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Who the Hell is Frank Jobin?

The 2017 edition of Bear Mountain Hot Dogs and Handrails is a wrap and the winner is… Frank Jobin? Granted we kinda stopped paying attention for a minute there, but you guys have never heard of him either, right? Whatever… can’t say we’re all that surprised that there’s a new French Canadian of note on the scene these days. Since language barriers are a bitch and our interns were too busy watching Method Man to track him down, we figured his most recent part would probably provide most of the information you seek anway.

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Comments (6)

  1. they had like one rail per line. how come halldor didn’t win? there was a nice pic of Johnny Miller in his signature position. weakest setup in years. hopefully this contest secretly offsets global warming or something.

  2. Yawgoons 15 used the song better.

  3. Welp that gets a big yawn from me

  4. Better, not first.
    Mike Hastie – Darkstar Battalion 2003


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