SIA Snow Show 2016 (part two of two)

If you missed part one of our 2016 SIA post, check it out here. The walk around the show continues with more brands and more products. Check it out below.


White is really in. #isitart?


Innovation is everywhere


Know your audience. 


Joel Cline sums up the SIA experience.

partyloungeThanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for supplying the Yobeat, Spring Break, Dang Shades Party Suite with fluids!

The Hyatt Lobby bar had all the $7.02 beer you could drink.


Now’s line of bindings continued to get refined, most notably with the introduction of a kingpin-like feature that allows riders to easily swap the bindings from one baseplate to another. Base plates will be available separately, so you can have baseplates mounted to your quiver, and easily swap bindings between boards.

_DSC5863 _DSC5862_DSC5865 _DSC5867


Rome’s 2016 line focusses on refining its binding and boot line. They’ve integrating Vibram rubber into some of their boot soles and created some lighter, stronger additions to the binding line. The Libertine boots and DOD bindings are looking sick this year. Going along with this year’s powder influence at the show, Rome also brought out some cool looking new powder boards.

_DSC5808 _DSC5810 _DSC5814 _DSC5817 _DSC5818 _DSC5819 _DSC5822 _DSC5823 maryrandinstaDespite her small stature, Yawgoon Mary Rand is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in snowboarding.


With a focus on technical, slick looking base, mid and outer layers. You won’t find any cartoon patterns here, just a simple Northwest aesthetic.


Flux had the fishing element covered with its John Jackson binding, as well as the 90s punk rock element with a NOFX collab.

_DSC5772 _DSC5778 _DSC5780


After a couple years of hiatus in the US, Sessions was back with new outerwear, still under the oversight of founder Joel Gomez, along with new Brand Manager / coffee enthusiast Nick Visconti.



Despite new ownership and a couple years of  “Bonfire is getting killed off” rumors, they were back swinging with a new line of technically focussed men’s and women’s outerwear.



Dakine are continuing to release some bitchin’ Peter Line designed outerwear, and as usual had some kick-ass travel bags and gloves/ mittens for the upcoming season. They also brought out a pretty sick insulated cooler that utilizes a basic five-gallon bucket you’ll find at any home improvement store. Just slip the fold away cooler over the bucket and you’ve got yourself an insulated, easy to carry transport device with a working man’s aesthetic. Park builders rejoice.

_DSC5731 _DSC5733 _DSC5736 _DSC5739 _DSC5741 _DSC5742


2016/17 will be Arbor’s first year releasing bindings. Aesthetically they look awesome, and they’ve integrated wires into their straps, which allow them to fold over with great flexibility and strength. Venice based Arbor also put out a Craig Stecyk designed board graphic, giving a huge nod to the brand’s Z-boys geographic proximity.

_DSC5744 _DSC5745 _DSC5746 _DSC5751 _DSC5752

Did you miss part one? Check it out here

Boring Product Review: The Burton Malavita Bindings

With all this new gear coming out, how are you going to know what to get? Well fear not, I have taken a completely technical, and boring-as-shit approach to this review and I know you guys will find it helpful.

Premature Evaluation: 2013/2014 Union Bindings

Day 2 of Premature Evaluation we take a look at some of next year’s bindings made by Union.


Tech & Durability
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 10.44.35 AM
How am i going to explain this better than travis rice giving a salute? I’m not going to. “If you break, or even crack your baseplate or heelcup during riding, we’ll replace it for life. Guaranteed”

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.06.27 AM
HOLY SHIT! Union finally made baseplates to put on Burton boards. Bout damn time.

The Contact Pro
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.09.59 AM
These bindings look like the skeleton of an 80’s athletic sneaker. This leads me to believe they will be really good at keeping your foot attatched to a snowboard.

The Charger
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 10.45.30 AM
Confident that binding grinds will finally catch on, Union gets ahead of the curve with a teflon high back.

The Factory
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.16.38 AM
These are the bindings Travis Rice salutes. Can everyone just agree that we should bring back those old Chuck Norris jokes, but switch Chuck’s name with Travis Rice?

Elite Pro
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.12.39 AM
Well I had to include at least one of the bright color union options.

The Milan
Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 9.14.49 AM
If you switched a tampon out for these lady bindings and kept everything else about this ad the same, it would totally make sense.

2013 Union Force: An Actual Review

You want technical specs? We’ll give you technical specs. Of the Union Force, while we’re holding the Cobra Dogs Union Contacts, because “real” reviews are that ridiculous.

Check out the Contacts specs for yourself HERE.

Young Mountain Baby Presents: The Shadow-Fit Rap

One of the perks of having a rapper on staff at yobeat, is that when a company like Salomon wants to do a feature about their new “shadow-fit” binding technology, we have our work cut out for us.

Instrumental by Mike Fresh. Check his work here

Check out the Hologram binding HERE

Check out the District Bindings HERE

Under Review: Forum Shaka Binding


Name: Forum Shaka

Price: $240 US

Review: On one hand bindings don’t really matter. All they need to do is hold a boot in place; however, binding tech has been progressing rapidly over the last few years so let’s do this. The new Forum Shaka works wonders, and makes your feet look cool. When setting these puppies up you can adjust every aspect of the bindings. The highbacks will even adjust to better support the angle of your legs. Forum’s pride and joy is probably the baseplate, which is capable of folding in half. At first glance it looks scary and new, but strap it down and give it a whirl and you notice your board and bindings are working as one, refreshing after years of battle between the two. Now I know that’s a breakthrough, and a wonderful development, but to be honest, these bindings are all about the straps. Both straps are big, comfy, and work like clockwork. The toe strap should be given an award. It’s a toe cap with no limits, and if you haven’t moved onto toe caps by now you are really old or just plain lazy. This thing is a huge piece of comfort you slap over the end of your boot and forget about until the end of the day, it’s the best, end of story.

On-hill: These bindings are smooth. The ratchets slide on and off without sticking or causing you any frustration even after taking a beating. HCSC set up a mini pipe this year with a jump over the top of it. Coming up short of this sucker was no joke and when it happened these bindings kept me in place and saved my back ankle. The comfort the Shaka’s provide is something else as well. The toe cap is so big and comfy that even on the hardest cut turns you feel secure. They are wide enough to fit into any boots too, as we tested multiple boots in them. The fact that the highback can be adjusted to match the angle of your legs is a real bonus too. rather than fighting your highbacks they work with you. To wrap it up, these bindings are comfortable as hell and continue to work perfectly even after you thrash the hell out of them.

Notable stuff: Two thumbs up, best straps around town, fully adjustable, bending baseplates allow for some serious movability, comfortable, and they make you look cool in the lift line.

All the products in these reviews were provided by the companies and we’re given to YoBeat after the review. Of course, we broke most of them in the testing process, but what can you do.