Nate Bozung’s Last Hump Day


(Editors Note: Eric Fernandez wrote this interview. Expect to see much more of Eric in weeks to come.)

I met Nate about two years ago living in Salt Lake City. It’s easy to understand how someone might get a wrong first impression considering the face tattoos, but he’s really a totally charismatic dude. He’s always quick to a joke, or has some really funny story to tell. Now, two years later by complete chance, we are neighbors in Brooklyn. And things haven’t changed–besides the stories being a little crazier and the jokes being a little funnier. For the sake of avoiding a long-winded, boring introduction, ladies and ‘gents, the Nate Bozung Hump Day interview is as follows, with all you’ll never need or want to know. Enjoy.

-“I can’t wait to hear some of these questions. It’s just like, you know what… I don’t give a fuck about snowboarding anymore so, whatever. I wish I could get a little more drunk.” -Nate Bozung

Start with your name, age, and place of residence…

Hold on let me re-light my cigarette. It’s windy god damnit. Mmm, well obviously my name is Nate Bozung, I’m 28 years old. Actually fuck, I’m 29. I just had a birthday. I live in Brooklyn, New York.

I heard you spent your entire Neff royalty check on a year’s rent in Brooklyn. Is that true? Are you hyped on your spot?

It wasn’t even a royalty check, it was just out of my Neff payments. So I just paid it all up front because that’s the only way I could get into an apartment, cause my credit is bad. Neff came through and wired in a lot of money, so now I live here. It was sweet.

So are you hyped on your spot?

Yeah I’m really hyped. I just wish sometimes that I lived in the city, because on drunken nights it’s tough getting back to Brooklyn. Like the other night I took an E pill at like 6 in the morning, and I thought I had a metrocard, so I turned down a ride back. And then realized I didn’t actually have a metrocard, so I walked back. It’s only a mile but it was the longest mile ever ‘cause I was on E. By myself. (Laughs)

Is the walk back over the bridge your daily dose of exercise?

(Laughs) Yeah the walk back over the bridge is it, unless you count bar-to-bar. But yeah. And I also never see the sun anymore.


So, I see that you’ve compiled quite the tattoo collection. What sparked your desire for home tats?

It was just more of the situation I was in out in Greece. We had a tattoo gun and I just really, really, really didn’t care. And I still don’t. So we were there and I was drunk, and I wanted to learn how to do it so I just did it. I still have a lot more work to do, but they cost a lot of money so, I really wish I had that tattoo gun here.

You know you can make those right?

Yeah. I did a stick and poke one day with a needle. I don’t know… I need to do something with my life one day, so maybe I could be a tattoo artist, except I’m not the best artist so actually, maybe scratch that one. I’ll just be a party promotor. (Laughs).

Which was the first tattoo you got on your face? Did you just wake up one morning and say “Ok, I want a face tat,” or was it more on a whim?

Well no actually my first face tattoo was in Laguna Beach. I got this little asterisk on my temple. Just a little guy. So I got that one, and then pretty much, I was like whatever ‘cause I didn’t have a girlfriend anymore so I was like “I can do whatever I want” so I just went crazy. And now I’m pretty much single for life ‘cause of it. (Laughs).

How many more face tats are you gonna get?

I’m gonna get one more. I just haven’t gotten around to getting it. It’s just little lips. You know like the lipstick kiss lips. I’m gonna get it right here on my temple, but no more on my cheek or anything like that.

You should get a yobeat tattoo on your face.

Tell them to fuckin’ pay me and I will. I’m getting a Facebook tattoo soon, probably not on my face though.


Who is Paulina Pink? She’s all over your facebook. Who is she? Does she exist?

Oh yeah…. Yeeeahhhhh. Good question. Yes she definitely exists. I’ve actually been trying to get a hold of her today. But I couldn’t get on facebook. I talk to her on the phone all the time, so many hours talking to that girl on the phone. She lives in Columbia, and I’ve never met her.

You’ve never met her?

Never met her, but yeah I got her name tattoo’d on my neck (Laughs). If I ever meet the girl I’m gonna marry her. Paulina Pink, she’s the shit.


What’s going on with Bozwreck? Are you guys going to make boards this year?

Ha! Well now that I just kicked Matty out from the house two days ago, I don’t know what’s gonna happen with it. The thing is, all these people owe us money and it’s like, well what the fuck. I really don’t think we’re making boards anymore.

Do you have a good following on the east coast? I saw a dude at my work wearing Bozwreck shirt the other day, it seems pretty popular.

People are hyped on it. People being hyped on something and making money off something is two different things, even though we’re not really trying to make money off of it. But it’s like, it takes money to do shit. And I’m sick of taking it out of my own pocket. We thought about just making boards just for the team and that’s it and not even selling them, and that’s what we were last leaning on, but as of now I have no idea. I really don’t care. (Laughs)

From what I understand, you’ve taken a liking to the NYC nightlife. Is this truly the most fun place to party on earth?

