The Not Snowboarding Podcast EP. 56: Joe Sexton

Nate and AJ sat down with Joe Sexton during the Parts and Labor trade show in Denver for this episode. “I don’t want to sit on a chairlift for a half hour and go down the hill once. I want to ride a rope tow for an hour and a half and feel like I’ve been there all day.”

The Not Snowboarding Podcast Ep. 50 – Eero Ettala

Nate and AJ chat with the Finnish ripper about knee injuries, american beer, fast food, road cycling and even snowboarding.

The Not Snowboarding Podcast: Ep. 49 Sven Thorgren

In this episode, Nate and AJ talk with Sweden’s Sven Thorgren. He’s 22, and has ridden in more contests than the average competitive snowboarder. They discuss his recovery from injury, his relationship with his sponsors,his aspirations to become a pilot, the olympics and much more.

The Not Snowboarding Podcast Ep. 47: Gus Engle

Hosts Nate and AJ connect with Gus to discuss everything from Think Thank, to Russian literature, to moving to marrying a French Canadian (and learning French).

Not Snowboarding Podcast Ep. 38 | Joe Suta & Steven Kimura

This episode was unique in that, for the first time, we had four people on – all in different locations (with almost no issues from Skype). Nate and AJ talked with Joe Suta (Nightmare Snowboards) and Steven Kimura (Owner Operator and United Shapes) about the brand new, snowboarding only trade show that they are launching in January:Parts & Labor

Topics include:
Stephen’s and Joe’s breakfast(s)
PowderJet Snowboards
Maple syrup coffee
Bulletproof coffee
Eating habits
Handsome Cory Schmidt
Owner Operator
United Shapes
Nightmare Snowboards
Craig Kelly
Parts and Labor
Skype drop
Fair sale pricing
Product development timelines
Snowboarding participation
Olympics (skateboarding)
Logistics of building a booth at SIA
On-snow demo
Does the snowboarding industry even need a trade show?
Fleshlight snowboard