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Last Weekend, Whenever: Rust – A Killington Opening Video

Stunts: Jake Fournier, Maggie Leon, Evan Bloch, Savannah Shinske, Chris Depaula, and Joey Leon

Words by Joey Leon

The official status of KMR, as of Nov 15, 2017.

Killington finally opened for the 17/18 season on November 9, so we got up there by 8 am! At least we meant to. In actuality, we woke up around 10 and devoted a couple hours to shenanigans before actually heading up to the mountain. It took us some time to put our on boots and get up to the lift, which put us at about 12:30 by the time we were riding. Close enough.

Jake Fournier, Savannah Shinske and myself were there in hopes of getting some clips of ourselves, and we just happened to meet up with a bunch of other people we hadn’t seen in a while, which definitely added to the hype. It was also our first time using a new lens, which made for extra nervous energy about getting a lens hit. After a day of mostly slipping off and falling, we headed home – which involved a hike up the stairs to the top of the K1. This took a lot more effort than any of us were ready for.

We decided to stop for a spliff break, but right behind us was mountain ambassador (aka the fun police), who told us to keep walking. In that short time frame, our hands got so cold that we had to go into the lodge before heading back down the gondola.

In one final move of first-day-of-the-season grace, Savannah fell walking up the stairs from the lodge. We all laughed, and she almost got a shinner. After a relatively non-eventful ride back down the K1 gondola, we had to stop at Darkside (as always) because I broke my edge. Classic.

The night was pretty mellow and we actually all ended up just studying after riding. It was lit.– Joey Leon

Love/Hate: Max Lyons

The lankiest mofo we know takes it to the streetz. Wanna read his mind? Here ya go —

Being tall:
Love: Reaching the top shelf, dunking a basketball, takes less steps to get places, ladies like length.
Hate: Everything I do looks smaller, falling hurts more.

Frontside tricks on a skateboard:
Love: They look cool as hell
Hate: The fact that I can’t actually do them.

Street stunts. Photo: Itspat

Southern Vermont:
Love: Carinthia; my dogs
Hate: Graduating 8th grade with 4 people; rednecks; hippies; bad internet.

Girls with shorter hair than you:
Love: Giving them advice on how to properly condition/shampoo; girls who rock the short hair with wire frame glasses sweaters, and high waisted jeans
Hate: I make bad jokes about the hair and they get offended a lot of the time

Jerry Tucker
Love: Everything; he’s the ultimate man and a goddamn American hero
Hate: He hasn’t accepted any of my courtship requests

Max goes frontside. Photo: Thrashley 

Spicy Memes
Love: The ever-changing construct of social commentary through the use of relevant funnybois; they make life worth living.
Hate: There aren’t enough of them; people who think Minions memes are dank.

Carinthia Parks
Love: Best parks by far, park crew is tight as hell, Dev kills it with the edits, Benny is a G.
Hate: Not enough flat boxes; loooooots of tall-t skiers; those groups of older people who come into the park and act like the park riders are in the wrong; The douche bag who took my backpack with my wallet and keys in it yesterday.

Love: It’s healthy, which is neat, I guess.
Hate: How it tastes; the people that eat it; those stupid ‘eat more kale’ bumper stickers.

Love: Art is cool; It lets you look at things from different perspectives; creative expression.
Hate: It’s expensive; I’m too broke to shoot film; Peter Cirilli shoots photos, which brings the medium down on the coolness factor

Love: Bahstahn sports; Tom Brady; big men attacking each other in manly ways; winning.
Hate: Any New York team, losing

It’s good! 

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Five Snowboard Stunts That Made Stu Say SORAY! – Summer 2017

Many years ago now, a scrawny Scotsman named Stu Innes jigged his way into our inbox. His legs were too small for his body and his tricks were sloppy. Oh yeah, he rode exclusively on dry slope, too. For years we amused ourselves by ignoring/rejecting his edits, but wouldn’t ya know puberty hit, he kept trying, and eventually he filmed the first urban carpet boarding edit the world had ever seen.

In this crazy futureworld that is 2017, Stu is teaching others to ride on real snow/mountains in Austria and he watches snowboarding videos with a zealousness the Pope could only pray for, so we here at Yobeat decided to tap that red-dreadhead of knowledge to bring you a mash up of the craziest shit to go down on two edges in recent history. Before the glaciers get too buried pow, here are Stu’s favorite maneuvers of Summer 2017!

