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    K2 darko boots

    Basically mimic thirtytwo team twos. There kinda stiff so there really good on jumps and just cruisin the resort. The boa system on the liner is cool, gives the boot a really snug feeling. They take about 7 days of riding to really break them in. Im not a huge fan on the lacing on the outside of the boot, theyre kinda hard to lace up, especially when your hands are cold on your boots are colder. I give these boots a 9/10, no complaints at all besides they are kinda hard to lace on the outside. ($209)

    Thirtytwo JP walkers

    These boots are amazing. They sell themselves. Really soft, super comfertable. Great price point ($189). Lightest boots ever made. They sell themselves. Go try them on theyre incredible. 10/10

    Burton Motos

    Cool basic boot. They are kinda heavy, would you expect anything different from burton? They are comfy though….and cheap….and have good flex. I give them a 6/10 which is generous but they really arnt that bad of a boot.








    I have always been a fan of the JP’s myself.



    Yeah they mad them a little too soft this year for my liking




    Basic Nike boot (not to be confused with basic boot)


    Comfortable as fuck

    10/10 would bang.



    thirtytwo lashed are perfect for almost anyone.  decently light.  around a medium flex.  break in alot, they get alot softer.  good for any type of park/ rail riding unless youre doing massive jumps.  durable, except be easy on the eva soles when walking around on streets, they seem to wear down easily.  not a bad price for what you get.  bradshaw colorways never dissapoint either.  10/10.



    I picked up some vans matlock boa boots this year and have been really impressed…medium flex, break in fast and super comfy…i love the boa technology too…



    i tried on nike boots but they hurt my feet, thirtytwos are just so perfect all around in my opinion i always tell people to try on a pair of thritytwos before considering anything else



    I have gone through this review and thankful to you for sharing genuine opinion about a product. These reviews are helpful to avoid the confusions while purchasing an item.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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