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The crew of flannel wearing lifestylers made the most of an early Michigan Spring at Cannonsburg. Featuring Jeremy Vandyke, Kyle Caswell, Ryan Piscotta, Avery Erickson, Jnep, Jack Tobin, Sam Kelty, Adam Rottschafer, Jake Devries, Tyler May, Linden Cool, Aiden Hascall and Brandon Vandyke.

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Comments (14)

  1. The cashier sublimely coughs as I begin to renew my eye contact and a quick smile jumps to my face..

  2. Like losing your mind. Finding out you’ve been a tool most of your life. Ouch. The need for vengeance. The ctfo. The arte. The far side. Noragami. If you read this you’re Einstein. A play on if you read this yah retahded. Cue no. Not really. Snicklefritz. Don’t smoke kids. It’s retahded. Lihke, think of something educational like Marky mark in that terrible m night Shamalayan movie.

  3. I just have to say this, but lafayette skatepark is home to a clan of midget assassins.

  4. smoking is retarted snowboarding is not

  5. What’s with all of the clown suits? Don’t these kids know the Clown gets the Brown?

  6. tiny board squad?

  7. these boyz know how to do it. and by it i mean everything.

  8. It’s probably written on your face

  9. Alright, given a shit winter. Not bad and cburg made it happen, well done to a certain extent fellas. And surprisingly, king of the universe (in his own mind) kulas wasn’t in it (oh wait it’s prom season, he out with ugly broads) Ayyyy Brett, you the man 😉 shouts from strange brew make you cool on insta, but you’re never gonna be Tommy G type style #foresthillsprivelege #cakeeater #highschoolfootball #secondstringsafety #futurefratlife

  10. Damn Steve did Brett bang your ugly gf or what?


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