WANNA SUBMIT YOUR MOVES FOR CONSIDERATION? Send the link (Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo, please) directly to Stu AT: SORAY @

Danny McCormick’s snowskate boardslide to ¼ pipe backflip

Scottish Rider Danny McCormick is a local legend in the UK, always doing crazy and creative stuff so it’s no surprise he made it onto a TOP 5 Different Tricks of summer list of mine. The real question was with which trick, the 360 tail whip (can I call it that without sounding like a scooter kid?), his redirect to multiple transfers, or any of the other ludicrous things he did at the Bearsden Dryslope this summer? They’re all outrageous. But for me the real standout was this stunt. I use the word stunt because even though he’s strapped into a snowboard he lands on a snowskate, rides the entire landing of a dryslope jump into a ¼ pipe and then does a backflip. Is that even snowboarding?

Marcus Kleveland’s cab 2 cork 6


Two more shots from yesterday!🌴☀️ video: @sondrehylland | #PressPlay #Australia #Snowboarding

A post shared by Marcus Kleveland (@marcuskleveland) on

No surprise that Kleveland made the list, however I’m stoked it was for a rail trick. I’ve been saying for ages that it was just a matter of time till Marcus learned to do his insane butters on and off rails, so I was super hyped when I saw that Marcus had been inspired by Ryan Paul and taken it a step further and done a Cab 2 Cork 6.

Clemens Millauer’s front dub 10 off a donkey

I’ve been waiting all year to see this stunt after Clemens tried it in the Summer of 2016. It’s a double cork 10 off a donkey. I don’t think that I really need to write anymore other than telling everyone to go watch his summer mixtape, full of other possible NBD’s such as the cab 1 tailpress back 5 on a rainbow. Maybe I should put a #SPINtoWIN notice but I guess this whole article needs one of those.

Rob Roethler’s Cab 2 pret-swap-pret 2

This trick sums up everything I want this column to be about: a rider I hardly knew before, doing a super tech rail combo I’ve spent ages trying! And it looks smooth as butter. This particular trick has a bit of a history for me so I was super hyped to see it done perfectly on a legit rail. After seeing some old footage of my friend Lara doing this trick on a box I made a bet last summer that I could land this trick to my friend Jake’s satisfaction by the end of summer. On a legit rail and without zeaching. Long story short, I lost but Rob definitely could have won.

Reid Smith’s Handplant pretzel


fakie 🎥: @luke.winkelmann

A post shared by reid smith (@reid_4_speed) on

I don’t normally enjoy watching pipe videos, but this was insane. Reid please explain how you generate the pretzel out of that handplant?

WANNA SUBMIT YOUR MOVES FOR CONSIDERATION? Send the link (Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo, please) directly to Stu: SORAY @

Last Resort with Stan: October

What happened in Stan’s snowboard world in October? Well, first off, it seems not-as-yung Stan chose to breathe while he speaks and make some hilarious skits!!! Highlights include an “interview” with Gabby Maiden, ideas to take your illuination game to the next level, a politically correct look at the Abstinthe crowd funding campaign, the most epic-est b roll clip of Haldor Helgason (who always wins, and not just because he owns the show’s sponsor either), the fuck fan boy who only likes Jed Anderson and more, moar, mor!

***If you want to donate to Stan’s life fund, you can drop by Barrio in Burlington, VT and deposit cash money directly into his tip jar, throw panties or 20s on stage at any of the Vermont Comedy clubs where he performs Stand up, or shoot him real virtual money via Venmo @stanley-leveille**

**A request from the founders of Yobeat and not Stan himself. Seriously. 

Love/Hate: Jack Herald

Some kids just have it. And whatever it is, Jack Herald is one of em.  With roots in New Hampshire/Boston, a pedigree from Park City, and sponsors who encourage him to fucking kill it every day — he’s already going places at the tender age of old enough. If you enjoy the highest level of snowboard trickery, and don’t care about production value, then we think you’ll really enjoy this impressively long instagram reedit of his footage from last year. And if you wanna know more about Jack as a human, read on!

