Faygo drinkers of Buck Hill. Jacob Harms, Erik Olsen, Collin Maynard.

The Isthmus

Minnesota park from Buck Hill and Elm Creek featuring Tyrel Murphy, Garrett Super, Max Ronning, Trent Bosak, Aaron Becker and more. James Olson, and more.

Monday Minute 89

Cody Biersdorf, Austin Young, Al Binder, Jake OE, Jeffy Gabrick, Joe Sexton, Colin Wilson, Joey Peterson, Peter Limberg and more.

Jordan Daniels | Ghoul Series

Episode 2 from Buck Hill’s winter in the 1817 park.

1817 Ghoul Series – Luke Zajac

Silent shredding from the new 1817 park at Buck Hill.

1817 – Monday Minute and New Direction


We want to welcome you to 1817. Not long ago, a group of our snowboarding friends rented a place together in St. Paul, Minnesota on Ashland Avenue.  The house address was 1817. The roof over our heads wasn’t the only thing we shared. We were all crazy passionate about one thing: snowboarding!  So looking back, it is no surprise that during those early days in our rented house, The House of 1817 blog and the “Monday Minutes” were created.

The House of 1817 blog started as a place for us to share the stupid shit we’d do, party photos and anything else we felt like posting up. It soon turned into a community of people who loved snowboarding and the House of #1817.  Pretty soon lots of people, including ourselves, were drawing, scribing and spray painting the letters 1817 on everything imaginable.

“Monday Minutes” started when John Hodge (Kenwood Mansion) said, “Why don’t we film our snowboarding for a minute today and post it on the blog?” We did, and with Riley Erickson’s (Videograss) vision, “Monday Minutes” grew into 87 edits and nearly 1 million all-time views.

The small following we started with, quickly grew and became something bigger without us even realizing it. Kids from all over the world started sending us 1817 artwork and other 1817 creative pieces. 1817 started to grow into a community of people who had never met but wanted to share their passion for snowboard edits.

In 2013, we added a clothing line to 1817 as our fashion outlet. We’ve always been into all things creative and being 100% in control of a fashion line was a dream come true. Since our early days of thrift store hunting for funky gems and trends we had thought about starting a clothing line.

Our biggest focus at 1817 is having 100% control over what we do.  We look at what the snowboard industry is lacking and we use 1817 as an outlet to rebel and create the things we care most about in snowboarding.

For the 2016/17 season we are staying true to that 100% control and putting our main focus back into creating two web series. This year we are introducing the “Ghoul Series” as a supplement to the “Monday Minutes.” “The Ghoul Series” will be a more rider specific video project. There are plenty more creative projects already in the works so please follow us to see them develop.

With a big thanks to Buck Hill snowboard resort (Burnsville, MN) we are very excited to announce “THE 1817 PARK.”  With the addition of 3 filmers, we are opening up 1817 and “THE 1817 PARK” as a platform to the kids we find most inspirational so we can all work together to push snowboarding in new ways that exclude team managers and skier bosses. We want to give kids the opportunity to be seen and express themselves the way they see snowboarding.

We will still sell 1817 goods online at and through select retailers worldwide.

FOLLOW @1817_ on instagram for more information and updates as well as the hash tag #1817park.  Please subscribe to our YOUTUBE : 1817 for more sneak peeks and other goodies!!



“Maybe I’m biased but all my favorite snowboarders are from Minnesota and I want to help them do cool stuff!” – Jake OE

“I have always enjoyed filming up-and-coming riders and am stoked to help them gain exposure. “ -Riley Erickson

“I grew up riding Buck Hill, and it feels really cool to be able to come full circle with this partnership and everything. 1817 for life!!! ” – Joe Sexton

Long Live Buck Hill


Closing weekend has been an emotional one throughout the midwest. With how on and off the winter has been it’s awesome to see them pull though this mess of of a year.

Featuring Jonas Pearson, Tony Leininger, Charlie, David Aranda, Jacob Harms, Tyler Bache, Jordan Schoenberger, and Repolia Robinson Jr.

Film/Edit – Erik Olsen


Getting to know some of these guys and watch them progress this year has been awesome. I hope you guys are as excited as we are here at Yobeat.

Erik Olsen is proud to present to you the third installment of Mindset featuring David Aranda, Tony Leininger, Mark Ziehwein, Tanner Seymour, Grady Tank, Mike Mills, Repolia Robinson Jr., Adam Reich, and Eric Lewy. Filmed and Edited by Erik Olsen. First and last song played by David Aranda.

Monday Midwest Mashup

You know, we’ve never actually snowboarded in the Midwest, yet it has managed to insert itself firmly in our hearts as one of our favorite snowboard scenes. Here are a few videos to show you why.

Short edit filmed at sunburst, little switz, and tyrol basin

Riders: Blake Wollersheim, Sammy Yahiaoui, Kable Wuebben, Alex Nash

Filmed & Edited: Sammy Yahiaoui

featuring Tony Leininger, Josh Meacham, Tyler Bache, Dominic Andrews, Mark Ziehwein, Louie Arrigoni, Repolia Robinson Jr., and Trevor Tollefson

Film/Edit – Erik Olsen

Filmed By
Billy Bjork
Jaspor Lazor
Collin Maynard

Edit By
Sam Stillman


Buddy boarding 2015!

So Gnar Camp Hits Buck Hill

Learning skills, having fun, and getting to deface ski area property – all in a day at So Gnar camps. Check the action from Buck Hill or better yet, get in on it. Next stops: Granite Peak, WI Dec. 27 & 28 and Tyrol Basin, WI 29 & 30.

So-Gnar Snowboard Camp Celebrates 10 Years!


The So-Gnar Snowboard Camp Tour celebrates 10 years! We are 10 years strong and the only independent snowboard camp that travels to snow communities around North America. With 3:1 rider to coach ratio, our camp brings affordability, a fun atmosphere, safe learning & pro-rider coaching to your local shred spot.

Camp Sessions are designed to build confidence and achieve a higher level of life skills. Step up your shred game with qualified Professional Coaches, who encourage fun for all ages and ability levels.

The 2-day camp sessions are focused on goal achievement, terrain park skill development & overall riding technique/skills on the mountain.

Pat wanted to give back to his home-state community of Minnesota and to influence the continued growth of snowboarding. He created an opportunity to make credible, authentic and inexpensive snowboard camps available to local kids who didn’t have the financial means or resources to attend the traditional camps located far from home. Pat, along with his team and friends, hope to inspire more kids to enjoy snowboarding across the globe every season!


Between Lakes’ Doo Wop

Closing day at Troll and some Buck Hill randoms, for the children.

Riders: Trevor Tollefson, Ben McCabe, Trenton Churchill, Tanner Seymour, Eric Lewy, Kyle Kennedy, Mike Skiba, Eddie Fauth, Matt Krei, Grady Tank and Zach Monte

Film: Ben McCabe, Erik Olsen

Edit: Ben McCabe

Music: Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka ft. Yg Hootie, 15th and 1st
Timbaland, The Way I Are
The Edsels, Rama Lama Ding Dong

Buff Hill 3

The boys from Between Lakes are claiming a possible NBD on the “”hard way cab 2 in, pretzel 2 out.” What are your thoughts?

Riders: Zach Monte, Tanner Seymour, Eric Lewy, David Aranda, Kyle Kennedy, Tony Wagner, Logan Herber, Trevor Tollefson, Tony Leininger, and Riley