Must be nice to live in Canada, where a bunch of white kids (and their black friend) can make a thug-ass themed video and not even have to worry about being accused of cultural appropriation.

Quin Ellul, Ben Poechman, Bryan Bowler, Braedon Wheeler, Lucio DM, Coulton Conway and Brin Alexander on the Blackcomb Glacier.

Whistler Opening Week

Featuring: Etienne Duval Phaneuf, Sam Neumann, Miles Fortoloczky, Tyson Funk, COulton John, Edward COnway
Filmed- Kyler Lang Andrew Collier

QP May Shredit: Blackcomb


Riders: Bryce Bugera, Marty Vachon, Brin Alexander, Oliver Adams, Kody Yarosloski, Geremy Guido, Kyle Palamar, Braedon Wheeler, Kody Williams, and Kai Ujejski

Sequence 3: Blackcomb and Seymour

Can’t learn the swag, but lots of tricks to try in this one.


Without actually doing the math (ew, math), we’re awarding Whistler/Camp of Champs/Camp Backflip the as official winners of the #Summercampbattle! Here’s one more to put in the bowl and remember the magic forever.

Riders: Geremy G and Heath Dixon ft Oliver Adams, Mike Rowan, Lucio DM, Mikey Ciccarelli and Tyler Nicholson.


Sick af.

Mike Rowan – Lucio Doglioni Majer – Jack Lawrence – Mike Salty – Jed Sky – Colin D. Watt

#SummerCampBattle2015: Camp of Champions Week B


A little smoke and fog added to the ambiance during COC’s second session, when Jamie Anderson, Kazu Kokubo, Robjyn Taylor, Lucas Oulette, Craig McMorris and many more did their best not to melt the remaining snow. See ya next year!

Filmed: @andrewsantosmedia & @dstanley2
Edited: @andrewsantosmedia

#SummerCampBattle unofficial judging criteria: We will post each session edit from Woodward Copper, Woodward at Tahoe, High Cascade, Windells, Camp of Champions and Camp Backflip. Users vote and rank each video with a 5 star rating. At the end of the summer, we’ll average out the star ranking across all sessions at each to come up with a average star rating. The Camp with the highest star rating is deemed the winner of Internet videos this summer. Eligible camps: Woodward Copper, Woodward at Tahoe, High Cascade, Windells, Camp of Champions and Camp Backflip.

At the end of the summer we’ll tally the votes from all the edits and see which camp had the best edits in the eyes of the readers.

A Whistler Summer Video Mega Post

Summer in Whistler is a wrap and what a summer it was! We’re officially sold on the general awesomeness of the Horstman glacier/Whistler Village/COC/Camp Backflip, and considering Whistler is currently in the process of adding snow making for next summer, we’re happy to say, no need for alarm over what seems like impending doom. So enjoy a few edits from both sides of the T-bar and start scheming how you can get there next year!

VOLTFUSE // COC // 2015

Riders: Trey Currie, Lucas Bradley, Quinten Fast, Alex Henniffent, Jasper Fast and Christian Briones

Filmed by: Alex Henniffent, Dane Kaechele

Whistler Public Park 2015

Riders: Eason Cerasani, Jeremy Keith, Adrian Hrabarchuk


Riders: Conner Copithorn. Dylan Vachon. Aaron Santos. Jesse Hill. Sam Weston. Miles Fortoloczky and friends.

Shutting Down the Glacier Early

Welcome to Camp Backflip. No special features, activities, guest pros or giveaways. Just some good old fashioned public park boarding on the Blackcomb Glacier by a bunch of lovable dirtbags.

Riders: Broox Coble – Mike Rowan – Kyle stainton – Mat Wanbon – Lucio Doglioni Majer – Kai

FootyFiend Goes Uptown

Early season parking with the Cannucks.

Featuring: Adam Franks, Cody Wilson, Kyle Stainton, Kai Ujejski, Nick Elliott and Don Wheeler early season on Blackcomb

Footyfiend’s End of the Soup

It’s soupy out there…

Riders: Braedon Wheeler, Brett Wilkinson, Joel Vachon, Kai Ujejski, Brin Alexander, Kody Williams and friends

FootyFiend’s Still Going In

Sub arctic temperatures are no match for the boys at Blackcomb. It’s snowboarding, after all.

Featuring: Adam Franks, Brin Alexander, Jon Versteeg, Braedon Wheeler and Qboy Talbot

Whistler Twofer

Whistler summer boarding is over. Don’t be sad, it just means winter boarding is right around the corner. Plus you can relive the memories with a couple edits.

First up, the Trash League. Follow them on insta, bro. @trashleague

Featuring: Mark Goodall, Mike Chmil, Denny Duquette, Danny Glibota, Kai Ujejski, James Brown, Brin Alexander, Jordan Bell, Dawson McLachlan, Tim Crighton, Andy Stewart, Adam McLean and Luciano Babaie.

And then these guys, who have no parents, and no rules.

Featuring: David Joncas, Jordan Bell, Keenan Gibson, Bryan Bowler, Dawson McLachlan, Daniel Gardiner, Kody Yarosloski, Ryan Rose, Kai Ujejski, and Mike Morkowski.

Footyfiend’s Jumpin’ Out the Gym

After the lackluster showing from the first COC edit, Canadian summer boarding needs some redemption. Luckily, Footyfiend never fails to deliver. Filmed in the Blackcomb public park.

Featuring: Braedon Wheeler, Bryan Bowler, Brin Alexander, Kai Ujejski, Q-boy Talbot, Joel Dalacker, Danny Gilbota, Alex Ball, and Adam Franks