product will be on display and available for demo the night of the
opening, Nov. 3, 2011.

– Works with all religions
– Relieves stress
– Great for corporate nap time
– Patented triangle healing energy vortex
– Great for camping and recreation
– Neutralizes any aggressive situation
– Great for children, the elderly, and pets
– Makes dreams come true
– Speak to any deity and dead relatives
– Slows time
– Prevents lines, wrinkles, and hair loss
– Improves IQ
– Scientifically Tested
– Guaranteed results

Comune Welcomes Artist Bryan Schnelle

Press Release:

COMUNE/Drop City welcomes artist Bryan Schnelle to our exciting new roster of artists.

I’ve been a fan of Bryan Schnelle’s work since I read his interview on last April. I was immediately drawn to his vision. When I see work I really like I get that overwhelming feeling of excitment, inspiration, and then the thought of “why the fuck didn’t I think of that” slaps me in the face. His work is a brilliant commentary on contemporary society. Bryan uses subtle humor to defuse overtly in-your-face political and sociological agendas. His work says, yes the world is fucked up and sick, our priorities are out of wack, our resources are misappropriated, the world is ruined by greed, but ya know what? fuck it? If you don’t understand the value of human life and the fragility of existence then maybe you are evil, maybe you are one of the faces behind Bryan’s masks staring vacantly at the world as you remain willfully ignorant. Bryan’s work is typically mixed media collage. He often works with the most minimalist of supplies including sharpies, white-out, x-acto knife, and pages from magazines.

“I still use paint when I need to, but with the kind of ideas I’m exploring it seems a lot more honest and direct to use the very images that we’re bombarded with daily as drawing/painting tools, the very things that are telling us what’s normal and not normal, what’s beautiful and not beautiful, what’s desirable and not desirable, what life is supposed to be. A kind of amalgamation of form and content.”

Bryon lives in Downtown Los Angeles right around the corner from the new COMUNE office. He is currently working on a large scale piece that should be done by the end of the year. The project will be made from 743 pages from various magazines and will be about 412 square feet in size. Bryon describes the piece as “Definitely my most ambitious project to date”. We’re excited to work with Bryan on projects and shows in the future. — Corey Smith

Bryan Schnelle was born and raised in southern California. His work is a reaction to and assessment of the values and ideals of the false world that capitalism and consumer culture has created. Pulling directly from the source, he appropriates imagery from gossip, fashion, pop culture, and current events magazines to “include some element of reality”. By lifting the veil on what our society deems valuable and markets as important, he exposes the abysmal nothingness just beneath the surface. Bryan currently lives and works in Los Angeles. He has exhibited both locally and nationwide.

See more at:

S.A.D. (The Decline)
Permanent marker on paper and enamel on canvas
72×72 inches

Spring Break Summer Vacation

If you are one of the COMUNE haters who got so made about the teaser last week, this may not be the best day to check this site. (Pretty sure some of you vowed not to come back anyway.) If you like things that are creative and interesting though, you’ll be stoked. Anyway, this summer Corey Smith headed up to his home town of Portland Oregon along with filmer Kevin Castanheira and friends. The laughed, they cried, they partied, they spent too much money at Sassy’s, and they built some handmade primitive wooden snowboards.

They headed up to the slushy slopes of Mt. Hood. They dodged the crowds and slashed it up on wooden edgeless snowboards. Fun, buds, and suds, equals Spring Break duh?

A Simple Guide to Finding Fame, Getting Cool & More

Trends come and go. The “cool guy” of the winter changes almost annually. The hard-partying wild man we loved in last years video is now the washed-up, where-is-he-now, scruffy dude at AA. So how do you stay cool and famous forever? How do you become a darling of the underground. Easy — do cool stuff that other people are too lazy to do.  The following folks have found the fountain of fame, so just do what cool people do and bite their shit until it works out for you.

Minutes before a riot broke out and DJ Matty Mo leap even closer to infamy.

Become a DJ:

Sure he’s a talented snowboarder and great guy to be around, but until Matty Mo became synonymous with dance party, his life was on the fingers-crossed path. After a big break from Cory “Wiener Man” Grove, Mr. Mo’s DJ nights became the ass-shaking designer drug of Government Camp. His next moves, making more asses shake, have kept him afloat for years now. With famed events under his belt like the Bonfire Pipe to Pipe and last year’s infamously out of control VideoGrass Premiere, it looks like being a DJ is a sure-fired way to get free shit, not quit snowboarding and still be cooler than 95% of the other guys.

Become a Famous Artist:

It worked for Ed Templeton, Corey Smith and a bunch of other guys, so why not you? Just look at Mr. Smith now. Living the dream in sunny So Cal. Hanging out with hot babes. Tattooing people with whatever he pleases. Riding powder when he wants and making art that not only sells, but has landed him a job at COMUNE to do what? More art. Obviously this is a great sign for you. So pick up a paintbrush and learn how to use it for access to hot babes, cool jobs and a lifetime supply of spotlight.

Fashion Designer:

Can we cut the shit for a second? Can we just agree that Ashbury and Oakley didn’t revolutionize the sunglass game? That Volcom, Analog and whatever new plaid shirt maker didn’t re-invent the needle and thread? Because that’s not what a fashion designer does. I’m talking about making shit that exists cooler, cheaper or somehow addictive enough to become cool. Look at Ashbury. They said, “We’re cool and you can be too.” And you did, a whole hell of a lot of you did. At the same time Oakley said, “Here, pay upwards of 120 bucks for some shades that cost like a buck.” And good god did you ever. But, we’re not idiots, we’re consumers and they did a bang-up job at selling us on an idea. So grab a sewing machine, a bunch of cheap fabric and a laptop. Sew, cut and make a cool logo. After you go broke handing out free shit to friends, you might be 1/100th of the way to making it out of the red, but in the mean time, all the dudes will think you’re cool.

Famous girl? Check. Weird gear? Check. Makes stuff like cash and music? Check.

Dress Weird and Make Stuff:

Every snowboarder dresses weird. There is honestly no on-hill outfit that could be considered normal by any stretch of the imagination. And don’t kid yourself, we all look stupid off-hill as well. But, you can make this work. Just look at Trevor “Trouble” Andrew. He wears multiple eras of weirdness at once, makes music that old people call racket and may or may not be making skateboards eerily similar to But it works. It landed him a famous girlfriend, a life of partying and prospering in Brooklyn and contract extensions left and right. So go tear up your sisters closet, the local thrift shop and start making some fucking racket.



Free Tats from Corey Smith

The only thing more prevalent than one-footers this summer at Hood has gotta be stick-and-poke tattoos (among the the “adults” not the campers, don’t worry moms.) One of the most noted stick-and-poke tattoo artists in snowboarding, Corey Smith, posted a pretty cool blog about his own homemade tattooing obsession on the Comune site, along with the above list of all the tattoos he offers. If you wanna be cool, you better get yourself one so click on over and check the whole post.


COMUNE X TAHOE Usher in Spring after Blizzard

The super storms that blanketed Tahoe have finally let up, leaving behind sun shine, warm Spring weather and yep, tons of snow. If you live in Tahoe right now you’re in for one of the best Springs of your life. Tons of snow, great weather and hopefully you have friends. Anyway, your favorite problem children from COMUNE recently embarked on a daylong picnic session. They built stuff, they had fun, they ate a lot and the video turned out great. Here’s to the start of Spring.

For pictures and more from this epic day CLICK HERE.