Best Week Ever: March 27, 2009

“It’s always so much better when your week isn’t you sitting around smoking weed and watching Tyra.”

-We go downtown to these fashion shows for some sort of LA fashion week. I get a press pass and am issued into a line with other press types. We are set to go into the show first for our prime seating. I whine to Olivia, “I don’t want to sit with Press. Those people are so boring.”

-According to Olivia people stare at me everywhere I go. I am just rarely paying enough attention to notice. I turn to Erika and Olivia one afternoon at the Beverly Center, “Why is everyone staring at me?” I continue, “Is it because I’m wearing the same outfit as yesterday?”

-While at the mall, I remark to Erika and Olivia that I enjoy seeing unattractive pregnant ladies. I add that I especially like seeing unattractive pregnant ladies with hot dudes. Both of them stare blankly at me, waiting for more. I add, “It’s like someone had sex with you! There is hope for me!” Olivia rolls her eyes, “Sarah, someone had sex with you yesterday.”

-We leave Thursday afternoon for our road-trip to SXSW. One of the girls  in the car remarks that she likes the hoodie I am wearing. I explain that one time at the Missbehave office, someone had asked me what was on said sweatshirt. I in turn had told them it was penguins. Hayley pauses for a second and then inquires, “Wait, what it actually on it?” I shrug, “Sunglasses.”

-During the car ride, Hayley starts explaining her thoughts on the drug debacle down at the Mexican border. She details some outrageous incident where she witnessed a group of vegans doing a bunch of coke. She remarks that they seemed to care about the lives of animals,  but not those of the Mexican children lost to get them their cocaine. I nod my head, “Every time I am about to do a line I pause for a second and say “I’m Sorry Juan. RIP little man!”

-I fall asleep in the car.  Upon beginning to fall asleep I had begun a playlist of fun things for the car’s inhabitants to enjoy. Upon waking up Birdy asks, “Who is the guy talking? Is he some kind of preacher?” Still half asleep I tune my ears into what is on and remark, “Sort of, it’s David Sedaris.”

-I am explaining the varied sources of my income to the girls in the car. I go through the list of freelance gigs and whatnot. I begin to explain the music blog I write for. I am interrupted by Birdy, “I thought you don’t listen to music?” I quickly reply, “Oh, it’s just electronic music. It doesn’t count.”

-I run into my infamous ex-boyfriend Mike down in Texas. He inquires about my diet and why exactly I am dieting. I explain, “I gained a ridiculous amount of weight while I was living in New York.” He asked how. I blame it on take-out and weed. I then add, “I think my mindset was sort of like I am a writer now no one can see me!”

-Mike is at SXSW with Adidas. They are showcasing shoes and doing video interviews with musicians and celebrity types. They interview me on Social Networking and New Media type stuff. After the interview is completed, Mike remarks, “You are very well spoken on camera.” I thank him. He then continues, “It’s weird cause when you talk it’s like blah blah blah I am Sarah Morrison.”

-One of the boys working the Adidas thing is wearing those Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers that I have been trying to make mine to no avail. I simply turn to him and ask if I can have his shoes. He looks down at his feet, then at me, and remarks, “I don’t think they would fit you.” I get kind of bummed. Mike sort of baffled by the conversation he just witnessed goes, “I like that he didn’t say no.”

-My phone is about to die. I inform Mike that I am trying to locate a charger. I add, “I am tying to find Steve. He has got to be DJing somewhere with a phone charger.” He quickly replies, “He DJs with a phone charger?”

-There is a girl in a cute little 90s super tight mini-dress at the Mad Decent/Iheartcomix festivities Saturday night.  I go up to her and tell her how much I like it. She says to me, “All night, people has been telling me I am like Kelly Bundy or Kelly Kapowski!” I think for a moment, “Those are two very different people.”

-We end up hanging out with a drunk band one evening. Some band member annoyingly motions to us girls and yells, “Everyone on Joeys lap for a photo!” Joey slides his chair back waiting for us to jump on said opportunity. Jessica remarks at an equal decibel, “No one on Joey’s lap! How about a photo of Joey by himself!” Joey seems just as excited as the flash goes off.

-I am outside some bar with my Macbook trying to return emails since my Blackberry is dead.  Everyone who I  presumed was inside at the table where I had left my purse, appear on the sidewalk.  But I am quickly reassured someone is still sitting at the table inside. I add, “Ok good. I am more concerned about my Chloe bag than this one with my Macbook in it.”

-Brooke informs me that she is glad I decided to go to SXSW. She says she is excited to read this week’s Best Week Ever. She adds, “It’s always so much better when your week isn’t you sitting around smoking weed and watching Tyra.”

