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ShootThePark: Volume 2 – Zermatt

Get yer Monday going with this fast and loose boarding from some of Europe’s most care-free boarders. If you’re wondering why the Zermatt snopark looks so empty – it’s because most of the people who recreate at Zermatt are just doing pizza and french fries on groomers while gawking at the Matterhorn.

Maneuvers and enthusiasm: Ethan Morgan, Florian Fischer, Flo Corzelius and Raffi Kossman and Simon Pircher.
Videography: Marco Morandi
Music: “Latex Love” Vice Squad

ICYMI: DVP Zermatt VOL 1

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Comments (2)

  1. Ethan stay on euro-rope tows ….USA…USA,,,,USA

  2. This music is absolute garbage. Rather listen to a Katy Perry song than whatever that shit was.