Weather Mtn x Lowe Quality Feat. John Silk

Featuring: John Silk with Nick McCarthy, Jackson Happ, Cody Amstead, Randy Garfield, Ben Denard, Tristan Cornelis, Dan Leary

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  1. U mad bro
    U mad bro says:

    Bobbie boardin is Jeremy Jones illegitimate son. Y’all should just go listen to pearl Jam together and talk about your feelings.

    THINK -- SPANK says:

    the average kid is putting out vids. 10x better than the big time . big funded snowboard movie companies …. I love it

  3. Tbh not gandalf
    Tbh not gandalf says:

    Honestly, i think the kids are over it and always have been. I release you from this spell.

  4. Tootsie pop owl savage af
    Tootsie pop owl savage af says:

    How many days did it really take eiki to film the whole “season” of braindomness?

  5. Who the fuck hasn't had nightmares
    Who the fuck hasn't had nightmares says:

    No one cares. Go have tea with your mom sober one morning and be the fuck grateful.

  6. Big baby Jesus
    Big baby Jesus says:

    Completely off topic but it’s really lame Yobeat didn’t mention Noah Salasnek’s passing. So stylish and is still being copied. Way to drop the ball.


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