Hump Day with Ben Rice


Ben Rice, a mellow fellow.                                                          Photo: Carey Haider

The first time I met Ben Rice was in a Portland loft party. The guy had a lot of swagger and looked like a young Keith Richards. Slinking around the party in some worn out gear drink in hand Ben made an impression. After some tough times, most of which he created, he’s focused and ready to blow minds. Skaters get over addictions to become better than they ever were, maybe Ben Rice can be that guy for snowboarding.

Yobeat: Ben, what’s going on?

Ben: Well, I haven’t slept in 24 hours, I missed my flight home, I just got wasted at the airport bar, and I have been drinking since. Now I’m gonna’ try and get someone to tattoo “pray for me” on my chest.

Yobeat: How much damage did you do at the airport?

Ben: Um, four tall cans and two Bloody Mary’s at the airport for $9 a piece. It’s the evening, it’s cool.

Yobeat: Where are you stuck?

Ben: Salt Lake City, Utah.

Yobeat: Are you headed home?

Ben: Yeah, North Lake Tahoe, on a couch.

Yobeat: Why are you in Utah?

Ben: Well I met my girl friend in Vegas for the (SIA) trade show and then went back to Salt Lake with her to film with Team Thunder productions and Bozwreck. Then she broke up with me, so I have had a pretty weird trip.


Hold those eyes open…

Yobeat: At first glance I wouldn’t guess you are a snowboarder, how did you begin riding?

Ben: When I started, a long time ago, it was like the bad kid thing to do and I wanted to rebel against all the dorks who slapped gates.

Yobeat: When was a long time ago?

Ben: Like, 93 or 94, I lost count a while ago.

Yobeat: You’re a young man though, right?

Ben: Currently 22, but at 12 p.m. I will be 23. Kind of sucks, I’m getting old.

Yobeat: Tomorrow is your birthday?

Ben: Yep, kinda a shitty b-day missing my flight today and having to fly tomorrow. Maybe I will get lucky and my flight will go down and just do me in.


Night time nosepick.

Yobeat: Let’s shake things up. How do you feel about drugs?

Ben: Do them, and try not to pay for them.

Yobeat: Drug of choice?

Ben: Right now I would have to say blow, the junk would just wreck me right now, not mentally stable. What’s yours?

Yobeat: I’d say Cigarettes and Fire Water. What is the worst thing that’s ever happened to you while buying junk?

Ben: Gave the guy $200 and he never came back.

Yobeat: How about blow?

Ben: Guy got raided right after I left. I ain’t no rat if that’s what your thinking.

Yobeat: Any blow inspired madness in your life?

Ben: Of course, last night I scored some blow. Partied all night and missed my flight. I’ve also been pulled over with an 8-ball in the car and the cop let us go with out searching us. We were all wasted and had the main coke dealer in Incline (Village) in the car. Homie ended up getting busted and hand cuffed and ran to Cali(fornia) to hide out for a bit. He got caught again.

Yobeat: How do you get snowboarding done with all this madness?

Ben: It makes me want to snowboard the next day, so I don’t feel like such a piece of shit. If I get something done and it’s cool I am way more stoked to know I had such a good time the night before than those guys who go to bed at eight and wake up at seven, strategically planning their day.


Gettin’ inverted on something weird.

Yobeat: Who is pointing a camera at you this year?

Ben: Team Thunder, Bozwreck, and The Bear Movie.

Yobeat: Are you afraid your sponsors will drop you for your habits?

Ben: Do I sound like a piece of shit? I’m a good times guy I think. My sponsors knew what they were getting into with me, and I haven’t touched junk in two years or so.

Yobeat: You’re off smack completely?

Ben: Yeah.

Yobeat: What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Ben: Lately I have been partying with Matty Ryan a bunch. We have been getting shit done too. I’m stoked to see him pumped to snowboard again. I have looked up to him for so long and now that I get to work with him it’s cool. Seriously though, the best thing that has happened to me was my ex-girlfriend June Bhongjan. She really helped me get out of this hole I was in and showed me that snowboarding can be different in so many ways. She practically reinvented it for me. She dumped me though.

Yobeat: What kind of hole were you in?

Ben: You know, digging a chinese ditches.


Ben Rice, crowd pleaser.

Yobeat: How about the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

Ben: It’s kind of a long list, should we get into the most recent?

Yobeat: How about the most exciting?

