Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge 2017

Surfs up. The annual Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge recap in the form of the latest Bachelor Party episode. White wave slashing.

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    • urban rules
      urban rules says:

      WAY more 3PL.. corks .. if a guy is going to get a fat trophy , and jerked off on stage by LOPEZ he should do something that a 3 rd. week boarder cant do

    • East Coast local
      East Coast local says:

      THEY REALLY do suck …. how is this a contest … is getting air illegal

    • BIG KAHUNA / small balls
      BIG KAHUNA / small balls says:

      PARK JUMPS / RAILS AND HALFPIPE HAVE DESTROYED SNOWBOARDING ,,, it takes no skill to do any of those circus tricks ….HOLY BOLEY AND BIG WAVE SNOWBOARDING is where the skilled riders stand out .

  1. urban rules
    urban rules says:

    I want the soup de-jour on the profalactic tour . I would rather drink cum from a condom than watch this again

    @FUCK OLD SHIT.COM says:

    LET go of SURFING and start progressing SNOWBOARDING …. WTF was this filmed in 1989 ? GOD DAM…..

  3. sharp edges
    sharp edges says:

    Irony = the fact that the carving, the holy bowly and big wave challenge have progressed snowboarding more in the last 3 years than any bit of gymnastiboarding has in the last 8.

  4. I dunno, seems like a stupid asshole to me
    I dunno, seems like a stupid asshole to me says:

    Seems to me that pipe has been breaking in the same spot for uh-whhile now. But! For the first time evah! I think trolls have a legitimate shot at raising ocean levels.

  5. just retire
    just retire says:

    COMBINE this — DIRKSON DERBY / rat race / Baker banked and the BURNING MAN in Nevada .. call it the Burnout festival

  6. hi--BRO . ! ... [ FRIENDS ! ]
    hi--BRO . ! ... [ FRIENDS ! ] says:

    what just happened …?..people are sick of “BRO CONTESTS” where the winning RUN is no better than what a first year rider on a WALLMART board ,could put down .


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