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Loving it so much it should be an ad for McDonalds

Salt Lake City 
Love: 30 minutes from Brighton and PC.
Hate: Smog, 3.2% beer, Almost all of downtown is skate stopped

Patriots Fans: 
Chris Grenier and Jack Griffin.
Hate: Deflate gate nonsense

Love: Can find some diamonds in the rough.
Hate: A lot of rough

Gapping the channel at The Launch 2017

New Hampshire:
Love: 525 East, Last Call.
Hate: Not too many pow days

Fashion in Snowboarding:
: Vintage resellers.
Hate: Trends

Love: Learn tricks, skate everything.

Snowboard Contests:
Love: Good motivation to chuck carcass.
Hate: They’re often pay to play.

A meme that Jack likes.

: Some dank memes.
: Seeing the same meme on 5 different pages.

Skateboard video games:
Love: Skate 3 double cork tracks.
Hate: Where is Skate 4???

Love: Mammoth, Bear, Beach lounging.
Hate: Getting demolished trying to surf.


Horseface Killa: Frank April’s FULL PART from Costa Nostra

After years of serious parts with overly serious boarding, Frank April finally gives the people the part they deserve, and we promise, you’ll smile the whole damn time. 

If you wanna own the movie, download it here. 

Fresh Litter: Get Down Behind the Broadcast with the Onlookers of Minneapolis

The streets of Minneapolis have long been a breeding ground for urban snowboard talent. Any time it snows – those with strong, young knees hit the streets and make it happen. Last season, a ragtag bunch of kittens joined forces and put together the above flick – Broadcast Down. In the mix are two college boys, two high schooler brothers-from-the-same-mother, and of course the always-necessary silent killer. That’s one hell of a catfight.

This season, these American shorthairs are meowing to come in with a new project called the Onlookers. So before they find their forever homes, we scooped the poop to dissect the kibble they feed on.

What’s your go-to post-video-mission food option in Minneapolis and why?

Alex Kirkland: Best bang for your buck Wendys 4 for 4, but if we are feeling fancy Snuffys Malt shop is the place to go.
Brandon Kirkland: Wendy’s or Chick-fil-a
Eli Lamm: CHICK FIL A, cause it’s dank!
Jamal Awadallah: Wendy’s 4 for $4 galore
Dan Pergrin: Definitely the Wendy’s 4 for 4. Jamal turns it into an 8 for 8 though. Dude’s always hungry.

Brandon Kirkland | @brandonkirkland1
17 years old from St. Louis Park, MN
Photo: Evan Pierce

What is your camera/lens/editing set up? Who is the least likely to blow the shot if you let them hold a camera?

Alex: Hvx xtreme fisheye and Dan handles all editing stuff.. Dan and Brandon don’t normally blow the shot, I trust either of them.
Brandon: Panasonic HVX200 and a Century Extreme fisheye. Dan for sure when it comes to filming.
Eli: Brandon is rocking with an HVX that we use, he’s also got an extreme lens which is pretty extreme and I believe Dan edited broadcast down on premiere. Least likely to blow shots? I’d say Brandon, Dan and myself. 🙂
Dan: We film with two Panasonic HVX200’s and a Century Extreme fisheye. Gotta keep it real with the Panasonic camcorders no other camera compares in my opinion. Editing wise, I edit everything in Premiere and use Flash or Photoshop for animations. Usually, Brandon and myself are the ones behind the lens. However, Brandon has been known to sporadically stop filming when someone eats shit.

Eli Lamm |@elilamm
Photo: Spencer Nelson

Mall of America Would you rather: Hit the ferris wheel or hit on girls in the food court?

Alex: Girls on the food court, ferris wheels just move to slow.
Brandon: Girls on the ferris wheel?
Eli: I’m gay so I’d probs hit up the ferris wheel.
Jamal: Hit on girls in the food court, fail embarrassingly, then hit the ferris wheel by myself.


A post shared by Alex Kirkland (@alexkirkland4) on

Alex Kirkland | @Alexkirkland4
Age 16, St. Louis Park, MN

What Minneapolis spot have you been wanting to hit the most, and what is your favorite thing that you’ve seen there already?

