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Lipton Reviews: The Shaun White Gum

While on a beer run, we noticed the a familiar ginger staring up at us from the candy section in the check out line. Though hesitant to spend actual money on something endorsed by Shaun White, we couldn’t help our selves and picked up a pack to check it out so you may or may not have to! So, will Stride’s Whitemind gum make you snowboard better, faster and in closer proximity to babes? Lipton’s got you covered…

And next up, Shaun White’s entire razor scooter line!

Every word in this post-even those based on real people-are entirely fictional. The quotes might be bullshit too.
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Comments (40)


  2. omg i love shawnwhite!!!

  3. Wow stressrelief is a tool! And of course Brooke is a haole, she’s white and not from Hawaii you idiot, and she’s probably better on a board than you.

  4. Fizz for X you illiterate ass fag. Go back to the Bay.

  5. Thank you TRHtown. Im trying to bring the entertainment.

  6. that faggot dosent ride for big red because stride offered him more money and his dicks to small to see the funny side pf his fire crotch riding for big red

  7. i fucking hate shaun white, but i really fucking hate how nobody can spell his name right. you would think with all the coverage people would get it down….

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