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Cone Zone: Red Gerard

Is Red Gerard the fabled one of which the great profit Kevin Peckham spoke? Will searches for the truth, over a Volcano Cone, of course.

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Comments (14)

  1. i’m backing the Cone Zone. Keep these canadian fellows on the site through the winter

  2. this kid is cooler than i am

  3. Brooke just needs to step down and give the site to Stan and these Canadian brethren’s. Im tired of reading about her midlife crisis.

  4. Oh and Red Gerard is a fucking bad ass little kid. If my sperm ever produces an offspring it better be like this little fucker.

  5. Everytime I watch these I want ice cream

  6. Yes! Cone zone rips! Will for president.

  7. Will? More like 80’s rap artist SNOW! A liky boom boom down. Glasses, Canadian, the resemblance is uncanny .

  8. OH!!! Cone Zone,.. i love it,.

  9. The cone on the right, in the intro, looks like a turd.

  10. Seems like a cool kid with a good attitude. Rock on!


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