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Us here folks at YoBeat® have, through our oh-so-exciting daily experiences in life, discovered some truths concerning just about everything under the sun. Through the pages of our publication, we hope to expose to you, our generous public, some of these frightening truths and educate you as to the wackness of many a thing we have encountered in our journeys, all the while pretending we are extremely funny. In a nutshell, through the put-out of our manifesto we hope to offend, rip-off everyone, put down everyone, drop names, and give many a shout out to various members of our personal posses that you really don’t care about, among MANY other promotional gimmicks and attempts at being humorous. All in all, this is the real deal, no autographs, but we do what we can, including pulling all-niters for non-existent deadlines. It’s called YO BEAT, after all, what more do I need to say. Read it.

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Based all over. The internet is global, you know.

If you’ve just discovered this site, here’s what you missed…

Please note: We are not a blog. We are a super portal of information. We do not talk shit. We make astute observations.

YoBeat Home Offices

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Brooke Geery: Editor-in-Chief/Founder/Associate-Publisher/Editorial Troublemaker/Intimidator

[email protected]

Jared Souney: Publisher/Creative Director/BMXpert

[email protected]

Kael Hill: Advertising/Brand Relationship Afficianado/Token Canadian

[email protected]

Justin “Stan” Leveille: News Anchor/Rapper

[email protected]

Jeremiah Paquette: Video Submissions Editor

Interns: George McDowall and Rachel Leadholm

Nick Lipton: Occasional iChat advice

Rachel Cotton: Nerd Consultant

Tim Zimmerman: OG Photo Editor/Salty Old Man

Party Time Nate: Mascot

RJ Sweet: Mail Boy


Enzo Plati, Brad Oates, Paul Bordon, Matt Vanatta, Danny Kern, Keenan Cawley, Kyle Clancy and Cody Liska.

Content Submissions and Photos

[email protected]

(Please note: We consider all submissions open for mockery. We are Yobeat, after all. If you’re going to be a baby about it, please don’t bother sending them.)

Advertising Inquiries

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