“Once a glorious world, the surface of Mandalore was laid waste by war, leading Duchess Satine Kryze to renounce the planet’s violent history and declare neutrality in the Clone Wars. Satine’s pacifism was opposed by Death Watch, an underground movement of armored warriors that celebrated Mandalore’s martial past and sought to overthrow her. Late in the Clone Wars, Darth Maul took over Death Watch and led the conquest of Mandalore. He executed Satine and installed a puppet prime minister as the planet’s new ruler, sparking a new chapter in Mandalore’s violent history.”

Featuring: Mike Rav, Kevin Court, Parker Szumowski, Reid Smith, David Steigerwald, Katie Kennedy
Video: Paul Osborne

Footy Fiend at Brighton

Is [ BAKER @BrightonResort ] Worthy?

Brighton Summer Stories: Episode 3

The final installment in Brighton’s summer series of leftovers and second looks. You have now seen every shot worth seeing from Seamus Foster’s harddrive.

Brighton Summer Stories: Chapter 1

Seamus Foster pointed his camera at people riding snowboards in Big Cottonwood Canyon all winter long. The footage you’ve already seen in the Brighton Scouts series is just the tip of the iceberg, so sit back, relax and enjoy the leftovers to help you waste away the rest of the summer months with drool on your chin.


It’s a Thottie Party. Brighton or Die. If ya scarred, go to Chuuuuch.


Johnny Hancheck Switches It Up!

A few week’s ago, The People’s Court saw a lot of shade being thrown at one person in particular, Johnny Hancheck. For those of you that don’t know Johnny, he runs a little site called Check The Feed, and seems to have quite the following of haters. In Johnny’s follow up edit to his People’s Court entry, he mid-edit makes a BIG announcement, that he’s, “switching it up,” and leaving Stepchild for his new sponsor Niche. Hopefully Transworld Business will pick up the story, so we can get all the details on why Johnny made the switch.

Riders: Will Steller, Johnny Hancheck, Jay Kurz, Brody Jeffs, and Johnny Hancheck (Yes he is listed twice)

Milo Sport Team Trick Tips: Half-Cab Nose Presses with Stefan Salisbury

Tricks are just for kids, unless you take Milo Sport’s Stefan Salisbury’s tips on how to properly land a half-cab nose press.

Absinthe Hot Laps Brighton

Absinthe is finally catching up with the times and making park edits and if they’re anything like this first one we’re down. More Keegan, Bozung, and Lizard King next time.

Riders: Cale Zima, Keegan Valaika, Nate Bozung, Lizard King, Bode Merrill, Brandon Cocard,and Austen Sweetin

MiloSport Team Trick Tips: Front Blunts with Ryan Lanham

The man, the myth, the Gerb, teaches all you cats how to up your style points and get girls with the art of the front blunt.

BRIGHTON SCOUTS: Upper Snake Creek

The Brighton Scouts series will offer a glimpse into Brighton’s natural playground. The first edit features the Upper Snake Creek area with snowboarding by Jon Overson, Ryan Lanham, Erik Overson, Matt Bernard, Jesse Gouveia, Andrew Aldridge, Griffin Lancaster and Durell Williams.

Film/Edit: Seamus Foster.

SEGCOS In Just Under 3 Hours

Everything Andrew makes gets me hyped on snowboarding.

Spark notes: Grace presses like a bawse, Trevor is reckless, and Jeff Holce is still an athlete.

Participants: Richie Conklin, Jeremy Estorga, Grace Mayernik, Sean Whitaker, Stephan Salisbury, Tucker Brown, Peter Cerulo, Ryan Ting, Alex Cato, Trevor Eichelberger, Jeff Holce :), Cameron Gorby, Matt Bernard, Andrew Nagel, Pete Cimmino.

Bright-On the Mini Movie

In case you missed the 500 Instagram vids this would have taken to watch it on the app, here’s the entire collection, edited into a short movie.

ThirtyTwo Day 2014 At Brighton

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (March 3, 2014) – The Utah snowboarding community descended on Brighton Resort yesterday for the sixth annual ThirtyTwo Day event. ThirtyTwo degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature snow is made, and that’s just what happened with two feet of snowfall in the 32 hours before the event on 3/2/14. The free event that’s open to all snowboarders had more than 200 people lined up to enter the Banked Slalom and Rail Jam contests, as well as thousands that were at Brighton resort to enjoy the holiday.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.31.54 PM

Brighton local Brandon Hobush enjoyed the fresh snow by blasting this method

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.32.14 PM

ThirtyTwo Rider Chris Grenier flying through the berms

ThirtyTwo Day combines the rider’s time on the Banked Slalom with their score in the Rail Jam. The challenging Banked Slalom course separated the committed riders that were in it to win it from the rest before the rail jam kicked off at 3 p.m. ThirtyTwo Team Riders JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Chris Bradshaw, Dylan Thompson, Brandon Hobush, Jordan Small and Spencer Schubert judged the Rail Jam.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.32.45 PM

Left to right: Judges Chris Bradshaw and Chris Grenier watching Isabella Borriello earning her first place ThirtyTwo Day title

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.34.57 PM

Chris Frost’s front-270 to frontboard was one of the many combos he pulled out of his arsenal in the rail jam to take the overall win

Overall ThirtyTwo Day Results:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.35.19 PM


1. Chris Frost

2. Tristan Heiner

3. Jeremy Thornburg

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.35.39 PM


1. Isabella Borriello

2. Kelly Underwood

3. Nirvona Ortanez

Banked Slalom Results:


1. Dylan Bidez – 28.07 seconds

2. Merrick Joyce – 28.08 seconds

3. Jeremy Thornburg – 28.14 seconds


1. Kelly Underwood – 31.70 seconds

2. Isabella Borriello – 32.80 seconds

3. Nirvona Ortanez – 33.14 seconds

Rail Jam Results:


1. Alex Lockwood

2. Andrew Aldridge

3. Jeff Hopkins


1. Grace Maverick

2. Isabella Borriello

3. Nirvona Ortanez

The Brighton Resort is truly a mountain community that takes care of its own. Sam Wittke is on the Brighton Park Staff and friend of the ThirtyTwo brand that has deep Brighton roots, and his mom, Mary Wittke, is in need so the community rallied to support her. Mary has worked for Brighton for 30 years and she is currently battling cancer. ThirtyTwo made a $5 donation for everyone that entered the ThirtyTwo Day event (plus a little), and this $1,032 donation will go to help cover her medical costs. The Brighton Resort sports desk is also accepting donations for anyone else that is interested helping Mary Wittke.

The Brighton Perspective- Randy Vannurden

The Brighton Perspective is a video series offering 4 riders the opportunity to film a video part at Brighton Resort in one month. Each rider expresses a unique vision of snowboarding and their own perception of what it’s like to ride at Brighton. The second installment features Randy Vannurden, a Minnesota native. He migrated to Utah 8 years ago where he discovered the backcountry access at Brighton Resort. Along the way he also learned some fuckin outrageous handplants that very few can claim.