Alex: Too many to just to chose just one.
Brandon: Not really a spot, but I’ve waiting all summer to take laps at my home resort, Hyland. Nothing better than that. Haunted Hyland is by far the best video ever made there.
Eli: Honestly its finding new spots that haven’t been hit yet, but I’d have to say Mayday is one of my favorite videos.
Jamal: Probably the Minnehaha Falls curved segmented kink. First time I saw it was in Danimal’s Take It Easy part when he 50d the entire knobbed side. Shit was nuts.
Dan:  I know Brandon has one that got away from him a few years back at the Harding DFD that still haunts him to this day.

Dan Pergrin |@d_pergrin
20 years old from Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
Photo: Evan Pierce

If you’d never started snowboarding, what would you be doing with your free time?

Alex: Probably be fishing a lot more
Brandon: I’d probably ice fish a lot in the winter. It’s hard to think about not snowboarding, couldn’t imagine life without it.
Eli: Wow, I really don’t know what I’d be doing do if I never started snowboarding, probably going to school which I’m doing right now and partying to much. Snowboarding has shaped the way I live my life for the better and has introduced me to some amazing people, and for that I am very grateful.
Jamal: I’d probably be kickin balls with some old guys in sunday league.

Jamal Awadallah | @awugudallah
20 years old/Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Bonus questions for non-native Minnesotans…

Would you rather – spend a week in the Badlands or a week at Sturgis – and you don’t get a tent at either!
Jamal – Oh god anything but Sturgis.

Why not move “all the way” west? Do you think you’ll ever want to?

Dan – I wanted to move somewhere with a legit scene and I’ve always been a huge fan of little resorts with rope tows. It was a no brainer to move here and I couldn’t of chosen a better place. Thank you Minnesota snowboarding. Best. Family. Ever.

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Postland’s 9 millionth free movie – available RIGHT NOW! FOR FREE! – to anyone who has a computer with the Internet and likes to watch Central-European boarders with different styles, different attitudes and the one similarty of being gnarly fucking boarders, do their thing. Bonus points: If you open it in iTunes, the metadata will make you feel like paid money! YAY!

Featuring: Artem Smolin, Cees Wille, Jesse Augustinus, Simon Houlind, Will Smith.

Also Featuring: Ollie Dutton, Jeremy Cloutier, Raffael Kossman, Joonas Eloranta, Sami Luhtanen, Niels Schack, Ivika Jürgenson. Directed

by: Tim Schiphorst



#AcceptedEdits – Ben Smith, TikutGANG, Phineas & Ferb and Ruka’s First Snow

Here at Yobeat, we’ve always believed in diversity and like the rest of life, snowboarding is full of it. Whether you like to drop pillow lines or do lines of blow, as long as you have fun while you ride a snowboard, you’re cool with us. So while, we may personally be older, wiser and more interested in making people feel good than bad these days, there’s one thing that’ll never change – our extremely loose minimum standards on editing, filming and actually riding a snowboard! So RIP #RejectedEdits and hello #AcceptedEdits!

Dawg Dayz – Preseason (Vol 1)

Dawg, dog, daaaag. The Zeach Dawgs brought their own party to Stevens Pass and here’s all the info they provided.

Riders: Nicco Gavosto, Derek Fenimore, Cooper Martin, Elijah Schumacker, Josiah Campbell, And Jack Newell Filmers: Derek Fenimore, Josiah Campbell, and Cooper Martin Music in order of appearance: Gucci Mane – Members Only Dick Dal – Misirlou Electrice Light Orchestra – Evil Women

Ben Smith 17/18 – For the Squids

Canadians are the best – Ben Smith is no exception. And if you’re into sneaky spots and hidden gems, this is the video for you. Filmed, edited and boarded in by Ben himself.

TikutGANG’s MIX TAPE 2.0 Teaser

In Scandinavia-land “For Snowboarders, by Snowboarders” is still something that needs to be stated — because people who don’t snowboard make a lot of snowboard movies there (crying face emoji.) Anyway… Tikut Gang is sent us the teaser for its 6th flick, Mixtape 2.0 and it’s worthy of many varrying emojis of excitement.


Follow: @tikut_gang

Ruka First Snow

Yes this an ad for Ruka Ski Resort in Finland. And it’s working, because now we want to go there.

