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Terrible Tuesday: Jed’s Rail Garden Gap Session RAW

One day about a year and a half ago Justin Meyer called me up to see if I could help him out. His camera was getting fixed and Jed was in town and looking to get a move down the Rail Gardens gap. I brought my camera down and another that I borrowed from the studio I was working at. Justin shot the A fisheye angle and I shot the B/C long angle. This is what went down.

is pretty.... awesome.
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Comments (32)

  1. and jon kooley and another filmer were there? write more yo!

  2. jed fucking slays
    that kid is straight fire

  3. jon kooley was there shooting fisheye from to far away

  4. every single trick was a hammer.

  5. holy Shit jed…. calm down…

  6. There is nothing this kid can’t do.

  7. when this is all over, Jed Anderson and me are gonna get an apartment together

  8. i havent meet one guy that could slay me half as hard as jed slayed that rail

  9. Jon Kooley was there shooting sequences not video

  10. i think i just done pooped my self

  11. but if no one was there to hand out x game medals, did it really happen?

  12. jed’s lame along with skinny stances and facemasks.

  13. hey john- you’re fired bro. get your shit together and get the fuck out

  14. So jed can do back 270s…. FIRE

  15. he should have stuck with riding pipe and doing slopestyle. that’s real snowboarding.

  16. jed landed the back 270 to fakie five times

  17. @john don’t talk shit on face masks and pipe isn’t fun at all so it’s gay

  18. everyone knows shaun white is the best thing to happen to snowboarding. he’s a fucking prophet.

  19. Eww. Let’s not talk about Shaun White in a comment feed about Jed Anderson please. Shaun white is not even close to being in the same category of epic.

  20. Pat this was nothing less than godly

  21. John I appreciate your sense of humour, apparently nobody else sees it though

  22. @lurkin thank you! jesus there’s no fucking way you can hate on jed anderson. HE’S the prophet!!!

  23. surprised that rail didnt brake doe


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