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Best Summer Ever 3: Welcome Back to Hood Life

Hunter Gulan packed up his Pontiac, departed Duluth and has arrived at Mt. Hood for what will certainly be the Best. Summer. Ever. To kick things off he spent some time at Windells with fellow Minnesotans Dan Spooner and Jesse Paul. Stay tuned all summer for the Hood Life through Hunter’s lens.

The Best Summer Ever is brought to you by Coal Headwear.

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Comments (20)

  1. I really don’t think Jesse was going for a back tail. Looks like a lip with some sauce on it. (Queue pissed off D-riders)

  2. Jessie Paul’s old pants were better

  3. Edit is pretty sick. But I think this one from Coal is better.

  4. @KC KYLE, So you wont be returning for Comment Con Skate on snow redemption? Sad. The internet is so let down.

  5. I would give my left nut to go to camp this summer! and I heard that that’s the one that push’s out good kids too…

  6. maybe this edit will get tim windells chode out from under his belly