32 Day at Brighton

I didn’t think it was possible to make 32 Day any better than it already was, but the 12″ of snow we accumulated over the course of the day made for an all-time event.  Unfortunately, the foot of fresh made the course condition less than idea, but nobody could complain because they were too busy getting pitted in the side country between their drops.  Im pretty sure the only people I actually heard bitch about the conditions were Grendy’s and Hobush, but they had $100 on the line so its understandable.  Due to some complications with the timing system, riders only got to hit the course once, which sucked for people like me who thought they could skip out of the course to get white-roomed and hop back in before finishing.  Either way, there were some pretty fast times put up despite the conditions.  The results for the banked slalom are as follows:


  1. First: Griffin Siebert – 40.68 seconds
  2. Second:  Seth Hout – 40.90 seconds
  3. Third: Everest Arnold – 41.48 seconds



  1. First: Stephanie Feld – 46.43 seconds
  2. Second: Gillian Montgomery – 47.82 seconds
  3. Third: JeJawn Allen – 47.85 seconds


Due to a combination of the weather and the timing system issues, the rail jam got off to a bit of a late start.  You know shits about to go down when you hear Matty Mo on the mic saying “YO YO YO BRIGHTON WHAT THE F*CK IS UP!!”  The snow was still puking during the rail jam but it didn’t stop some heavy stunts from going down.  Tristan did one of the smoothest cab threes on to a down bar I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure Everest Arnold is actually goofy because his switch stance riding abilities are quite impressive.  It’s a good thing the rail jam only lasted half an hour because there definitely would have been some carnage once kids started trying to gap from the jump to the DFD (which was easily 50 ft away).  The rail jam and Overall winners are were:

Men’s Rail Jam:

  1. First: Tristan
  2. Second: Nick Kolkman
  3. Third: Dilly Guenthen


Women’s Rail Jam:

  1. First: Hailee Mattingley
  2. Second: Jade Thurgood
  3. Third: Madison Blackley


Men’s overall:

  1. First: Nick Kolkman
  2. Second: Everest Arnold
  3. Third: Drew Elm


Women’s Overall:

  1. First: Madison Blackley
  2. Second: Hailee Mattingley
  3. Third: Stephanie Feld


Again, this event was a blast.  A huge shout out goes to Brian Cook at 32 for making the event happen, Jared Winkler at Brighton for organizing everything and Mouse and the rest of the Brighton Diggers for killing it on the course setup.  If you have the opportunity to make it out for 32 day next year, I would highly recommend attending (in case you were wondering, it’s going to be on March second next year, if you already haven’t figured that out).

ThirtyTwo Day 2014 At Brighton

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (March 3, 2014) – The Utah snowboarding community descended on Brighton Resort yesterday for the sixth annual ThirtyTwo Day event. ThirtyTwo degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature snow is made, and that’s just what happened with two feet of snowfall in the 32 hours before the event on 3/2/14. The free event that’s open to all snowboarders had more than 200 people lined up to enter the Banked Slalom and Rail Jam contests, as well as thousands that were at Brighton resort to enjoy the holiday.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.31.54 PM

Brighton local Brandon Hobush enjoyed the fresh snow by blasting this method

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.32.14 PM

ThirtyTwo Rider Chris Grenier flying through the berms

ThirtyTwo Day combines the rider’s time on the Banked Slalom with their score in the Rail Jam. The challenging Banked Slalom course separated the committed riders that were in it to win it from the rest before the rail jam kicked off at 3 p.m. ThirtyTwo Team Riders JP Walker, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Chris Bradshaw, Dylan Thompson, Brandon Hobush, Jordan Small and Spencer Schubert judged the Rail Jam.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.32.45 PM

Left to right: Judges Chris Bradshaw and Chris Grenier watching Isabella Borriello earning her first place ThirtyTwo Day title

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.34.57 PM

Chris Frost’s front-270 to frontboard was one of the many combos he pulled out of his arsenal in the rail jam to take the overall win

