The Flippin Bird Interview

While Colorado may get a bad rep here on Yobeat, there are a few shining beacons of light. One of them, is the flippin’ bird crew – T Diggy, Apple and Lamar J. These find young gentleman just dropped their latest edit and rather post as is, we thought we’d use our media clout to get an exclusive interview with T Diggy. Here ya go.

How did Flippin Bird come to be?

Well Lamar J and I were on the Winter Park snowboard team for a few years, and then one day this funny little kid nicknamed Apple showed up and started making jokes and everyone liked him. We didn’t start hanging out with him a lot but when the team went to High Cascade we started chilling and filming!
Do you guys obey the high cascade big six rules even when you’re not at camp?

haha hell no. To tell you the truth i cant remember most of them but Apple lives in Steamboat so hes always getting into some fun shit. Lamar J and I like to party too, but Apple is a wild dude.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen Apple do? Or heard about?

he told me once that he went into this party in Fort Collins (his hometown) and he had to piss. So he goes into the bathroom all drunk and starts pissing, but he didn’t realize he was leaking all over this passed out girls head! she wasn’t stoked.

That’s just gross, but getting drunk and peeing on someone is pretty normal, I think. So, you guys got picked up, and dropped from Saga. Which was more exciting?

I think the shock of getting picked up was more exciting because we had never been sent a package of free stuff before. We knew it was a brand that people hated on but we didn’t care about that. Getting dropped was funny because everyone told us it was for the better! considering the fact that they dropped other riders its a no brainer we did too, no hate to Jerm though. He treated us well

Are you guys still getting any flow?

Not at the moment. Dylan Alito and Pat Barraza hooked us up with some Volcom clothes which was awesome. I think when we start getting good at riding we might pick up some sponsors, but not right now.

haha so you guys admit snowboarding isn’t one of your strong suits. Would you say you are more of a lifestyle crew?

haha, yeah we are definitely known more for the lifestyle shots than the actual riding shots. I would like to get away from that more and start actually getting hammers if you can picture that… but i’m trying to bring new guys like Sam Buckmelter into the mix, he can contribute some good shots and he’s sick on jumps too.

Are there any darksides to internet fame or do you feel like your 15 minutes are over?

I don’t think there are besides reading hate comments. We all get noticed in real life, at snowboard on the block a lot of people recognized Lamar J and Apple has been approached in steamboat by fans. I hope our 15 minutes aren’t over, I mean if anyone watches our first edit and the new one you can see the riding is better, because I know I’ve been working harder for clips recently. Whether it’s more entertaining is up to the viewer.

Who have you guys been digging lately, edit-wise?

All the LTC guys, anything from Scott Stevens/Change that tape, MN edits from 1817 etc., Strange Brew, Any Knowbuddy dudes killing it. I like watching those hammer edits, they’re sick.

What else can we expect from Flippin Bird this season?

You can expect the same type of edits, but with better riding, partying and hopefully some girls? Street shots as well!

Anything else you want to say to the Yobeat public?

Thanks to anyone that is down with what we’re doing and for getting us out there on the interwebs. peace!

Canada Meets America

This site seems to have caught on in Canada. We’ve been getting a lot of submissions from the great white north. Some are mind blowing, and some just blow. But we figured, it’s Tuesday, the day we usually dump a bunch of videos into one post, so why not.

We’ll start things off with a mad minute with Ryan Manning? Who? Honestly, all we know is that he rides at Whistler and he’s real good at riding his snowboard.

This next video was delivered with the subject, “too many pussy midwest american videos so i thought a canadian one would fuck up your minds,” and then goes on to explain, “this kid is daryl rolof. He progresses at a rate so fast he shits miracles. Feature it or you like animal abuse. Filmed in three days at rabbit hill Edmonton Alberta, canaduh. This is just his b footy too ahahahahahha.” Since we all know I love cats, we’ll let you be the judge.

And now, one of our most favorite Canadians, Andrew Burns, just dropped the first episode of Shipwrecked.

Well, that’s enough Canada. Let’s finish this out with a little slice of Americana.

Flippin’ Bird Double Feature: Apple’s Back!

The Flippin’ Bird crew is back and you know you’ve all missed them terribly, especially Apple. Now you lucky human beings are really in for a treat with a double dose of our pre-pubescent friends!

First up a little collab with Dylan Alito and Zach Rawles back in Colorado.

And then, the boys made it to summer camp, where they made lots of new friends.

High Fives with Todd Richards—iPad!


While sitting in the Seattle Airport Mr. Richards noticed a man on an iPad. His impression was that it looked annoying. But as an Apple addict, Todd will probably buy one anyway. To help you decide if you should buy one, read the dribble below.

Does Todd Richards think we should buy the iPad?

Well, I think that if you want another iPhone that will make you feel like you are the size of a midget, then yes. Or if you get one for free. Don’t get me wrong, I desire one, but than again if Steve Jobs shit a white shit I would want that too.

What is your dream apple product?

Oh that’s the iPod suppository. You simply stick the new iPod in your rectum and viola! Music from the inside. Be careful of download speeds though.

Does it weird you out that you’ve seen the entire history of recorded music technology unfold in front of your very own eyes?

I bought the first mp3 player out of Sky Mall before the iPod that held a whopping 1000 songs. It was the size of a disc man. I thought that thing was going to be the end all of awesome. Then the whole iPod came out a year later and so on and so forth. The really weird thing is, I have every generation of iPod in my drawer at home collecting dust.

Do you think the iPad is good or bad for watching porn?

I don’t get how the iPad is held. Do you hold it like a book or does it sit on your lap like a lap top? Maybe it’s bad if you hold it like a book.

Is it safe to say the iPad delivers a new wave of porno portability?

Well, I would imagine if you are that into porn and technology why not just get one of those real dolls?

BONUS QUESTION: Would you buy a real doll if Apple made one? Would you use it?

An Apple Doll? What if you have a fetish for African American women? You would have to wait 12 months for the shnazzy black version.