Yeah, it’s definitely probably the funnest place to party in the world. But there’s definitely also other places to party that are really fun. The reason I really like it is ‘cause it’s so condensed and there’s so many fucking hot girls here. It’s completely mind boggling that everywhere you go there’s a hot chick, and your neck starts hurting. Ratio of girls to dudes though, yeah it’s the best place to party on earth.

And what’s the longest amount of time you’ve made nonstop party without sleeping since being here?

I try and usually sleep but I think… Yeah probably three days. I know people who’ve gone way longer, but I can never really pull it longer than that. I dunno it just depends. Yeah it was probably three days I think. I don’t remember the situation but I know I was wasted. (Laughs)

Was that recent?

Well last weekend, I was raging. I think I was out for like, two days straight. And I was raging and getting really fucked up. And I ended up at the pool party at the Thompson Hotel, and I couldn’t even open my eyes dude, I was just so twisted. But yeah, it’s a fun city. People think I’ve just lost my mind here, but if they saw the shit that I’ve been doing and getting into, they’d just be so jealous. (Laughs).

What was your drink/drug of choice during that particular time? Or was it whatever really comes your way?

I can’t remember. (Laughs). I really can’t remember. (More Laughs). Obviously I was drinking what was right in front of me, or whatever I could get a hold of. And of course, some of the high-powered street stuff. One weekend I was on some acid for like two days, E every now and then, coke every now and then. It’s just, whatever. Those god damn models just keep stickin’ stuff in front of me. It’s not my fault. (More Laughs)


Are the drugs readily accessible in NYC better, worse, or the same than in other places you’ve partied, like Greece for example?

Oh god they’re the best! God yeah, the best for sure. Greece didn’t have any drugs, Greece was just drinking and that’s why I lost my mind so bad there. Cause I don’t know, anyone who parties can kind of vouch but you do a little coke and it brings you back to reality a little bit, as crazy as that sounds. So, I don’t know. I don’t really do any coke lately ‘cause I don’t have any money. But the other day I talked my drug dealer into giving me an E pill ‘cause I was at some rave I’d never been to, I didn’t know where I was and I was like “C’mon man, I owe you… I’ll owe you 20 bucks man, c’mon.”

You’ve got to have one end-all, just fucking awesome story from your time in NYC. If there’s one totally crazy, fucked up, funny, wild scenario to tell about, now is your chance.

Well… they’d actually need to write a book about it. (Laughs). It’s like, every night. It’s something new every night. Every night is crazy. You get wasted and then you’re going from bar to bar to bar, and then clubs, and tables, and bottles, and just whatever. Every night is the best. And there are so many fucking hot girls. For a second there I would just wake up and be like wow… I cannot wait to go out again tonight. It just keeps getting better and better and better.

That’s cool.

Yeah, it was cool ‘cause I got here and I met these kids Jay and Majors and Lo’… and I’ve just been running around their scene ‘cause they’re the promoters for all the clubs, so you get into crazy clubs you’d never get into normally. They pretty much run New York.

So would you wanna be a promoter?

No, I don’t wanna be a promoter, but I did promote my first night the other night with CJ. But it was more like, don’t even pay me, just give me a bottle and a table, and I’ll bring some friends, and some hot babes… and let’s get wasted!


Have you ever thought about sobering up and making a fucking killer “comeback” part?

Nope. (Laughs). Why would I want to do something like that?

I guess that question is a little off topic.

Yeah… go kill myself, just to get in trouble by somebody when I’m not even doing anything wrong. Fuck the snowboard industry… well actually I wouldn’t say fuck the snowboard industry like that, but fuck trying to do it professionally anymore. I’ll fuck around with it and stuff, but I’m 29. I’m not trying to be 35 and still trying to get my best video part of the year like a lot of other people are. I’m on some new shit. I own a snowboard company now, I don’t need to ride for anybody. I took a step up in the game, the way I look at it. A lot of people are hating on it… but Ha Ha Ha.

So do you think you’re gonna stay in NYC for awhile? What’s your next move?

Yeah I’m gonna stay here, renew my lease.

Same spot?

Yeah, same spot. Next year should be dope ‘cause my tax shit will be all done with, and I’ll actually be able to travel a little bit. I didn’t get to travel at all this year. So I’ll go to some events, and whatever.

You going to film at all?

Ehh, I dunno. It just depends on the situation. I wanted to film for Keegan’s video a little bit. But I think about actually strapping into a snowboard and getting that nervous/scared feeling and I’m like Mmm nah, I’m over that feeling. I’d rather go skate thru traffic and almost get hit by a taxi.