Overall ThirtyTwo Day Results:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.35.19 PM


1. Chris Frost

2. Tristan Heiner

3. Jeremy Thornburg

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.35.39 PM


1. Isabella Borriello

2. Kelly Underwood

3. Nirvona Ortanez

Banked Slalom Results:


1. Dylan Bidez – 28.07 seconds

2. Merrick Joyce – 28.08 seconds

3. Jeremy Thornburg – 28.14 seconds


1. Kelly Underwood – 31.70 seconds

2. Isabella Borriello – 32.80 seconds

3. Nirvona Ortanez – 33.14 seconds

Rail Jam Results:


1. Alex Lockwood

2. Andrew Aldridge

3. Jeff Hopkins


1. Grace Maverick

2. Isabella Borriello

3. Nirvona Ortanez

The Brighton Resort is truly a mountain community that takes care of its own. Sam Wittke is on the Brighton Park Staff and friend of the ThirtyTwo brand that has deep Brighton roots, and his mom, Mary Wittke, is in need so the community rallied to support her. Mary has worked for Brighton for 30 years and she is currently battling cancer. ThirtyTwo made a $5 donation for everyone that entered the ThirtyTwo Day event (plus a little), and this $1,032 donation will go to help cover her medical costs. The Brighton Resort sports desk is also accepting donations for anyone else that is interested helping Mary Wittke.



Do whatever necessary to be at Brighton Resort on 3/2/14 for the 6th Annual 32 Day.  Everybody is invited to race in the Banked Slalom and stay for the Rail Jam.

At 32 Day, snowboarders can compete alongside their friends, favorite pros and AMs in the Banked Slalom. Registration for the 32 Day events begins at 8 a.m. The Banked Slalom race will start at 10 a.m. and the Rail Jam will close the day out at 3 p.m.

For the latest on ThirtyTwo and Brighton Resort, connect with the brands here:


SALT LAKE CITY, UT (March 3, 2013) — The fifth annual ThirtyTwo Day event on 3/2/13 at Brighton Resort was the biggest one yet, with the resort selling thousands of lift tickets, and two hundred snowboarders coming out to compete in the Hell Track Banked Slalom and Rail Jam contests. DJ Jonny 5 (Jon Castro) laid down the sound track for the event at the base of Milly that quickly turned this contest into an all day party. Thousands of people were at Brighton for the event yesterday including local shredders, media and quite a few pro and am snowboarders.


The Hell Track course was fast and the tight turns took quite a few riders out! Photo credit: Natalie Wall

ThirtyTwo Day combines the rider’s time on the Hell Track with their score in the Rail Jam; so winning on the Hell Track only puts a rider half way to the overall win. Time doesn’t lie, and riders’ times on the Hell Track separated the winners from the losers. ThirtyTwo Team Riders Scott Stevens, Chris Beresford, Brandon Hobush, Chris Brewster and Spencer Schubert judged the Rail Jam that kicked off at 3 p.m.


Photo Credit for all photos below: Jesse Anderson


This Halfcab Tailpress was one of many hammers Chris Frost dropped to land on the podium.

There were $3,200 dollars in cash and prizes given away on ThirtyTwo Day. The overall men’s and women’s winners walked away with $500 cash, a new ThirtyTwo x Crab Grab board and new ThirtyTwo boots, second place got $200 and new ThirtyTwo boots, third place won $100 and a new pair of ThirtyTwo boots. Cash and prizes were given to the winners of the Hell Track and Rail Jam contests too.

