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Last Resort with Stan: October

What happened in Stan’s snowboard world in October? Well, first off, it seems not-as-yung Stan chose to breathe while he speaks and make some hilarious skits!!! Highlights include an “interview” with Gabby Maiden, ideas to take your illuination game to the next level, a politically correct look at the Abstinthe crowd funding campaign, the most epic-est b roll clip of Haldor Helgason (who always wins, and not just because he owns the show’s sponsor either), the fuck fan boy who only likes Jed Anderson and more, moar, mor!

***If you want to donate to Stan’s life fund, you can drop by Barrio in Burlington, VT and deposit cash money directly into his tip jar, throw panties or 20s on stage at any of the Vermont Comedy clubs where he performs Stand up, or shoot him real virtual money via Venmo @stanley-leveille**

**A request from the founders of Yobeat and not Stan himself. Seriously. 

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Comments (7)


  2. and another thing.. we’re taking back the keys to the studio

  3. Where can I donate to Stans donation?

  4. You mean to tell me stan doesn’t have enough clout in this lame ass industry to just hang with nico, without having to pay 10g’s ? Blasphemy

  5. “dont do it in the park” had me geeking


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