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Handrail Slacklining

With the impending off season many of us are looking for other ways to keep ourselves entertained and in shape for when the snow falls again. Sure it’s easy to tell people to just go skate, but exploring new hobbies makes life more exciting. Kyle Koukal stays fit by pursuing handrail slacklining. Check out his mini part from a few summers ago.

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Comments (11)

  1. ITS OFFICAL …..YOBEAT will post anything …

  2. Remember when Nick Lipton worked for Yobeat and kept summers interesting by talking as much shit as possible? I miss the old days….

  3. the moment i saw his ass start sliding on the pipe i knew this sport wasn’t right for me. Ill stick to my scooter, thanks

  4. This is pretty awful. Shoulda let it stay a few seasons back when no one saw it or liked it the first time.

  5. Has Yobeat sunk so low as to start posting gay porn?

    Keep the asscrack sliding off the front page fagets.

  6. makes my but pucker just reading the comments .


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