Yeah, cause if you get hit by a taxi at least you get a grip of cash out of it.

Yeah, exactly. I mean no matter what you do people will always talk shit, so I just don’t really care about that side of snowboarding anymore. It’s just kinda bullshit.

So I think that’s a wrap man, any good last words or shout outs to people you wanna give?

I’ll give a shout out to all my friends in New York, the world, all my family, and to Neff. And that’s pretty much it. Everyone who’s helped me along the way, it’s been fun. And tell (Nick) Lipton that I decided this is the last interview I’m ever doing, and the only reason I did it was because it’s Yobeat. So there.

Bird’s Eye Boardshop’s Grand Opening

Bird’s Eye Boardshop’s new Brooklyn retail store is open! Owner Steven Reaves sent over some pictures from the party that you missed. In case you were wondering, here’s the deal with Bird’s Eye:

We’re snow-specific to this point and going into our third season. We’ve been operating online and by appointment until now that the business and our brand selection is strong enough to support the move into a retail space without sacrificing the way we do business. We specialize in brand selection and designed our website to put our brands, their stories, and relevant information first and foremost and to provide as thoughtful a presentation as possible in an online environment. And of course the new store is designed with the same goal in mind.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be taking this next step with Bird’s Eye. I love everything about this shop, from the brands we back and people behind them, right down to the distributors we work with. Guys like Nima Jalali of Ashbury Eyewear and Dan Broadwell of Flour City Distribution are a huge credit to this industry and just damn good people to work with.

In fact, they were the two primary supporters for the grand opening, helping to line up our event sponsors – Ashbury Eyewear, Etnies, Poler Camping Stuff, Coal Headwear, Zoo York, SHUT, Red Bull, PBR, and Fred Water.

The New Shop Address is:

55 Meadow St. Suite 213
Brooklyn NY 11206

Ice Coast Kills Shit Premiere

Story and photos by Eric Fernandez

‘Twas a cool summer night in Brooklyn, the youngsters, hipsters, and grifters roamed the streets in search of their next high while music cascaded from open venue doorways and couples sipped wine and smiled on corner café patios. But this particular night in Brooklyn held a different spectacle, something the eyes of hip Williamsburg was not accustomed to seeing, a snowboard video premiere.


As I walked towards the entrance of Good Company, a cozy little bar in the heart of Williamsburg, I looked back to see a pink party bus pull up. A pink party bus. This is when my instincts hinted these particular kids were in it to have a good fucking time. Fitted capped gentlemen whistled, and drunk women screamed to see the NYC snowboarding stars emerge from the lighted party bus. Men greeted men, women kissed men, men kissed men, and old friends were reunited for a night of celebration. This was my first impression of the NYC snowboard kids, and I think I liked it. I went into the bar and found some fellows to put out a vibe with. Amongst the sea of Subaru headbands, I managed to find Majors, Nate Bozung, C3 fellow Dan Broadwell, and a few other friends. To the left of our table was a circle of upstate kids who came down to see the show, but by the time the show actually started I honestly believe they had smoked too much pot to see, or hear the movie. To the right of our table was a circle of young professionals in their late 20s celebrating a girls’ birthday. There’s no way they foresaw this crowd when they planned their birthday party at Good Company, as they were a bit out of their element. I managed to take a good picture of their birthday cake though, and even snagged a leftover piece, which was much better than the complimentary hot dogs that were being served on English muffins.


The movie started around 10:15pm.  I was intrigued right off the bat, and it could be because I have a soft spot for kids who have grown up riding tiny hills much like I did, but this video had some fire. Within the first 30 seconds, I managed to catch a glimpse of a kid puking off a roof, several kids getting arrested, another kid with his tibia literally exposed over 4 inches of his leg, along with a plethora of jibbery and snowboarding action. There was a nice amount of very entertaining park footage, which in their case didn’t hinder the film’s integrity. These kids were simply documenting what they’d snowboarded on all seasons, and that was it. It was filmed very properly in skate fashion. There were some great lines through local Hunter Mountain’s park, which looks really really fun. Opening part by Jarad Hadi lookalike Jasper Kahn was fun, and featured some awesome jibbing antics and don’t-really-know-what’s-coming-next snowboarding, which is my personal favorite style. Buddy Pendergast had some moves to watch for, as well as the personality to match. And an honorable mention to John Haynes for his opening shot of an exposed tibia, as well as an avid display of rail mastery as well.


It was a fun vibe, and the video gave me nostalgic feelings of Midwest/East Coast snowboarding. These kids are passionate, and they love fun, and that’s enough to make me say, “Fuck yeah.”


Best Week Ever: December 5, 2008

“Mad Men is not on TV because they had the season finale. It’s like asking our readers asking what happened to George W Bush….Oh wait, he’s just not president anymore!”

