Yobeat’s Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale


If you follow our Instagram and Facebook you might have seen we kicked of our holiday sale on Wednesday, a little earlier this year. Get 20% off your entire order through the end of Monday. All you’ve got to do is enter the promo code BLACK15 to apply the discount at checkout.

We’ve got some new stuff including hip packs, and Mountains and Pizza Crewnecks and Hoodies. We’ve also restocked our knit watch caps. Shop now.




11 Super Consumer Weekend Deals for Snowboarders


Another celebration of consumerist culture is upon us and since we’re so conflicted between our desire to #optoutside and #shoplocal, we’ve decided to do neither and just score some sweet ass deals on the Internet.* Because the only thing better than spending money is saving it! To aid in your mission to lighten your wallet efficiently, we’ve compiled a list of some places you can save some cash on all your very necessary snowboarding accoutrements this weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 3.45.57 PM

  1. Stinky Socks is giving 30% off all crew collab socks with the promo code YOBEATFRIDAY. Suport Stinky’s commitment to crews such as Yawgoons, Gremlinz, Trash League, Ninja Squad and Strange Brew while getting a deal. Now what’s better than that?

2. While you may have missed your chance at a discounted season pass (consult with your local resort to make sure) but there are lift ticket deals a-plenty this weekend, such as 3 for 1 tickets to Timberline lodge starting Sunday night at Midnight for 24 hours.


3. Meanwhile, on you can score a free Mr. Fun with any snowboard purchase on Friday. As if snowboarding wasn’t fun enough already, this revolutionary device has fun in the name, and everything is even more fun when it’s free.

4. Want to bring Homeschool Outerwear into your home? Well, you can get it there with free shipping on everything to any home in the US!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 3.38.43 PM

5. If you thought Banshee Bungee was out of business it’s because they were, but the brand is back with new lengths to fill all your friend-flinging need. Right now you can save $50 on 15, 20 and 25 ft packages on their site.

6. Dinosaurs Will Die is posting a deal of the day on their Facebook all weekend long featuring shops that have deep discounts going on DWD snowboards, so hit them with a follow and don’t miss out.


7. Arbor is launching the Iguchi Pro Model, which isn’t actually on sale but for sale, and is really an investment in yourself. You can pick one up online or at select retailers.

8. This super consumer weekend is also your chance to Get 20% off any Yobeat Apparel  through Monday with the promo code BLACK15, including limited Too Hard hats, DVDS and brand new hip packs.

9. And it’s Whack Friday at get 10% off everything on the site now through Tuesday, December 1st at Midnight.


10. Who doesn’t love ugly sweaters? You’ll need one of these for all your holiday engagements, and you can score 20% off with the promo code CONSUME at

11. And finally there are deals-a-plenty at  Get 40% off total order on Black Friday (Code: Black Friday) , 25% Off Total Order on Sat and Sun (Code: Save 25), and 45% off Total Order for Cyber Monday (Code: Cyber 45).

*Don’t spend all your money online, because many deals can only be found at your local shop! And shops matter! And while you’re there, make an insta edit for your chance to win a board from the Interior Plain Project. 

Yobeat Black Cyber Sale


In honor of consumerism, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and of course snowboarding, we’ve got a sale going on through Tuesday at midnight. 20% off all items in the store (while supplies last) using promo code “TURKEY” in all caps. Get fancy.

ReTales: Live from the Bowels of Black Friday


When this article is published I will be balls deep in my annual Black Friday shift. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked more than a few years in “real” retail, so I know that what I am dealing with is nothing compared to the true hell people working at big box retailers are facing today (or yesterday if their bosses are despicable). Honestly I kind of like Black Friday at my shop, it’s the first real busy day of the season, it marks the return of my ugly Christmas sweater, and I can begin my month-long campaign to make the shop playlist nothing but Trans-Siberian Orchestra and traditional English carols preformed by former members of Black Sabbath (If you don’t know what I am talking about, here is the song. You’re welcome.)

Unfortunately, much like my coworkers crush my dreams of the best Christmas playlist imaginable, some customers will still find a way to harsh my early-Yuletide mellow. If for some reason you are heading to a board shop today, instead of staying home and gorging yourself on leftovers, or heading to Electronics-R-Us like a proper American, here are some shortcuts to the Naughty List you may want to avoid.

Complaining about deals.

Okay, here’s the thing - it’s the beginning of the season. Most hills are just opening now, no one has had a good powder day, and we only just got this stuff in stock last week. This time of year is about one thing and one thing only for a shop like mine, and that’s paying the bills. We only get a few short weeks to sell things at a gain before prices start dropping and profits start shrinking. So before you bitch me out about how we’re *only* giving you 20% off outerwear, consider WHEN we are doing it. It makes no damn sense for us to be giving you any discount, so be happy for what you are getting!

Door Busters

Like I said, we open two hours early. It is bad enough when customers queue up on the door on a regular day, but when we are already making concessions to your early morning hunger for buy-one-get-one glove liners, don’t start banging on the door twenty minutes before we open. Yes we are in here, and yes we know you’re out there, but we still need to be putting up signage, loading up the registers, and prepping for the human tidal wave we’re about to battle. The hours are clearly posted on the door, calm the hellfuck down and just wait a second.

Availability Complaints

The perverse flipside of that last one is that our supplies really are limited, and if we sell out of a special offer, that’s it. Had your heart set on that size medium from 686 for $139? Tough tuchas, because that was the last one, we aren’t getting more, and our other location is sold out too. Jackets aren’t like flat screen TVs, we don’t have forty of them stacked up in the back waiting for a new home. We get a few, we sell a few, we move on. As I’ve said numerous times, we opened TWO HOURS early, and you show up thirty minutes before closing and expect us to have pity on you? Nice try.

Busy Complaints

Maybe I’m not being fair on this one. Maybe, just maybe, you are some sort of modern era Rip van Winkle, only woke up a few moments ago and don’t realize you are trying to go shopping on Black Friday. But if that isn’t the case, the fuck did you expect? Of course it is busy, of course we are understaffed. If Mega*Mart can’t manage to have enough people on hand while paying poverty wages to seasonal employees,what makes you think we can? We carry the same staff year round, and actually pay fairly and provide benefits and shit. So yes, you’re going to have to wait in line for thirty seconds, but isn’t that part of the Black Friday experience?

Night Riding at Meadows

[media id=69 width=555 height=340]

Here at YoBeat, we try to keep things fun. But sometimes, between the hate comments, and me constantly telling Nick Lipton that he is a douche bag, morale can get low. So it was time for a little team building exercise, and luckily Mt. Hood Meadows had just opened its night riding facilities for the season. With Party Time Nate in tow, a few road sodas, and the desire to get rad, Nick and I set out on Black Friday 2009 to strengthen the bond that makes YoBeat tick.