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    whats going on in Vermont? I’m not reading good things lately as far as snow conditions. I’m coming up for a weekend of shredding 1/25-27.

    I needs boots-on-the-ground recon of snow conditions and forecasts. Our plan is Bolton, Pico, and maybe some Killington action Sunday am before flying home.

    thx duds



    Pico sucks so dont go there. the snow is decent but not as good as it was 2 or 3 weeks ago. snow conditions should be vermont good by the time you come up



    It’s been spring in New England for the past week or two, but it started to cool down again over the last few days and we got a little snow.


    Pico sucks? Interesting. Elaborate on that. What does it lack that you seek? What does it have that you dislike?



    What type of riding do you do or plan on doing mainly?



    Maybe I’m biased because I learned to snowboard at Pico, but that place does NOT SUCK. Sure, it doesn’t have a park, but it also doesn’t have liftlines and if you explore a little there are some of the most fun birch tree runs ever. If it snows, always go to Pico instead of killington. You won’t be disappointed.


    @admin– Every Vermont resident (current or former) that I’ve asked about this unanimously says go to Pico for those very reasons.
    @tomgnarly- we like to ride everything, with maybe a little more emphasis on park. So the Killington parks, particularly the Stash park, do have some serious appeal. We also have 2 skiers in the group, I don’t know if they care about parks or not.


    in related news, forecast looks good and snowy for this week
    also, anyone been to Planet Rock in Barre? this is a bachelor party trip, after all.



    If you are in VT and like parks at all you def have to check out Mount Snow…simply because they have Carinthia, an all mountain park.

    It is kind of the place to be in Southern VT. Laid back attitudes all around (except on Long John, that run is for beginners so you get yelled at for just cruising)



    if you’re even a little bit interested in riding park, go to Mount Snow. Carinthia is bomb.



    Sugarbush has the best of everything and is close to Planet Rock. Don’t expect much talent at the club and be prepared to come out smelling like low grade box.


    Fuck yeah, I love Sugarbush. I was a local in the early ’00s, before they had even one single park rail. Fuckin’ loved it. Even got the mandatory Bad Liver Valley resident DWI.
    And the scent of low grade box won’t be an issue since we’re going there straight from riding Boltneck. A little of the old “wash your hair with a handful of parking lot snow’ and it’s on to tittay citay. I did try to scare the crew away from going there, but they like a challenge.



    Hole Shot Tour is coming to Killington from Feb 4-6 – ski cross, and snowbdcross


    Bolton was fun
    Killington was better
    Planet Rock was god awful

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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