-After much delay and frustration on my part regarding the inability to set up an interview with a certain someone I am doing a piece with in the next magazine, the time finally comes. He is more than aware of my annoyance that has turned into borderline anger regarding the situation. He apologizes for his inability to communicate effectively with me for the past month and remarks, “I watched a bunch of your Youtube videos in preparation for this interview.”

-Olivia sends me an email with some sort like “This is amazing!” or “You have to see this!” type of title. Upon further inspection, it is some sort of website for poor people in Los Angeles to assist them in getting “by.” (Olivia is moving to Los Angeles for the first time. I am moving back to Los Angeles. Back means the second time) I presume poor means like great thrift stores and places with cheap gas. But, actually it’s a list of homeless shelters. Upon scrolling down, I find a list of places to shower if you are living in your car. I show said website to a friend of mine tonight. She stares blankly at it and then awkwardly back at me. I look up at her, “I should be concerned?” She nods her head, “I would be.”

-Lesley Arfin deleted both her Myspace and Facebook this week. It’s like she is internet dead. I have been sick and not at the office all week. I feel like when I see her I may become startled.  But, with the amount of time I spend on the internet I am startled when I see most people.

-I put 20 dollars on my Metro card at Bedford Ave. one night.  I use it once. I use it twice, sometime later. Upon using it the third time it is not full of 16 dollars, it is instead full of insufficient funds. I have no question in my mind how much money I put on it, when I did so, and how many times I have used it since. My clarity is due to the the infrequency I leave a four block radius of my house. I end up having to call the Metro card hotline. I begin explaining the situation to a lovely Metro card line customer service representative. She asks for the date and time of the card’s purchase. I pull out my calendar and give her said information. She is explaining the protocol on getting a non-functioning card replaced.I find myself staring baffled at the calendar and the date I just relayed out loud. I gasp and suddenly interrupt her, “Oh my god I need to leave the house more. I hadn’t used my Metro-card in two and a half weeks?” She looks over the information I gave her and starts laughing, “Oh my god you are right.”

-I am the Online Editor of a lovely website called Recently, we have taken on some new bloggers. Blogging isn’t the easiest thing to get the hang of. I am attempting to be supportive and blog-motherly to my new recruits. I take down a blog one of the girl’s has written. The topic of the blog is said girl’s love for the show Mad Men and her confusion to it’s sudden absence from TV. She writes me confused as to why I took the post down. I reply, “Mad Men is not on TV because they had the season finale. It’s like asking our readers asking what happened to George w Bush…Oh wait, he’s just not president anymore!”

-I am doing what I think is communicating with a magazine editor I freelance for. We are talking about a piece I am writing. He is asking me questions. I am replying with answers. Rinse and repeat. Then all of a sudden he appears to not be able to understand anything I am saying. I re-phrase re-word and send my thoughts again. He writes back, “Sarah are you drunk?” Disgusted at the accusation I reply, “It is 11AM here.” I then add, “Fine, I am stoned.”

-Sally becomes mad at me for missing Justin’s going away party. Why? Because I drank too much and had to go home to go to bed before it began. Classy. Yes. I am aware she is mad. But am hoping smiling tons and agreeing with everything she says in the editorial meeting will erase my errors. She isn’t having it. We finally have it out. She’s mad. I apologize a hundred times. I finally say, “If everyone stayed mad at me forever for doing dumb shit drunk, I would have no friends.”

-I walk out of a market in Wiliamsburg one night and encounter some Old Mexican dudes looking for change. Instead of asking for actual money, they decide to take on a different approach. After huddling together, one points creepily at me and does those “come hither fingers.” He says, “You! El leche en mi cafe.” I point back at him, “Not having sex with you!” Then walk away.

-Lesley Arfin tries to set me up with one of her friends. He is actually funny. So I am not totally opposed to the idea. Then I ask her what he does for a living. I am baffled when I am informed he is a photographer. I become nervous and start envisioning his debilitating flaws. Confused and sort of off-put I announce, “Photographers are never funny.”

-We have another one of our epic-ly fun and awesome Missbehave parties. I am pushing through the crowd towards the bathroom, attempting to avoid peeing my pants when I am stopped by some dude. He grabs both of my shoulders and goes, “Are you the queen of Missbehave?” I quickly answer, “At times I am!”

-Brooke pretends to care about me by addressing the details of my Ichat away message which lists “I am sick.” My caring friend then wants to know what type of sick I am. I inform her I have a really bad cold and a high fever. I explain that I am unable to breathe and have taken to picking crusty boogers out of my nose with tweezers to assist in the breathing bit. Brooke then helpfully suggests, “Why don’t you breathe through your mouth?” I add, “Oh that thing keeps coughing.”