The Women Who Run Snowboarding

by Eli Andrews

The evolution of snowboarding is constantly one upping itself. Never been done tricks in your browsers history only to be forgotten the next full part drops. Yet in the shadows of snowboarding the fairer sex is often forgotten. The P.S. series, Mischief, Peep Show and the Too Hard crews are working to push female snowboarding to the masses. With the addition of the X games and the Olympics the ladies are gaining some momentum and media coverage that has a few making even more money than some of their male counterparts.

It seems that for most of the early 2000s women’s snowboarding remained stagnant with little to no progression. Ladies like Barrett Christy and Circe Wallace had already set the bar with tricks like 360s and backflips. Around 2005 the progression of park building and snowmobiles became lighter and easier to handle for ladies. Almost overnight the girls started upping the ante with 5s, 7s and double back flips. Now it’s 2014 and tricks like cab doubles, back 10 dub corks and a plethora of tech rail maneuvers have made womens riding relevant more than ever. So being the hard hitting investigative journalism that YOBEAT is known for we tracked down some of the women who run snowboarding and asked them:

“What do you think it takes to infiltrate an industry predominantly run by men?”

The Riders

mfrmainMarie France Roy Hana BeamanHana Beaman
leannemainLeanne Pelosi

Behind the Scenes

barrettBarrett Christy circeCirce Wallace maryMary Walsh

Site Check: Gnu Snowboards 15/16


Gnu Snowboards. Kind of funny to think that they pre-date Lib Tech, and originally Lib Tech was supposed to be the low-cost option from Mervin.


This is the Carbon Credit Club. This is one of those “limited release” topsheet specials that’s only available from select “Club Collection” retailers. On paper this is supposed to support local shops because it’s not available at stores that aren’t core enough, but in reality most of those shops are just going to flip that shit online (they’re no dummy). So in practice it’s just an alternate topsheet for a board that really doesn’t get as much attention as it should.


Oh Danny, what have you done? I’m not going to pretend that I don’t listen to the Misfits, but is Jerry Only really the horse you want to back in this race? Not that Danzig would be a great choice either, but at this point supporting either is just supporting the childish feud preventing us from getting a reunion that doesn’t involve Michael Graves.


In a move that surprises absolutely no one, the B-Pro is back again, extending Barrett Christy’s longest-running female pro model status. Though I will say that I am disappointed in the copy. Barrett and I are from the same part of PA, but the description only talks about Crested Butte and Mt. Baker. I know you’ve lived out west for a while, and JF/BB isn’t the sexiest mountain; but surely somewhere on the East Coast deserved a shout out? Danny Kass may be feeding into the worst attention seeking behavior in punk, but at least he’s keeping it Jersey.


And Gnu Bindings are still rolling with their backdoor entry system/sexual euphemism. I don’t get it, strapping in isn’t that hard, but someone must be buying them because they’re still here.

Now this is a tough one to score. The site is actually pretty good, everything is easy to find and Gnu (and all Mervin brands) always do a really good job of explaining each board. But it lacks the interesting quirks I’ve come to expect from Gnu. They’ve got thirty years of being different behind them, so a well layed out and easy to use website just feels sterile and watered down. It may not be fair to grade them against themselves, but I just can’t do any better than a 57.

Check the site for yourself at

The standings so far-

Rank Brand Score
1. Lobster Snowboards 87
2. Bataleon  86
3. Endeavor 74
4. Arbor Collective 71
5. Holden 62
6. Gnu Snowboards 57


The 2000 US Open Snowboard Championships, Part I

Our not-so-comprehensive coverage

Friday, March 17: Our own personal jib contest

Chad Otterstrom

Friday, March 17: Big Air
The big air might have been held on St. Patrick’s Day, but there was not nearly as much green beer circulating as you’d expect. This was thanks in part to nazi-like checking of backpacks for cans, bottles and anything that might contain alcohol. Without the crowd in their usual liquored glory, the big air was rather calm. The crowd’s lack of enthusiasm could also have been cause by the extreme cold, which is pretty much guaranteed by a night big air contest.

