Love/Hate: Max Lyons

The lankiest mofo we know takes it to the streetz. Wanna read his mind? Here ya go —

Being tall:
Love: Reaching the top shelf, dunking a basketball, takes less steps to get places, ladies like length.
Hate: Everything I do looks smaller, falling hurts more.

Frontside tricks on a skateboard:
Love: They look cool as hell
Hate: The fact that I can’t actually do them.

Street stunts. Photo: Itspat

Southern Vermont:
Love: Carinthia; my dogs
Hate: Graduating 8th grade with 4 people; rednecks; hippies; bad internet.

Girls with shorter hair than you:
Love: Giving them advice on how to properly condition/shampoo; girls who rock the short hair with wire frame glasses sweaters, and high waisted jeans
Hate: I make bad jokes about the hair and they get offended a lot of the time

Jerry Tucker
Love: Everything; he’s the ultimate man and a goddamn American hero
Hate: He hasn’t accepted any of my courtship requests

Max goes frontside. Photo: Thrashley 

Spicy Memes
Love: The ever-changing construct of social commentary through the use of relevant funnybois; they make life worth living.
Hate: There aren’t enough of them; people who think Minions memes are dank.

Carinthia Parks
Love: Best parks by far, park crew is tight as hell, Dev kills it with the edits, Benny is a G.
Hate: Not enough flat boxes; loooooots of tall-t skiers; those groups of older people who come into the park and act like the park riders are in the wrong; The douche bag who took my backpack with my wallet and keys in it yesterday.

Love: It’s healthy, which is neat, I guess.
Hate: How it tastes; the people that eat it; those stupid ‘eat more kale’ bumper stickers.

Love: Art is cool; It lets you look at things from different perspectives; creative expression.
Hate: It’s expensive; I’m too broke to shoot film; Peter Cirilli shoots photos, which brings the medium down on the coolness factor

Love: Bahstahn sports; Tom Brady; big men attacking each other in manly ways; winning.
Hate: Any New York team, losing

It’s good! 

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Max Lyons Peaked in Middle School

Life is hard when you’re a rich white boy in Southern Vermont. Sorry to tell ya Max, it’s all downhill from here.

C Sessions 7.4

Featuring: Shaun Murphy, Jake Gaudet, Levi Gunzburg, Savannah Shinske, Rory Bruder, Steve Lauder, Kevin Raksnis, Joey Leon, Jeremy Ellenberg, Casey Willax, Timmy Sullivan, Max Lyons, Wes Heffernan, Tyler Mengel, & Nate Haust

Film & Cut: Devin Bernard
Additional Filming: Dan Callahan & Joey Leon
Cover Photo: Pat Ryan

Shirefit @ Carinthia

One day with Nate Haust, Austin Esposito and Levi Gunzburg doing Mt. Snow’s Carinthia Park.

Video: Andrew Percival

The C.O.M.P. 2017

Casey Willax, Max Lyons, Jeremy Ellenberg, Maggie Leon, Storm Rowe, Wess Heffernan, Zeb Powell, and a host of others slay the course at Carinthia in the hopes of taking home a chunk of that $8,000 purse.

C Sessions 7.3

Featuring: Max Lyons, Lauren Tamposi, Kevin Raksnis, Timmy Sullivan, Shaun Murphy, Rory Bruder, Steve Lauder, Casey Willax, Storm Rowe, Nate Haust, Jed Sky, Jesse Gomez, Levi Gunzburg, Jake Gaudet, and Jeremy Ellenberg
Film and Cut: Devin Bernard

RevTour Rejects

Riders: Alphonse Esposito, Alex Schoff, Ben Hojnoski, Nate Haust, Jacob Al-Husseini, Lucas Ferry, Jack Szkutak
Filming: Alphonse Esposito, Alex Schoff, Jacob Al-Husseini, Nate Haust
Editing: Alphonse Esposito, Alex Schoff

C Sessions 7.1

Carinthia in Vermont. Featuring: Nate Haust, Shaun Murphy, Levi Gunzburg, Max Lyons, Casey Willax, Rory Bruder, and Steve Lauder.
Filming and Editing by Devin Bernard
Song: Uprise by Kye Kye

PreSeason at Carinthia

Pre-opening hiking and nibbling at Carinthia in Vermont. Shaun Murphy, Rob Black, Jeremy Ellenberg, Tyler Redes, and Rory Bruder

Monument Team goes to Mt. Snow

Riders in order of appearance:
Kyle Galluo, Bobby Van Houten, Ben Caporelli, Allen Santucci, Casey Willax

Filming and Edit:
Hans Stuting

Rory Bruder and Kevin Raksnis at Carinthia Parks 14/15

It’s not 70 degrees in Vermont and anymore and Mt. Snow has the guns firing. Won’t be long now until Rory Bruder and Kevin Raksnis will be back to their old tricks (and maybe some new ones too!)

Filmed: Dylan Demers and Devin Bernard
Edited: Dylan Demers
Song: “Black Country Rock” – David Bowie

The Week End Round Up

Too much content on the Internet? No such thing! Here are a few videos to feed your need for constant snowboarding entertainment today.

Hyland Hills Season 2014/15

1817 ain’t the only team worth watching at Hyland.

Mats Tambini 2015 

If history has taught us anything, it’s that Norwegians are really fucking good at snowboarding. Mads is no exception.  He had us with the skating, but then really wowed us with the aggressive carves and Nelly Furtado.

Spring Cleaning at Mt. Snow

We are contractually obligated to post any edit with Max Lyons in it, and you know nothing comes out of Carinthia without him in it. But seriously, the hits just keep on coming.

Featuring: Tyler Redes, Chris Vallerie, Chewy, Max Lyons and Levi Gunzburg

Take Five in Whistler

A late edition from some salty kooks.

C Sessions: 5.7

Powder boards in the park, some questionable fashion choices and plenty of good stunts. What more could you want from an edit?

Featuring: Max Lyons, Chili Graves, Kevin Raksnis, Levi Gunzburg, Shaun Murphy, Timmy Sullivan, Jeremy Ellenberg, Rory Bruder, and Christian Connors

Filmed & Edited: Dylan Demers
Song: “Handglams” – Ty Segall

An Early Season Resurrection

In classic East Coast fashion, we experienced an early season thaw leaving all the mountains scrambling to save the parks. The only thing worse than the thaw is Max Lyons’ pants.

Riders: Tyler Redes, Max Lyons, Miles Fallon, Jeremy Ellenberg, and Bradley Harper

C Sessions 5.1

Jumping over rails is cool. So is carving. What will they think of next?

Riders: Ian Keay, Brian Skorupski, Max Lyons, Christian Connors, Will Healy, Alex Atno, Casey Willax, Eugene Stancato, Storm Rowe, Levi Gunzburg, Rory Bruder, and Shaun Murphy

Fimed & Edited: Dylan Demers
Song: “No Presents for Christmas” – King Diamond