Film by Petrus Koskinen
Snowboarding by Rene Rinnekangas, Mr. Brownie, Anton Kiiski, Axel Thelen & Nooa Risku

Song: Nick Waterhouse – LA Turnaround


Jonathan Penfield 2017


All backcountry aerial images self-shot with DJI Mavic. Long lens shots by Pat Skinner. POV footage on GoPro session. Sled cameo Johnno Doherty

“Might be the first semi pro big mountain edit I don’t hate.” – Jerm.

Want us to watch your edit and maybe even post it? Email it to us. We’d put the address here to make it easy, but if you’re actually motivated, we’re sure you’ll figure it out.

An G-Style Quickie with Miyon Yamaguchi

Miyon Yamaguchi is pretty much your average American snowboarder – she hangs with all dudes, lies to her parents and loves Chris Bradshaw. Average in every way – except that she lives in Japan and fucking rips. For the final chapter of this fall’s Uninvited series – Jess Kimura busted out some Japanese translation skills and helped us learn more about this future phenom, who’s part can be seen above.

All photos: Dar

Let’s start with the basics. Where do you live and who helps you make it happen?

I was born in Korea but I live in Japan. I film with the Dirty Pimp crew, which is made up of Japanese street riders. Most of the crew are boys.

Who supports you sponsor-wise?


What is it like filming street spots in Japan? Are the police or property owners super polite when they want you to leave the spot?

Many of the dopest spots are hidden from eyesight in Japan. The police can go either way, but sometimes the property owners will come give us treats and cheer us on.

Who are your favorite Japanese pros?


What do you think about Western snowboarding? What riders are you most excited to watch?

I am attracted to snowboarding in North America because it is the main hub of the industry. The resorts and snow conditions are amazing and it seems like there are many good street spots as well. I have several riders who I like to watch, but the one I’m most impressed with is Chris Bradshaw. I saw some video clips of him riding Bear Mountain and he has the most G style.

What are your goals with filming? Would you like to make transition to global super-pro like Kazu or are you happy just to be big in Japan?

Above anything else, my goal is to film a part that makes me satisfied. The style factor is the most important thing to me. It would be nice to be well known internationally like Kazu. I have always had a lot of respect for him because he took the tough road to get to all his success. I am really happy that my riding will be seen by more people across the world now that I’m involved with the Uninvited.

How did you get involved in “The Univited” project? What’s the best thing about working with Jess?

I met Jess at Campita in Mt. Hood last summer. I showed her my part and she was stoked so she when she created this new project, she invited me to join in. Her mindset and passion gets me fired up.

Are your parents supportive of your snowboarding?

I am the only snowboarder in my family and my parents don’t know much about it, but they always support me. They definitely get worried about how dangerous filming in the street can be. I try to avoid telling them about the most sketchy things I am doing and sometimes I lie and say I’m not doing anything dangerous, hahah. They are always happy and proud when I get photos in magazines and this motivates me to try harder.

What are your plans for this upcoming winter?

I am going to focus hard on filming my best part ever. I want to get my style and skills to the next level.

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Fillow Miyon here:

Love/Hate: Tyler Morton


Filming: Sean Fithian, Mark Rainery, Andrew Schummer
Edit: Andrew Schummer

Every year – riders flock to SLC to become pro boarders. What they usually find is that they aren’t ACTUALLY that good at snowboarding and whatever gimmick they were banking on in the Midwest stopped being “cool” a few years back. But for those fortunate enough to be born in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains – the actual snowboard skills are the easy part – and Tyler Morton is a prime example of what growing up in the middle of the world’s best snow-mountains-sweet-pro combo, can do. Now he’s hit the “big time” with sponsored trips to global destinations and  nearby powder-meccas. In the off season, he surveys land to make maps and pay his bills, in the pre season he organizes Snowboarding/Lumberlack events in Utah, and he also maintains a adult relationship. All in a year’s work, really.

If you just wanna drool over powder, hate other people’s ideas, you can click play above. But if you wanna know his opinions on things he experiences in his day-to-day boarding, read on!

Photos lifted from Facebook.

