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YoBeat Most Awesome Chef: Party Time Nate vs Jerm

On the back deck of the Ark, two culinary titans met vie for Yobeat stardom (as well as $10). Party Time Nate, who’s been twice defeated by Peter Line (Watch: the Seattle Hot Dog Cook off | The Portland Coffee Challenge) was hungry (no pun intended) for the win. Meanwhile, Yobeat cook off-newcomer, Jeremiah “Jerm” Paquette was recently released from jail and eager to make sure his Internet celebrity status was not damaged by a little time in the clink, or a loss. Using four secret ingredients, Nate and Jerm set out to make one amazing entree each and see who would be the next Yobeat Most Awesome Chef.

Host: Brooke Geery
Judges: Mary Walsh and Enzo Plati
Filming: Jared Souney
Edited by: Brooke Geery

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Comments (21)

  1. how long did you watch guys watch this before you realized it wasnt a snowboarding edit? and then how long did it take you to decide to watch the next seven minutes and complain?

  2. Seriously Buckshot… maybe wait till winter before you start bitching about the lack of snowboard edits. In the meantime, go sit on a turkey baster

  3. I’m all about… food inside of food.

  4. Jerm is a cool dude

  5. Jerm shoulda won for using bacon.

  6. Yes a coupon blog fuck yeah Brooke!