Here’s a Mikey Leblanc fact that not too many people know: he’s from Maine. He was stoked to be home this weekend and visit with his parents.
Photo: Brooke Geery

If there’s one thing I learn at these events, it is if you’ve been to one big air contest this year, you’ve been to them all. Friday night was a series of backside 900’s and flip tricks from the guys, and backside 360’s and backflips from the girls. Jaime Macleod has finally remembered how to put her feet down after backside 360’s, and for that walked away with first place. Tara Dakides had to settle for a meager second, and Jessica Dalpiaz was able to walk away with third for grabbing indy.

Jussi Oksanen did a 900, and it might have even been switch, either way he won, and finally got the respect he deserved from the big air judges. Jason Borgstede also got his high score with a 900, since his next two attempts at the Borgaerial were not particularly successful. In third was New Hampshire boy and SMS student Scotty Arnold, with a backside 540.

I don’t have much else to say about the big air, after all, I was pretty much frozen for the whole evening, and it’s not a time I wish to think much more about.

Saturday, March 18: Halfpipe
The halfpipe finals may have been the best ever at the 2000 US Open, but I wouldn’t know. I couldn’t see much of anything. From my vantage point at the bottom of the pipe, I could occasionally catch an air or two at the end of people’s runs, that is if they were going big enough. Luckily for me, everyone was.

Adam Petraska, mid 720. Does anyone get the Adam, Abe, Ross 3:16 joke? Please let me know.
Photo: Brooke Geery

So I didn’t get to see much of the contest, but here’s what I do know:

1. The pipe was actually SUPER. When they said the walls were bigger, they weren’t exaggerating. This made it possible for some of the highest level of pipe riding ever.

2. Guillame Morrisette deserved to win. His runs were consistently technical and more than head high. Although during the contest he was riding without a sponsor, he was immediately approached by the owner of Sims and offered a contract. He is also in negotiations with Nitro.

3. Ross Powers thought he won. They jumbo-tron scoreboard was turned off with about five minutes remaining in the finals. This meant that riders could no longer monitor their status, and after Ross came through with one of his best runs ever, he thought he had taken first away from Guillame. For his final run, he just did large straight airs, but wasn’t trying to get a high score. However, when the final scores were posted, Ross had fallen short by less than a point.

4. Someone will have a photo of Anne Molin Kongsgard’s first hit. Her tail grabs were huge, and right in front of one of the few poorly located photo pits.

5. Natazsa Zurek and Anne Molin are doing their part to raise the bar for women’s snowboarding. Natazsa with back to back Mctwists and cripplers, and Anne Molin for going bigger than most of the guys.

6. Jeff Brushie was riding better than we’ve seen in years.

7. The weather was actually the best it’s been in the years I’ve been attending the US Open. The sun was warm, the sky was blue, and my goggle tan improved tenfold. Rahm Klampert was running around in a t-shirt, and as far as I could tell, everyone was having a good time.

Brushie was riding well. Unfortunately, this Mctwist happened before anyone was there to see it.
Photo: Brooke Geery

Tommy Czechin rocks my world, even at #6.
Photo: Brooke Geery

I had to throw this in, because my token girl shot looks pretty good this year. Christel Thoresen.
Photo: Brooke Geery


1. Guillaume Morisset 73.9
2. Ross Powers 73.1
3. Xavier Hoffman 70.7
4. Therry Brunner 70.6
5. Trevor Andrew 69.9
6. Tommy Czeschin 69.6
7. Daniel Migneault 68.5
8. Luke Wynen 65.9
9. Rob Kingwill 65.8
10. Adam Petraska 64.7

1. Natasza Zurek 69.6
2. Shannon Dunn-Downing 64.5
3. Barrett Christy 63.4
4. Minna Hesso 63
5. Stine Brun Kjeldas 62.3
6. Anne Molin Kongsgard 60.3

Saturday, March 18: The Party Scene
As usual, the parties at the US Open went off. Friday night Burton held an exclusive gig at Haig’s where Slick Rick was playing. Of course, I didn’t go to that, that would have been to cool. the next night Etnies had their party at Haig’s, but I didn’t go to that one either. Instead, Saturday night I headed down to the Green Door, where I hung out with all of my old internet friends. Later on the action moved over to the Hayes Brothers’ house, where I guess you could say the real party went on all weekend.