Pillow lines

Love: Dropping and not stopping
Hate: Falling in between the pillows

Love: Quick access to zones
Hate: Slednecks, getting stuck and breaking down

Cooke City
Love: Terrain
Hate: Montana Nosebleed (a beer, whiskey, tobasco, raw egg, menthol chew concoction)

Ja-POW! Photo: Homeschool Snowboarding

The Northwest
Love: Culture and deep snowpack
Hate: Rain

Love: Wide open spaces and mountains
Hate: Sub-zero temperatures

Being Sponsored
Love: Sense of appreciation for the work I put in
Hate: “You spons’d bro?”

Perks. Photo: Ian Wood

Love: Fun exercise that ends with snowboarding
Hate: Sticky skins

Car Camping
Love: Cheap rent
Hate: Smelly car

The Sustainability Movement
Love: That it’s a movement people seem to be excited about
Hate: Leaders who are not committed to the movement

Photo: Google image search

Love: Seeing better
Hate: Putting them in

ShootThePark: Volume 2 – Zermatt

Get yer Monday going with this fast and loose boarding from some of Europe’s most care-free boarders. If you’re wondering why the Zermatt snopark looks so empty – it’s because most of the people who recreate at Zermatt are just doing pizza and french fries on groomers while gawking at the Matterhorn.

Maneuvers and enthusiasm: Ethan Morgan, Florian Fischer, Flo Corzelius and Raffi Kossman and Simon Pircher.
Videography: Marco Morandi
Music: “Latex Love” Vice Squad

ICYMI: DVP Zermatt VOL 1

Labyrinth’s Global Warning — Watch this teaser or else!

Hopefully you’ll heed the warning put forth by this teaser before it’s too late – Finlandez only know one way to board – HARD af!

featuring: Henna Ikola, Roope Rautiainen, Veikka Siivonen, Kilian Hänninen, Max Sene, Saska Halmes, Joona & Petrus Saikkonen and more!

Follow the Labyrynth Crew on Youtube and Instagram @labyrinthcrew

A Quickie with Madison Blackley and Taylor Elliot

The latest installment from Jess Kimura’s The Uninvited features Taylor and Kendall Elliot and Madison Blackley. These babes have shared a lot more than a part over the years – beds, cars, winches, sushi, tears, laughs, and maybe more… but all sexual innuendos aside, instead of us asking them the same old bullshit questions, we decided to have Madison do it for us.

Madison: How old are you and where have you spent the last few years snowboarding and filming?

Taylor: I’m 23 and I’ve been based out of Truckee, California for the last 4 years

A post shared by @yung_taytay on

Tell us about when you first moved out of your parents house and decided to spend the summer in hood?

Haha. Somehow you convinced my sisters and I it’d be a good idea to move to Hood for the summer when we were 17 with no money. It was a hell of a time, I honestly don’t think I snowboarded more than 6 days all summer. We lived off of free kashi cereal from Amy Mayernick and eventually Kevin at the Taco Shoppe gave us a job. It came to an end with the three of us in the back of a cop car together on our way to juvie because we tried to sneak into Matty MO’s dance party at the Rat through the cafe upstairs.

You guys were pretty easily persuaded. Who is supporting you and your snowboarding endeavors currently? People? Companies?

Right now my biggest supporters are my family, Brandon, Jess, and all my friends! This upcoming winter I’ll be teaming up with Nikita, Deeluxe, and cruising a Capita board!

A post shared by 🌀 POWANOIA 🌀 (@powanoia) on

Best and worst moment of filming the past couple years?

Best moment is hard to say, I had a lot of fun last year. Japan was sick and Tahoe was a dream with all the snow we got. Worst moment… shit who knows, I’m sure there were a few can’t remember though.

What can we expect from you in the future, any plans or projects?

I plan on filming for the Uninvited movie, and riding pow with the powanoia babes. Let the good times roll!

Too Hard: Yas Quain Teaser

In light of the currently #metoo discussion we bring you the latest teaser from Too Hard.

Featuring: A bunch of bad bitches who are gonna do what they want, despite the fact they don’t get paid, get told they suck over and over on the Internet, and cool guy’d out of spots and are referred to in high level snowboarding marketing meetings as “unmarketable” over and over and over.

Yas Bitch – these chicks fucking rip. 

Subscribe and follow along all season on the Too Hard Youtube.