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Turning & Burning at Timberline

With free entry, blue skies, soft snow and tons a killer prizes it was hard not to have a smile on your face. As the bar lowered and things heated up Samantha Grist took top honors as “Overall Lowest” as well as winning the women’s division. Joey Carnera took it home for the men’s division with a solid toe side carve under one of the lowest marks of the day.

1st – Joey Carnera
2nd – Jeff Oglesbee
3rd – Jamie Dikih

1st – Sam Grist
2nd – Charlene Zoeckler
3rd – Maureen Wick

Overall lowest: Sam Grist

Film/Edit: Jordan DeMoss

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Comments (6)

  1. hell yea..NITRO most bad ass team in snowboarding ….. …[ more fun less triple corks ] CEPT FOR HEAVY WINE DRINKING

  2. NITRO got the rail slayer team of all time ….but Neversummer makes a way better snowboard

  3. nitro ? 1 board with 87 different graphics ! junk !

  4. STICK the wood up your ass …BRO TALK / limp dick internet gang-star


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