After years of controversy, Jeff Brushie and I have finally put our differences aside.

Dani Constandache and Xaver Hoffman celebrating a third place finish for the latter.

Keir Dillon and his lady friend, whose name I should really know by now.

Lael Gregory and someone else whose name I don’t know.

Brian Regis looking overly chipper.

Kris Sweirz and his girlfriend Nimosa, I mean, Wendy Taylor spent the evening trying to convince everyone they didn’t meet on the internet.

To be continued…

The X Games: Fear and Loathing in Mt. Snow

February 3-6, 2000

by Brooke Geery

Abe Teeter is rad. Although he crashed in qualifiers, he won a place in all of our hearts ::sob::

For some reason, ESPN decided that it would be a good idea to bring the X Games to the east coast this year. Actually, the real reason is that American Skiing Company bid a ridiculous amount of money to host the event, and then decided to hold it at Mt. Snow, a resort which was far from adequate to hold any event of this magnitude. Regardless of being prepared, on February 3rd, a few hundred extreme athletes from around the globe came to participate in their respective sports. They didn’t come for the fame and glory, or because an X Games gold medal brings so much pride to your country and family. Everyone who showed up was there because first place in every discipline received $10,000. Better yet, everyone who participated received at least $250 dollars just for showing up. Not to destroy the myth, but the X Games are far from glamorous or prestigious.

The first two days of the games brought the snowboarding slopestyle and boardercross, skier-X, Sno-cross, and Snow Mountain Biking. With the exception of Thursday night’s party, where one could run into Tony Hawk or enjoy as much free booze as desired, the first two days of the games were pretty slow. The course set up for all of the snowboard events was not at all conducive to viewing, so there were a few die-hards in the trees, but not much else.

Jaime Macleod is retiring from big air, because she doesn’t like to land backside 360’s anymore. This one looks pretty good in the air.

If you’ve ever watched some of the television coverage and wondered what the judges thinking when they gave that guy third, let me explain it to you. The judges have the winners all picked out long before anyone drops in. If someone unexpected does well, they will receive fourth, as ESPN failed to create a profile on them to show before their run. If one of the pre-decided winners does poorly, the judges are forced to give them a high score anyway. Case in point, Peter Line. In Thursday’s slopestyle, he managed to pull off a bronze medal for a run that shouldn’t have even gotten him into the top ten. Slightly more deserving in men’s slopestyle were Kevin Jones who got first, and Todd Richards, riding better than he had in years, getting second.

For ladies, Tara Dakides, the undisputed best all around female snowboarder in the world took home the gold. When the weekend was through, she’d be walking home with over $20,000. Jaime Macleod moved up one spot on the podium from last year’s games to take the silver. In third was Barrett Christy.

On the other side of the mountain, snowboarder Shaun Palmer had humiliated the field of skiers by taking the gold in the skier-X. Luckily for ESPN he did this, so they could continue to call him the king, because what was to happen the next day in boarder X might ruin him forever, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

The real crowd showed up on Friday for the Sno-cross. This event is really something, but I’m not quite sure what. It managed to attract every ski-doo jacket-clad redneck family in Southern Vermont, which is quite a few. Although alcohol was “not allowed at the X Games,” the Budweiser cans littering the slopes after that event greatly out numbered the inches of natural snow Mt. Snow has received, ever. ESPN had a field day with the Sno-cross, as 15 year old Tucker Hibbert beat his dad and field of pros to take gold in the event. Don’t worry, if you missed this, you’ll certainly be able to catch the “story of the year” in re-runs.

Joni Malmi is good at sliding rails, including the infamous “sex change” handrail. Pretty sweet.

