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Flux X Ashbury TT30 Bindings

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    Just this year I got myself a pair of the Flux X Ashbury TT30 Bindings and I am kind of mad it took so long. Flux bindings where actually my first pair of bindings ever. They were on my Lamar Brian Thien Pro Model years and years ago and you know what, they were comfy as shit back then. For the past few years I had been rocking Union Contacts and Union Forces. They were both pretty good bindings but my foot being a size 10.5 made the toe straps a little tricky. The toe strap would constantly slide down or move from my toe. I spent hours trying to get them perfect but I just don’t think they fit my feet right since I am on the borderline for Small/Medium – Medium/Large. With the Flux bindings I barley had to make any adjustments due to the fact they offer them in three sizes and my foot size is not on the borderline for their sizing chart. I would also get some pressure with the Union’s but I do not at all with the Flux’s, they are comfy as fuck and can rip all day in them. They are light and strong where I need them to be and “flexy” when I want them to be. I have only had them for a few months so I cannot speak on the durability yet but so far no issues…



    im not a fan of unions, and i really hope you still have that Lamar Brian Thien Pro Model.



    I DO!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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