The Not Snowboarding Podcast | Episode 35 | Eddie Wall

Nate and AJ talk to fellow grass-fed snowboarder Eddie Wall for a really long time about not eating meat and probably some other stuff too.

The Not Snowboarding Podcast: Ep 34: Hater, Rep and Master Boot Fitter Harrison Montgomery

Nate chats with the man behind Harrison Hates about getting into the industry, repping, boot fitting, and other sales insight for those who might wanna know.

The Not Snowboard Podcast Ep 33: Custom Snowboard Maker Marty Bonacci

My buddy Paul Horning and I sat down and chatted with Marty over Skype – we discussed Marty’s new custom snowboard company Custom Cult Snowboards. Paul and Marty reminisced about the good ole days a bit which was quite funny as Paul used to work for Marty at Whitetail. We walked down the path that Marty took in building his first online business – which actually has nothing to do with snowboarding. It was a really fun conversation – Marty is amazing at deconstructing processes and seeing opportunities that others don’t see or act on.

The Not Snowboarding Podcast – Episode #32 – Wally Inouye

Windells chef and former professional skateboarder Wally Inouye is the guest on this week’s Not Snowboarding Podcast. Aj and Nate chat with Wally on topics including, but not limited to: Forest Fires, Wally’s home in Oregon, living on an organic orchard, airbrushing sailboards and surfboards, how Wally came to Oregon, 1989 snowboarding in August, origins of Mt. Hood Snowboard Camp, the baby steps of Burnside, surfboard shaping, Kelly Slater’s air to knee landing, parenting, getting into cooking and the restaurant business, IPS, Pool skating and the wall ride in 1973 that coined the nickname Wally.

The Not Snowboarding Podcast: Episode 31: Peter Harvieux

In any scene, there are a few stand out individuals who really make it special. In the Midwest, Peter Harvieux is one of those guys. Nate and AJ connect with the Interior Plain Project founder and Midwest Super rep on topics including but not limited to: parenting, 80’s skateboarding in the western Wisconsin country, Aqua Jam, getting hated on for being a skater, High School hazing , Scooters, Fran Lebowitz on Skateboarding, Jaws, working retail in the Mall of America, Fobia Skateshop and Iota Skateboards, Sales repping and retail, being podjacked, stock market psychology, Obamacare and retail morality.

The Not Snowboarding Podcast: Kevin English

Aj and Nate catch up with High Cascade overlord Kevin English and authentically discuss: Real estate development and business management, lessons learned while working at K2, pretending to be a pro snowboarder, the bankruptcy of Banshee Bungee (ed: they’re back in biz!), flying planes, rollerblading, being a family man, the future of Windells Ski and High Casacade Snowboard camps and more.

The Not Snowboarding Podcast: Episode 29: Jesse Burtner

This week’s topics include:

J-pop SoySauce Nation AK, Fathers day and parenting, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Married Life, Living in the moment, Growing up in Alaska, Socratic learning, Think Thank, Matt Burtner’s music, Poetry, Twitter and social media, Listener questions and Mob flips and rocketflips.

The Not Snowboarding Podcast: Episode 28 – Stan Leveille

Nate Musson and AJ Lawson’s critically acclaimed podcast is back for another season! Starting now, we’ll be posting the episodes as they drop, and first up, our own news anchor, Justin “Stan” Leveille. Click for his thoughts on gingers, Vermont, Burton, Internet hate, the Newshow vs Hateline and more.

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