On the boarder X course, a story the X Games isn’t so proud of was unfolding. It seems that at the hand of Drew Neillson and Seth Wescott, their golden boy Shaun Palmer had barely even finished the final race. Instead a collision between the three men had caused him to slide across the finish line with three broken ribs, and no gold medal. Instead it was Drew Neillson who crossed first, followed by Scott Gaffney and Jason Ford. The girls boarder X was not quite so eventful. Leslee Olson easily took gold being the only girl to do the optional gap on the course, giving her a sizable lead over Carlee Baker and Line Oestvold, second and third respectively.

The real show, the one that attracted a supposed 80,000 people, started Saturday. The snowboard “superpipe” was far from super, but it still managed to attract thousands who pressed themselves up against the fence in hopes of being on television. The spectator area around the pipe was great, especially the way it prevented you from seeing any of the action. If you were sandwiched somewhere in the crowd, you may have missed what turned into a free-for-all between Todd Richards and local boy Ross Powers. Richards, who looked like he was having fun snowboarding for the first time in a while, was also riding better than he has in years. Powers was going huge, and certainly had the crowd’s support behind him. In the finals, Todd threw down an untouchable run his second time through, and although Ross did some ante-upping, adding an extra 720 to his already impressive run, it wasn’t enough to dethrone Richards. Mammoth, CA local Tommy Czechin was riding well also, well enough for third. Another rider in the finals was Luke Wynen. He really didn’t do anything special, but gets mad if he isn’t mentioned in every story written. Trevor Andrew had a sick run, but his only reward was that according to announcer Steve Ruff, “He’s got mad steez.” In the end, Richards was atop the podium with the gold, Powers got the silver, and Czechin the bronze.

Andrew Crawford rules. If I was twelve, I would definitely have a crush on him.

The only thing I have to say about the women’s halfpipe competition is that Kim Stacy got robbed. After the skiing camera man ran into her mid run, and she expressed her disgust, it was clear she wouldn’t earn a spot on the podium despite the fact that she was going bigger than any of the girls and a lot of the guys. Stine Brun Kjeldaas received the gold, Barrett Christy the silver, and Natasza Zurek the bronze.

I’m sure some other events happened on Saturday, but I’ll be damned if I know what they were. Saturday night however, was the real party. ESPN put on a concert for the athletes and team managers featuring Cypress Hill. I bet this wasn’t that good, but I wouldn’t know because I couldn’t get in. I did hear that Cypress Hill played two songs and the speakers blew. This caused everyone to show up at the University of Vermont condo, for what might have been the most insane situation ever. Not one for scary drunken parties, I chose to go the GAP house, where they were having a fully catered shin-dig. After I was over this, I did make an appearance at the UVM party. Seems they had already caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the house, and in the ten or so minutes I was there, would cause even more. Ross Powers was trying to start fights, full beer cans were flying, and there was a car accident. Somewhat overwhelmed, I decided that I should go to bed so I could get up early and hopefully find out the big air had been canceled.

Since east coast weather is so awesome, the high winds caused Saturday’s snowboard and skier big air practice to be canceled. There were a lot of rumors circulating that the actual events would be canceled as well, but there was no such luck. Instead, the big air, became the “best trick” competition, and was moved to a smaller jump. With the exception of the occasional wind gust, the weather wasn’t even that bad. The skier big air took place first thing in the morning, long before I managed to get out of bed, but I heard it was cool. During the snowboard contest, I made the greatest discovery ever. The athletes were provided with a heated yurt, complete with a large array of food, and closed circuit televisions showing all the action going on outside. It was from here that I watched most of the event, including Tara Dakides’s backside 720. This was more than enough for the gold. Leah Wagner, in second place, did a front flip, and Jessica Dalpiaz spun a backside 360 for third. If Tara didn’t win the car for being the more extreme athlete at the games, it’s a conspiracy.

I never got to go on a date with Travis Parker, but he still get’s his picture on my website. Good deal, I’d say.

The men’s competition was all about 900’s. I think there were about 4000 of them performed during the men’s runs. This would be why numbers 1, 2, and 3 all had a variation of the 900 as their winning trick. In third was Kevin Jones, second Jason Borgstede, who’s stock trick conveniently happens to be a backside 900. First place went to Peter Line, who did his 900 switch. The din that arouse from the crowd when he stomped this and rode away was enough to realize that everyone else should go home.