Ben: I was really into this girl in Tahoe who was 17, consent in Tahoe is 16 so I ain’t no creep. Her parents read her diary and found out that I was a few steps away from being a full on junkie, so they called the cops saying I was giving her drugs and all this bullshit. When really she was almost as deep as I was to begin with. So at the time my roommates were selling weed and blow, and the cops kinda knew, so they were trying to get into our spot and this was there ticket in. I got a heads up and left town for L.A. for a bit. The night before I left town one of my friends stole this Les Paul Studio with Jade tuning heads from this girl and it got blamed on me. So on my way out of town I tried to find him to get the guitar back and pawn it, but that never worked out. I ended up heading home after a few weeks and a whole lot more advanced in drugs 101.

Yobeat: So you’ve seen your share of hard times, drugged up times, and bad choices, but now you are off the smack and ready to attack?

Ben: Couldn’t say it better myself. Drugs are fun but there is a time and a place for them. If i have something important to do the next day I won’t stay out till the sun comes up.

Yobeat: The future is looking bright for Ben Rice?

Ben: So bright I need shades my man. Drugs can run you down but I flipped the switch on them.


Flipped and dipped.

Yobeat: So where do you go from here?

Ben: Man, I love getting shit done. Like a really good photo or shot, or even a trick with the homies can be my drug. I have gone weeks without any drugs, just snowboarding and that is all I needed. Nothing beats the feeling of landing something cool and people being stoked on you and your trick.

Yobeat: Has the addition of your new sponsors helped push this progress?

Ben: Totally, I can’t just go on week long benders. People expect things from me and I hate letting people down, nothing sucks more. Every sponsor I have has my back for once and I have theirs. If I’m stoked your gonna be stoked. I may seem like a piece of shit but I have serious integrity.

Yobeat: Favorite city?

Ben: L.A. baby.

Yobeat: Favorite band?

Ben: Right now I would have to go with Nikki Sudden and of course The Thunders.


Hello world…                                                                                 Photo: Carey Haider

Yobeat: Ever win a trophy?

Ben: Yeah a donut trophy at this Office Boy contest at Big Bear last year. It was the only one I ever liked, then it rotted, just like every thing else in my life.

Yobeat: Everything used to rot, now you are ready to conquer correct?

Ben: Things are happening, I am just negative so I don’t get my hopes up.

Yobeat: Who is paying for this weird trip?

Ben: Bataleon, Comune, Dragon, Celsius, Dakine, and The Elm Company.

Yobeat: Anyone deserve a thank you?

Ben: Yeah, Matty Ryan for really showing me what snowboarding is, Jake Divine for being so gangster, and Bob Plumb and LJ and Butters for being so easy to work with. Oh, and of course Team Thunder for giving a guy a chance.

Happy Birthday Ben, and God’s speed. Also, Yobeat would like to thank Robbie Sell and Carey Haider for providing photos.

Best Week Ever: October 31, 2008

“They taste like cocaine.”

-One of the interns is mumbling something about her Halloween weekend plans. I am not listening. Christine appears to be half listening due to the fact she looks up from her computer and goes, “Did you just say you are going to Cabo for Halloween?” The girl shakes her head, “No, Chicago.”

-Greg links me to some website with giant pictures of nachos for reasons unknown. I tell him to stop due to the fact I have not consumed solid food in three days. I explain that I am drinking these Hydroxycut diet drinks. He asks me what they taste like. I reply, “They taste like cocaine.”

-Olivia and I are watching television. My phone rings and I shockingly answer it. Only moments later it rings again and again I answer it again. Olivia looks at me in shock and says, “I don’t think you have ever answered the phone when I called.”

-Steve Aoki is making some deal with me to start blogging again on his website. I am half talking to Olivia as the negotiations go down. Olivia goes, “Tell him I will blog for him if he sets me up with your brother.” I relay this on to him. To which he replies, “Why don’t you set her up with your brother?” I reply, “Because she asked you to.”

-I walk out of the bathroom and ask, “Does your tampon ever sort of fall out when you pee?” Olivia looks at me like I am insane and shakes her head “No.” I quickly reply, “Yeah, me neither.”

-We are out at lunch somewhere. We get two glasses and a pitcher of water. Olivia goes to pour water in my glass. I put my hand over it and stop her, “I want to put beer in mine.”

-Me and Naima are having some depressing conversation about our seasonal depression. She details her latest plans to snap out of it and instantly feel better about her life. She then adds, “I am going to try to be positive. Not like AIDs positive, like regular positive.” I agree, “Yeah, I don’t want AIDs either.”

-Olivia and I are discussing people who at our age go home with dudes just to “make out.” We both are confused by the concept. I go, “If some dude calls me and is like Sarah meet me at a bar for a drink, I shave my legs.”

-Olivia informs me she is in Korea town and I should come join her.” Excited, I reply, “Koreans are my favorite Asians!”