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The Ten Most Hated Snowboarders of All Time

Oscar Wilde once said, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” The riders on this list certainly don’t have to worry about that, because through bad attitudes, bad decisions, or a propensity to fuck shit up, they’ve all gained notoriety and even infamy over the years. Before you feel too bad for them though, remember the old adage, if they’re hating, you’re doing something right. So in no particular order, here are the ten most-hated riders of all time.

Lindsey Jacobellis

Why do people hate the fastest girl in snowboarding? Maybe it is because the X Games loves her so much, or because she didn’t bring home the gold at the Olympics, but either way, it really does seem like everyone enjoys a laugh at poor Lindsey’s expense. Case in point: her music video that wouldn’t go away even after it got pulled off line.

Photo: Dano Pendygrasse

Jimi Scott

If you’re too young to remember this 90 pipe jock, let’s just say you always knew Jimi Scott was dropping into the pipe when the deafening chant of “rollerskates” began. But his propensity for eight wheels is actually not what landed him on this list. Rather, it was the fact that no matter what contest it was, or his score, you could be pretty much sure Jimi would march up to the judges stand with some complaint. And no one likes a cry baby!

Russell Winfield

Watch your sisters, daughter, and even mother, cause when Russ is in town, none of them are safe, especially during the peak of his career when he had a budget and minimal responsibilities. Let’s just say, many people have regretted decisions made by him and even by themselves when they party with him, and that alone lands him near the top of this list.

Chaz Guldemond

As a genuinely nice guy, Chaz definitely gets a bad rap, but it doesn’t change the fact he got dropped by his sponsor and started riding a snowboard with an energy drink logo on it. We’re not passing judgement on this, but there’s no denying that image and seeming necessity to spin around a lot has kept him out of the cool kids club for years.

Dave England (Summit County only)

For the record, we’ve always enjoyed Dave England and his funny snowboard musings, but we have it on authority that during the 90s in Summit County, Dave was the guy you did not want showing up at your house at 2 am, or ever, for that matter. That’s probably why he ended up on a show called Jackass.

The One Life Crew

Being a girl in snowboarding has its tribulations. It is, after all, a male dominated sport. But for the all-girl crew masterminded by Chanelle Sladics it’s not really their femininity that’s the problem. It’s more that they tend to spend more time talking than snowboarding and high maintenance doesn’t even begin to sum it up.

Josh Sherman

A wise man once said “I don’t put people on the team based on ability,” and he may have been talking about Josh Sherman. Whether you dislike him for his boyish good looks or that fact he’s getting paid, or because you’ve ever been on a trip with him, Sherm was an obvious choice for this list.

Nate Bozung

In the late 90s, Nate Bozung had a promising career. Not only was he really good, but he had also been taken under the wing of the “right people.” Then one day, Nate apparently discovered drugs and most people agree he “threw it all away.” These days, Nate lives in Brooklyn, parties, and doesn’t give a fuck if you like him or not, which makes many people like him more. But there will always be that resentment from everyone who wish they could have made it, but didn’t get the chance.

As much as we hate to post this video, it is the #1 reason Jeremy is on this list.

Jeremy Jones

One word: Shuvits. Wait, maybe that’s supposed to be two words. Either way, you know what we mean.

Shaun White

Uh, duh. Lucky for him though, the fact that he’s easily the most-mocked snowboard of all time, is cushioned by his huge bank account and the adoration of preteens everywhere.

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Comments (130)

  1. not sure a shuvit is worse than face tattooing.

  2. man do i hate josh sherman.

  3. chas gets hate? and where’s cory cronk haha.

  4. I didn’t make it? Time to go widen the stance.

  5. chas is the best, fuck anyone who thinks different.

  6. Nate!!!! yeah boi… tri crew for life… reppin that alpine sh!t

  7. That One Life Crew edit was the most angering edit I’ve ever seen. They did everything you shouldn’t.

  8. Borg made it, he’ll be stoked. Jimi Scott & Wawn Shite are by far the #1,2….everybody else is just honorable mention

  9. I think Chanelle deserves her own spot.

  10. Such a good article. Dave’s tag seems like a badge of honor.

  11. Best post ever.

  12. minus chaz/bozung/winfield

  13. I heard the person who runs this website wake skates? Yeah we do hate you.

  14. J2 (just because)
    Joe Curtes
    Jim Rippy
    Fabian Roher
    Axel Pauporte
    Jonas Emery
    Romain DeMarchi
    Marc Andre Tarte

  15. Keep it going? Lets get some more hate out there.

  16. Gimmie Pot

  17. i hate russell…

    but my daughter loves him

  18. If your gonna put Lindsey in there ya gotta put Seth Wescott.

  19. What about the bachelorette guy Jesse Cinsak, he should win. This list is way off.

  20. I guess dancing with the stars is cool?

  21. killington base lodge destroyed by flood. yall see that??