Overall ThirtyTwo Day Results:


1. Blake Geis
2. Sam Bluzejewski
3. Treyson Allen


1. Madison Blackley
2. Alexa McCarm
3. Samantha Kolesky

Helltrack Banked Slalom Results:

1. Griffin Seibert
2. Blake Geis
3. Ben Mouser

1. Madison Blackley
2. Helen Wade-Joice
3. Kara Rennie

Rail Jam Results:

1. Sam Bluzejewski
2. Blake Geis
3. Chris Frost

1. Madison Blackley
2. Alexa McCarm
3. Laura Rogoski

ThirtyTwo Day at Brighton

I was told on March 1st that since I was in Utah, if I didn’t go to ThirtyTwo day I was “blowing it.” Well, I didn’t go, and rode untouched pow at Powder Mountain all day instead. I don’t feel like I blew it, but according to the official release, the event was a damn good time. Read on:

One of the bigger storms of the year hammered Brighton Resort right before the fourth annual ThirtyTwo Day yesterday. Brighton typically gets 500 inches of snow each season, and the latest storm dropped about 32 inches just in time for ThirtyTwo Day’s Helltrack Banked Slalom and Rail Jam contests.

The ThirtyTwo Day event combines the rider’s results in both the Helltrack Banked Slalom and Rail Jam contests for overall winners. Each of the winners took home a golden ThirtyTwo boot trophy, $320 in cash, a new ThirtyTwo snowboard, boots and shoes.

Dave King won the men’s division with Everest Arnold and Sam Blazejewski taking second and third places.

In the women’s division Alexa McArty took the title with Samantha Kolesky landing in second and Laura Rogoski in third.

Located in the Brighton park, the Helltrack Banked Slalom event kicked the day off with snowboarders of all ages and ability levels ranging from casual weekend warriors to seasoned pros flying through the berms and turns.

Helltrack Banked Slalom Results:

Dave King — 31.31seconds
Chris Brewster — 32.22 seconds
Will Ermish — 32.31 seconds
Everest Arnold — 32.53 seconds
Jared D — 32.56 seconds
Kyle Cartwright — 32.75 seconds
Ben Mouser — 32.87 seconds
Chris Bradshaw — 33.19 seconds
Will Collins — 33.31 seconds
Sam Blazejewski — 33.59 seconds

Soraya Coomams — 34.56 seconds
Laura Rogoski — 36.25 seconds
Alexa McArty — 36.50 seconds
Rose Struble — 37.08 seconds
Cadince Linn — 37.69 seconds
Samantha Kolesky — 37.97 seconds
Hannah Williams — 38.25 seconds
Meghan Dorsey — 38.74 seconds
Nicole Roccara — 38.81 seconds
Nicole Alex — 41.40 seconds

Kids love rail jams, and the level of progression by the riders on the Brighton rails yesterday made it a contest to remember! Everest Arnold slayed the rail contest with so many solid tricks! One of the highlights from Everest’s run was a gap 450 to boardslide on the down rail. Alexa McArty locked in a gap to front board on the close out and a backlip on the down rail to win the women’s division.

Dave King earning his spot on top the podium.

Men’s Rail Jam Results:
Everest Arnold
Sam Blazejewski
Dave King
Brent Mohr

Alexa killing it in the rail jam.

Women’s Rail Jam Results:
Alexa McArty
Samantha Kolesky
Laura Rogoski

ThirtyTwo thanks Brighton Resort for hosting the fourth annual ThirtyTwo Day event! Brighton has some of the best terrain in the world, and its location at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon makes it a magnet for powder! Look out for the new ThirtyTwo Brighton Spot Check video that will be dropping online soon.

32 Day Returns to Brighton 3/2

Are you ready to celebrate the fourth annual ThirtyTwo Day at Brighton Resort in Utah on March 2 (3/2/12)? This holiday celebrates the freezing point where water turns to snow, and is a true snowboarders’ holiday. In honor of the occasion, all lift tickets will be $32 (with the flyer below) and ThirtyTwo will be hosting Helltrack Banked Slalom and Rail Jam contests with cash and prizes.

ThirtyTwo Day is a celebration for all snowboarders and the contests are open to anyone who likes to shred. Snowboarders can compete alongside their friends, favorite pros and AMs in the Helltrack Banked Slalom and Rail Jam. On ThirtyTwo Day at Brighton, event registration begins at 8:00 a.m. with the contests running from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Celebrate a Day of 32 on 3/2 At Brighton

$32 Lift tickets. $3200 dollars in prize money. That’s two reasons to head to Brighton on March 2nd for 32 day. I’m sure if we wanted to think about it, we could come up with 3o more reasons and it would really make this post work well with the whole theme, but that seems like an awful lot of work for posting a press release.