I don’t know what happened in the rest of the events, and frankly, I don’t care. If you’re dying to find out what went down in Snow Mountain Biking, check out EXPN. If you want a slightly more detailed account of any of the snowboard events, go to Transworld Snowboarding.

In conclusion, the X Games were not that great, but they did keep me entertained for four days, and there was plenty of free booze. The level of athletics were some of the highest I’ve seen, and I think most people were having a good time. If only the event was run a little better for spectating, the X Games could shape up to be the funnest four days of the year.

The Legendary Banked Slalom 2000

I’ve already written one story about the 17th Annual Banked Slalom (for EXPN), but it’s not up yet, and I don’t want to be accused of being a slacker, so I’m writing another one. This one, however, is going to be far from a real story, I’ve had just about enough of that.

I don’t know who this is, but they didn’t win.

Matt Hammer is obviously from Mammoth. Look at all the god beams.

Very mediocre Terje photo.

Mikey Bolster in front of scenic Mt. Shuksan.

Event Vitals

Date: January 26-28 (yes, I missed seeing the damn Bluejays win the Superbowl).
Age: 17 damn years. (That’s almost as old as me.)
Competitors: 200 or so, all who went through a cut-throat selection process. (Bastards)
Running Time: Three damn days. Four runs total for each rider. (You tell me why it took that long.)

Witty and insightful, yet somewhat unrelated quotes:

“I haven’t taken a shower since I got here. It’s okay, we have a hottub.” Josh Dirksen. Maybe the extra dirt gave him enough extra weight to get third?

“Who’s got the duct tape?” Jeff Hambelton trying to put on his bib.

“There everywhere, you’re bound to trip over one sooner or later.” Marie Grindlay on all the damn snowboards laying around.

“If I wanted to go faster, I’d wear spandex.” Siofan Davies explaining she was taking off her jacket simply for mobility purposes.

“I’m gonna be like a jackrabbit on crack out of that gate.” Mark Landvik.

“Show me the spot and Deez will make it hot.” Derek Liska on the Banked Slalom.

“Shit on a fucking ass shit, bitch.” Marcus Adolf.

“It ain’t easy being this slow.” Andy Hetzel on his 1:30

“I came here to drink some Red Bull and kick some ass, and the Red Bull is almost gone.” Jesse Burtner, who finished spmewhere in the 40’s.

“What the hell possessed you to bring a ventriloquist dummy to the party anyway?” Scott Rouse (Don’t ask me)

“That bear claw is bigger than your head.” Jesse Burtner to Catherine Nieves.

“Donkey, Granny, Donkey, Rodeo, Sims, Terje, Donkey, double hit combo, Baker, Winner’s Jacket, Donkey.” Jason Speer, words not said in this order, but certainly repeated enough.

“Brooke, go to my court date for me. It will be a really good journalistic experience for you.” Catherine Nieves after getting a citation for being underage and trying to get into the party.

“I would have won if it wasn’t for my time.” Anyone who didn’t win.

That’s it. That’s the story. Eat it.

My money shot of the weekend. Matt Ferguson.

Oh yeah, results:
Pro Men

Temple Cummins 1.2957
Sylvain Duclos 1.2984
Josh Dirksen 1.2992
Rob Morrow 1.3078
Matt Goodwill 1.3128
Arlid Brun-Kjeldaas 1.3138
Terje Haakonsen 1.315
Guy Deschenes 1.3171
Thomas Ligonnet 1.3185
Joey McGuire 1.3189

Pro Women

Barrett Christy 1.3827
Victoria Jealouse 1.3935
Marni Yamada 1.4033
Catherine Nieves 1.4132
Stacy Thomas 1.4301
Tanya Simonson 1.43.96
Marguerite Cossettini 1.4403
Martina Magenta 1.4417
Lisa Quirici 1.465
Allison OBrien 1.4582