  22. fagets

  23. Shouldn’t Ben Rice be on this list?

  24. Great Laugh out loud article. I would have to say Josh Sherman and the One life crew win for me. Maybe with Lindsey in third. Seriously. . . . LOL! great job! Josh Sherman! what a kook! did that guy ever even do anything besides get A cover photo of the buyers guide? Video part? Interview? Contest Results? Good luck with that clothing brand. from the looks of that photo you have a greattt sense of style buddy.
    sorry to talk shit Josh, but thats what you get for being a fucking dick. watch yo self cool guy!

  25. everyone better have watched that onelife edit.

  26. I’d like to nominate Brendan Gerard…

  27. hahahaha where the fuck is nick dirks yobeat should hate him and pat millbery should be like 2 after shaun. Best article ever though aside from chuck, hes such a nice guy!

  28. Chas is such a nice dude; I don’t think he’s hated. Maybe mocked a little bit. Jesse Csinsack should’ve made the list for sure though.

  29. dave england seems llike such the typical summit county faggot.

  30. nick dirks is a rad dude. but uh you forgot to put tim windell. or did you forget he’s an ex-pro too?

  31. Brett Myers? Dark slide? really???? maybe worse than the popshuvit.

  32. How has nobody mentioned Zach Leach??? After all the zeach call-outs on this site, everyone forgot him!? Fail.

  33. Dark slide is much worse than the pop shuvit

  34. As far as Chuck G getting dropped by DC….. That was DC’s loss. But it really could have been anyone. They had to do a budget cut and it was him being in the wrong place at the wrong time……

  35. who the fuck is josh sherman?

  36. You should do the most hated people in the snowboard industry or most hated team managers?

  37. Chaz holding up his rockstar drinks bottle and mugging to camera is the reason I hate watching snowboarding on TV.

  38. I bet Brooke would make the top 10 of most hated people in the snowboard industry. Does she even snowboard?

  39. this is an honor to be on this list. anyone who made it rules…

  40. im friends with half of these people haha.

  41. thanks for hating me! wanna hate fuck me now?

  42. Borg…men hate him but their girlfriends love him!

  43. Sherman’s VIP all day long! Is he still living above Mi Casa? Ballin



  45. Fuck chuck shick, youre an idiot. also chaz is the fuckin man. but this article is incredible

  46. I’ll say it since no one else will, Pat Milbery is garbage, get that fucking easter egg helmet outta here.pppffff what are you…gay?

  47. why is everyone hating on my brother?

  48. How did Blake Geis not make the cut?

  49. looked josh sherman up on youtube. dude seemed to ride pretty good to me.

  50. one time russell put a snowboard threw my vans window

  51. Chas is the man and he is one of the nicest dudes ever. His haters are nothing but jealous!

  52. Lidsay jacobellis is only on here cuz she pulled the worst method, i’ve seen 10 year olds backscratchers that looked better than that

  53. What about Bode Merrill. He is hands down the most judge mental prick in the industry, and a ass on top of that. What a prick!

  54. How can you hate on Chaz? Hes the nicest kid ever just doing what he loves and getting PAID a lot of money to do it, the snowboard industry makes me shake my head.

  55. Chaz should def not be on the list he’s the friendliest chillest cat around, Brooke Geery should be on the list cause she’s a hater but i guess she never did anything big enough to make it on.

    What about palmer? He’s the biggest jerk in snowboarding?


  56. jake burton pete wast. chaz is awesome. his style rules, and his sponsors suck.

  57. Isn’t Brooke Gary the fat girl who slept with half the industry and no one listened to a decade ago that started a website? Is this hers?

  58. No Jsak?

    He should have been #1

  59. Nice. Needed to be done. How could you forget the “Pro Snowboarder” Jsak?? Tie for second?

  60. jeremy shouldn’t be on a list because of the shuvit that looks cool. and i would call it a tail whip hahaha

  61. 69th comment!

  62. it’s either that us girls are too girly in snowboarding or that we aren’t girly enough….make up your minds gentlemen. you rag on the one life crew but then you also rag on peepshow. ladies, let’s rally a crew throw on some girly outfits and throw some stylish shit on a pow day to “hots on for nowhere.” cause i have to say girls…the music that is playing in the all girls videos isn’t cutting it.