February 24, 2011 (Lake Forest, CA)— The countdown is on and the third annual ThirtyTwo Day, in celebration of the freezing point where water turns to snow, at Brighton Resort Utah on March 2 (3/2/11) starts in just five days. In honor of this snowboarders’ holiday, all lift tickets will be $32 and ThirtyTwo will be hosting Banked Slalom and Rail Jam contests with $3200 in prizes.

ThirtyTwo Day is a celebration for all snowboarders and the contests and after party are open to anyone who likes the challenge or just wants to party. Snowboarders can compete alongside their friends, favorite pros and AMs in the Banked Slalom and Rail Jam. On ThirtyTwo Day at Brighton, event registration begins at 8:30 a.m. with the contests running from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For more information on ThirtyTwo Day, visit or become a fan on facebook:

32 Day At Brighton

parker duke

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parker duke

Story and photos by Brad Jameson

32 returned to Brighton Resort on 3/2/10 to host the 2nd annual 32 Day Banked Slalom and Rail Jam. After a long build day of shaping all 12 turns, 2 rails, 1 hitching post and a silly jump, it was time to start things off.

Brian Cook and company shuttled through close to 130 racers on the treacherous course. Turn 3 was a doozey and was within sight of the starting gate, needless to say some cheers and gasps poured from the crowd as riders either made it, or shot off the bank.


Cook at the start gate

Beers were poured, boards were broken and wagers were made. Helen Wade (hereafter known as Helen Joyce) was confident enough to make a few bets with several other racers including her fiancé, Terrain Park Manager Mouse Joyce: whoever had the slowest time had to take the other’s name after their upcoming ceremony. Mouse prevailed by one tenth of a second and was spared ridicule, but I think he had help from those with the stopwatch.

Scott Stevens and Chris Beresford made some guest race appearances and cut everyone in line. Most* everyone was given 2 runs, those with times under 60 seconds for men and 66 for women were given a 3rd chance to better their position.


Erika Vikander, going fast.

Men’s Slalom Results:
1st – Brandon Hobush — 55.8 s
2nd – Everest Arnold — 55.9s
3rd – Tucker Andrews — 56.3s

Yours truly finished a respectable (at least I beat the girls) 6th with 57.5s

Women’s Slalom Results:
1st – Helen Wade — 59.1s
2nd – Midori Oatari — 62.4s
3rd – Katie Panzer — 62.7s


Midori Otari came all the way from Asia, just for this event (ok, not really)

After the racing was done, it was time to warm up for the rail jam. More 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were to be awarded for the rail jam, with an overall combined champion taking home to big bucks, $320 prize money, board, boots and gear.

Guest judges Johnny Miller, Scott Stevens and Chris Beresford presided and what a tough job they had. With all the rippers and half the park crew competing, it took quite a while for them to narrow it down to 10 amazing finalists. After several slams and some impressive snowboarding it was time to give away some money.


Parker Duke, jibbin.

Men’s Jib Results:
1st — Sean Black
2nd — Brandon Hobush
3rd — Everest Arnold

Women’s Jib Results:

1st — LeJawn Allen
2nd — Midori Oatari
3rd — Erika Vikander


Super Champ Brandon Hobush shows how it’s done.

Men’s Overall Champ
Brandon Hobush

Women’s Overall Champ
Midori Oatari

Broken Board Award

Parker W

It was a battle between Everest Arnold and Brandon Hobush for the overall win, as they were so close in both events. Midori Oatari got a little teary mentioning, “it’s my first win in America.” Afterwards it was off to Molly Green’s where 32 presented competitors with an open bar on Budweiser. Big ups to Brighton’s Mouse, Jared and Overkill and to 32’s Brian Cook and his entourage for putting on the best event you could ask for.