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Best Summer Ever: YoBeat Cribs

Government Camp, Oregon is a summer snowboard destination for most of the world. However, not everyone can get their parents to buy them a camp session or get their own condo with a private coach. Camp jobs are few and far between so Dakota Whitaker demonstrates on how to make it happen with little money at Mt Hood by giving you a tour of his abandoned cabin, riding the park at Windells with his friends, and skating up a storm.


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Comments (33)

  1. Was unaware of Rom’s skate skill

  2. Dude….we told him where that cabin was and told him[email protected] when he 1st got to Govey this summer….lol…this ish is waaay too funny!!! Its shred life peeps! Keepin it real Dakota!!! Lol

  3. Dammit Dakota. You are an inspiration. Always living life to the fullest in every aspect

  4. Dakota is the shit!

  5. DAKOTA living hood!..Best edit ive seen all summer…

  6. how does he ride everyday at windells if he doesnt work there?

  7. ”pink means pussy” LOL.

  8. Yeah Red! Good to see you’re having a gOod summer!

  9. Whats up Dakota? You gotta a room for Uncle Russruss.. Holler

  10. I have this tape on loop; real good stuff fellas. …and Jerry got jumps!

  11. holy shit dks done lost his mind!

  12. so if you have friends you can ride private parks? damnit i need to be popular

  13. Dk the most rediculous….but killin it

  14. that tuckknee crippler was the sickest

  15. Dakota forgot to mention the black mold in the walls of the cabin. That’s one of the special gems of the place…

  16. puss

  17. No I told him where that was, directions n all come on dakot, at least gimme a shout out.
    Plus you know I’m moving in ina week

  18. simply amazing! who did this remake of summertime?

  19. The artist is Billy Stewart and I’m pretty sure it’s the original

  20. Good to see the Gerard’s getting some on the jumps and in the pipe. Little Red is gunna be a monster when he’s older.

  21. snowboarding is fer richass white kids thats a fact. maybe a few poor white kids

  22. snowboarding isnt only for rich white kids. i got my first board when on christmas when i was like 14 and it was already 4-5 years old and about 20cm to bag for me, my second board was an entire setup, boots bindings and board for 50 bucks. i never got to a real mountain besides my local hill every friday until i could afford to pay for it myself. i grew up in a trailer and ate pasta every day. i wouldnt say i was rich

  23. Big Kote livin the dream! Love it!

  24. Stay in school and don’t do drugs kids. Being homeless isn’t actually cool.

  25. I wish you guys would stop promoting scumbags coming to my mountain. Hopefully Dakota picks up his own trash and isn’t a disrespectful cunt like 90% of gypsies.
    Please stop trashing our beautiful mountain. Take a shower. Get a job. Quit being a free loader. Learn some respect. And then, have fun shredding.
    Otherwise get the fuck outa here.


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