  63. Where the hell is seth wescott?

  64. Ian Thorley, Brent meyer, Pat Milbery, Nick Visconti, Tim Humphreys, louie vito ….

  65. james: how about you pick up a copy of Ransack Rebellion, watch it, and see just how hard Nick Visconti kills it. And oh yeah, ian and humpy are awesome

  66. Whoever posted this article has to be the most hated of all. You need to be shut down your a pile of ass dung. i feel sorry for you for real, it must suck to be this big of a loser.

  67. Hahaha, not much to do over at Yobeat! Shit, I’ve been making fun of snowboarding longer than Brooke has been alive. What a fucking joke.

  68. Why isn’t there an entire section devoted to those lame ass snow thug gangster wannabes in tall tees?

  69. Chas might be one of the nicest dudes in snowboarding…I would ride an energy drink snowboard if you paid me enough…as would all of the rest of you hating hypocrits. Personally? I met Mason Aguirre last summer in Govy and he came off like a total dick.

  70. fuck that shit you cant hate on jermey jones for that vitamin water shit, cause if thats the case then you hate travis rice to cause hes got red bull backin him? fuck off people, get a grip. if someone is gonna bank roll you to say you drink some shit, and that helps you to get out there and do the thing you love most your gonna do it. call it a sell out or whatever you want but ill take that check to go do whatever the fuck i felt like.

  71. To the girl complaining about guys hating on you
    Its pretty lame that a girl can do 540’s and go pro
    Step up your game if you wanna get paid to ride
    Jess Kimura is probably the only one right now whose actually gnarly

  72. totally agree with you MRKD. Im not complaining just stating a fact. I’m not looking to get paid to ride, i just ride to have a good time and to satisfy my need to ride every day. love riding with guys cause they push me to be better. And yeah jess is a badass, but I definately support every rider out there guy or girl that just wants to ride and have a good time no matter how cliche it may sound. To much hate in snowboarding right now! I don’t know if everyone needs to just spark up another blunt or change up the playlist to bring back mellow riding again. much love.

  73. Bozung did what he wanted, how he wanted. I wouldn’t say “he threw it all away”. He just refused to conform to what other people wanted him to be. His talents are not limited to snowboarding and I think he’s smart enough to know that a “career” in snowboarding is often short lived so he’s done what he wanted his own way. He’s resourceful enough to get what he needs. As for Josh Sherman, I don’t know him personally and I don’t care what his skill level is, but he’s way to beautiful to hate. Let’s face it, some poeple are pretty enough that they don’t need to work. Linsey’s video made me sick to my stomach…how could someone so hot be so wack??? It’s a shame. Shaun is nothing but a robot controlled by his publicists. I bet he’s pretty lonely…supposedly it’s lonely at the top

  74. how did I miss on this, next article Yobeat: Most loved pros

  75. Ummmm.. Love me or hate me.. I had to wait a bit to post here cause for once I wanted to think about that im gonna say!! Not just go no filter!

  76. I’m notnsure if Sherman falls into most hated category. I think he is only on Brooke geery’s most hated list.

  77. does anybody else remember that pete wast kide? he definetly should have made the cut.

  78. Does the Dingo even count as a snowboarder? Cause i know i sure can stand the sight of him. He looks like a shaved wombat that got shipped to Hollywood without a return address. I heard he ate a actual Mcdonalds restaurant once. If there wasn’t coke he would a folk truck just to move around.

  79. Ummm Shaun Palmer?! Maybe too predictable? Haha

  80. one life crew are all lesbians and jamie got kicked out cuz she wouldnt go down on any of em. true story

  81. A wise man once said “I don’t put people on the team based on ability,”

    That would be a$$hat Todd Richards –winner of Milking my Career to the BITTER END.

  82. Russell who? And those hoes are like most hoes in snowboarding. Josh Sherman and Jeremy Jones bug me too.

  83. Oh, what about Jimmy Halopoff and Randy Walters–or are they too old? lol

  84. ohh i smell jealousy reading this article…

  85. Dave england cool. Shouldn’t be on here. Dave hatchett can rip but sounds like a complete tosser. Arrogant and all jacked up plus he rode hard boots . Horgmo grinds me the same way Justin bieber does. As for terje..just kidding

  86. There are PLENTY of people who are much more hated than some of these people on the list. The only reason some people hate shaun white is because he’s rich, not because he’s a bad person. Snowboarding is FULL of dick heads


  88. where’s shaun black and shoeburt

  89. the Too Hard Crew is insufferable.


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