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Dream Date with Darrah

Marcus Rand, Mark Goodall and Kai Ujejski vie for a dream date with Darrah Reid Mclean. Will any of them win her heart? Only their snowboard skills will decide.

Edit: Keaton Rodgers

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Comments (12)

  1. snowboarders are awkward people

  2. this shit was actually really funny. 100 yobeat

  3. “My arm was rubbing against her tittie” lololol

  4. yobeat got so fucking gay ever since last call

  5. That’s how I picked a husband. Seriously. Got 10 years out of the deal. Some fine ass and a boned out Indy in the 90s and I was sold.

  6. but can she back roll a spliff?

  7. want a cream date with BROOKE ……….. MO-BETA

  8. SHE RIDES AT POWDER MOUNTAIN UTAH …..always stoned always good to go …. SWEET !


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