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32 Lashed vs TM-2

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    Looking at both these, I’m using them mostly in the park on the jib line but also when it snows to use with my powder board, I have the Lashed now but there a season and a half old and a half size too big.


    Not sure if I should go with what I had or try something new, any help would be appreciated



    I’ve never tried the TM-2 boots, but my pair of Lashed boots are awesome. I don’t have any complaints after 1.5 seasons on them.



    Seeing as I just sat and had this explained to me… If you ride a ton and like a little bit of stiffness, go TM2. If you like a boot that’s softer and easier to ride, Lashed is your jam.



    yeah you cant go wrong with the lashed. the team two is dope but overpriced and very stiff kinda rough in the park unless you got pro swag. Bradshaw’s got you faded.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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