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    Due circumstances in my life I might be leaving my native Ice Coast and ending up in the Akron area of Ohio this season.  Hows the scene in Ohio/Midwest area?  Driving distance to hills? Whats some of the better hills?  I know its slim pickins and im not askin anyone to blow up any spots, just tryin to get a idea of the riding so I can plan accordingly.  



    Hello Masshole. Party Time here. So you have a question about Ohio shred while living in Akron. Well as luck would be bestowed upon you, Akron is hands down the shred bed of Ohio. You have a few small hills 20 or so minutes away. Gobs of street spots. And some of the best rock and roll lifestyle in the midwest. And how do I know? I myself am from Akron, along with YoBeats Chazz McAwsomesen. Though we now live on opposite sides of this vast country, we still have lots of Akron love.

    Some things to look up from Akron:

    -Autumn Line Productions

    -The Black Keys


    -Thursday Lounge

    Enjoy. Party Time.



    Thanks a load party time this definately is gonna make my move a little smoother.  Ill def check out all that.



    yo masshole! im from cleveland, theres a fun park to shred at a resort called brandywine i dont think its that far from akron. theres a bunch of small areas to shred parks and shit in ohio



    yeah dawg ohios tight just look online youll find a park near you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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