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    I’ve been to Woodward PA and High Cascade.  Personally High Cascade is my favorite but I want to hear from everyone else.



    my parents arnt rich, therefore ive never been to a summer camp



    windells if you want more stuff to do and variety


    High cascades if you really want to progress and learn


    either way youll have a blast



    [quote=48592]my parents arnt rich, therefore ive never been to a summer camp[/quote]

    neither are mine but I got two jobs and worked my ass off to pay for a session. it makes it that much more rewarding.



    My friend went to windells this summer but he wasted most of his time rollerblading, haha, he said it was sick though recommended it for anybody.



    @boneyballsack thats what up dude, id like to just take a summer vacation to oregon and just camp on mount hood and ride the public parks



    @ohiopassion thats exactly my plan for this summer. just a road trip with the homies and ride till im out of cash



    i went to windells with a lot of my buddies but i love to skate, and the skate park at windells is unreal, also i went with a lot of my skier friends. but id say if you like skating or anything like that windells is a better choice. but high cascade has a sicker vibe and gives you a little more freedom to do shit and people can agrue but both parks are going to be sick no matter what.



    I have never been to a camp… They are too damn expensive. However, if I had the money.. I would head to MHSSC (Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camp), HCSC or CoC. Basically anything BUT Windells. First off, I live near Hood, so I know some people that have worked there (not coaches), and few people who went. And I can safely say.. Tim Windell is the worst person to run a camp. Just dont support that place… Please.


    public park



    This guy knows.. ^^ Or… just please stay at home so we can have only locals on Hood…



    Im considering windells but im not sure if i want to shell out fucking $2000. I know its the summer and all but come on. Is it that worth it or should I save the money for a winter trip?



    Save the money man

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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